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Updates and Announcements

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Announcement:  Rabbi Mendel Kessin will be in Israel between January 17th  to March 13th 2023.  

Israel - Jerusalem

Rabbi Mendel Kessin Speaking For Yiboneh    


 Sunday, February 26th, 2023 on the topic of "Insights into Purim and Amalek"

All Classes for Yiboneh At Yael Shul (Yael Street 4 in Baka, Jerusalem) at 8:30 PM

30 Shekels Suggested Donation

Sponsorships and dedications are available via this email:

Beit Shemesh - Israel

Thursday - March 2nd  at 11 AM to 1230 PM on the topic of "The Hidden Story of Purim"

Location:  Matnas Gvanim

Address: Nachal Dolev St 16, Bet Shemesh

For: Men and Women

Fee: 35 at the door or in advance via online at this link:

Next Shiur -  Thursday - March 9th at 11 AM to 1230 PM on the topic of "Pesach"

Update: The Rabbi's team seeks editors to help in the ongoing efforts to transcribe the content of his shiurim. 

Anyone willing to host a shiur by the Rabbi or help us on a voluntary basis as an editior,

please send us your contact information below:

Contact Information:

Thanks for contacting Rabbi Mendel Kessin about arranging an upcoming speaking engagement !!

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