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RAMAT: RApid MAstery of Torah


Mission Statement: "To Restore Torah Greatness to the Jewish People"

“The exiles will only be gathered due to the merit of limud mishnayot---learning of Mishna.”

            —midrash “Rabah," sefer Vayikra, parashat “Tzav” section 3


The excerpts below from the rabbi’s lectures introduce and summarize the principles underlying the rabbi’s revolutionary concept in Torah-learning: RAMAT--- RApid MAstery of Torah. By means of this visionary approach to the learning of mishnayot, using a “mishnaic map,“ what is accomplished?---"Restoration of Torah Greatness to the Jewish People."


The following are excerpts from various shiurim Rabbi Kessin has given:


"Take ten students and teach them this way. They will be so enthralled, they will tell ten of their friends. Ten will tell ten more and so ten will become one hundred. Then you can advertise and, the next year, one hundred will tell their friends and they too become enthralled. Now you are up to a thousand and each of them bring ten because there is nothing greater than mastering the entire Oral Law.”


“There are two ways to earn the merit of a mitzvah: by doing a mitzvah or learning the halachos---laws of that mitzvah.  To learn it is considered by G-D as if you’d done the mitzvah.”

The “Method” of the RaMCHaL is explained in “Derech Ha'Shem #55: A Bird’s-Eye View of the Entirety of Torah (Shas).”  This extraordinary lecture introduces both the “Method” of learning through structure and synthesis and demonstrates how halacha and hashkofa are beautifully integrated.  Please click here for the video and the edited transcription - Derech Hashem / The Way of God #55 | A Bird's Eye View of Torah (Shas) in its Entirety.  

To read about the dire need for such education among a rapidly-assimilating Jewish population, please read the article from the Flatbush Jewish Journal (FJJ)) -  Dated: Dec 9th,  2021 Page 108.  Please download the article: "Assimilation is Killing the Jewish People"


To learn more about Rabbi Kessin’s approach to the synthesis of halacha and hashkafa:


Please click for an edited transcription of the  question and answer portion from:  Weekly Hashkafa #74:"The Divine Shield of America - Where Did it Go?” 


Please click for the audio of the question and answer portion from:  Weekly Hashkafa #74: “The Divine Shield of America - Where Did it Go?”


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