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Mishnaic Map 

RAMAT: RApid MAstery of Torah


Mission Statement:

"The Restoration of Torah Greatness to the Jewish People"

“The exiles will only be gathered due to the merit of limud mishnayot”---learning of Mishna.

(Midrash “Rabah," Sefer “Vayikra,” Parashat “Tzav,” section 3)

The excerpts below from the lectures of Rabbi Mendel Kessin introduce and summarize the principles underlying the rabbi’s revolutionary concept in Torah-learning: RAMAT---RApid MAstery of Torah. By means of this visionary approach to the learning of mishnayot using a ‘mishnaic map,’ what is accomplished?---“The Restoration of Torah Greatness to the Jewish People.” But there’s more!

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About the RAMAT Project:

Rabbi Kessin envisions, and has begun the work on what will be an educational, digital MISHNAIC MAP taking the RaMCHaL’s “Method” to the next level to facilitate rapid learning of Mishna. It will also bring a sense of accomplishment and, hence, self-esteem to the learner.


The “Method” of the RaMCHaL is explained in the video (and attendant transcription) “Derech Ha'Shem #55: A Bird’s-Eye View of the Entirety of Torah (‘Shas’).” This extraordinary lecture introduces both the “Method” of learning through structure and synthesis and demonstrates how halacha and hashkafa are beautifully integrated.

The following are excerpts from the rabbi’s various shiurim about his approach: "In the end, the most important thing is that ‘Shas’ is a jigsaw puzzle, halachos that are all over the place. If someone gives you a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle, what’s the first thing you ask for? – the box. You want to see the big picture and then you’ll know where each of the pieces fit. Without that box, it will take you a year to do; it’s hit-and-miss. The box is the central idea of each seder so you know where each masechta fits or each of the suggos in each masechta fits because, as is, it’s just details and sub-details and sub-sub-details. The map would simulate having a semblance of a photographic memory and enable one to see the relationship of ideas. It will demonstrate how the 613 commandments are all connected to six fundamental ideas: ownership, activity, object usage permissibility, relationship to G-D, relationship to tumah, and proper personal behavior.”

“This method will help cut down the time it takes to learn and memorize the ‘Shas’ from 7 years to 3 years, thereby rapidly spreading the knowledge and mastery of Torah to all of Am Yisrael.”

“Take ten students and teach them this way. They will be so enthralled, that they will tell ten of their friends. Ten will tell ten more and so ten will become one hundred. Then you can advertise and, the next year, one hundred will tell their friends and they too become enthralled. Now you are up to a thousand and each brings ten because there is nothing greater than mastering the entire Oral Law.”

“Actually, what it is, is a ‘map,’ a GPS – a ‘G-D Positioning System’ – where you could position yourself exactly as to relate with the Ribono Shel Olam. It’s a beautiful map before you enter ‘Shas’.”

The following is an excerpt from the Q&A segment of a shiur Rabbi Kessin gave in November 2021, please click on the link: Weekly Hashkafa #74  “The Divine Shield of America---Where Did it Go?"

The following is an audio segment from the Q&A segment of a shiur Rabbi Kessin gave in November 2021, please click on the link:  Weekly Hashkafa #74  “The Divine Shield of America---Where Did it Go?"

An interesting article from the magazine "Flatbush Jewish Journal"-(FJJ) dated December 9, 2021, please click on the link called: "Assimilation is Killing the Jewish People"

The following is an excerpt from the Q&A segment of a shiur Rabbi Kessin gave on December 19, 2022, please click on the link: Excerpt from Weekly Hashkafa #112 of "What Brings the Mashiach"

Rabbi Mendel Kessin presents various mishnayot on the RaMCHAL "Method."  Please see the webpage called Methodology Shiurim where  the Rabbi explains them in greater detail. 

To understand the RaMCHaL "Method," enjoy this explanatory video illustrating the "Method of Learning" presented by Rabbi Sammy Sitt.

To view, this webpage translated to Hebrew - click: Hebrew RAMAT: RApid Mastery of Torah

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