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Announcing Torah Thinking Community For Sponsoring Lectures


The Torah Thinking Community is currently being built in order to

significantly boost access to Rabbi Mendel Kessin’s lectures for more people

in more places and in many languages!

You can now sponsor and dedicate printable transcriptions and

translations of hundreds of exceptional shiurim that Rabbi Mendel Kessin

has given over decades. The purpose is to collectively ramp up the access for

the entire world to unique, powerful ideas of hashkafa—Jewish

philosophical thought, beyond barriers of language and technology.

Especially now, when the world is in dire need of chizuk—strength and

clarity, the time has come for humanity to be able to satisfy its ever-growing

hunger for a profound understanding of G-D's plan and the purpose of


Join the Torah Thinking Community on WhatsApp or Telegram

Send an e-mail to:


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