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21st Century # 2 About Trump

18th June 2016

Yishmael is dying. Almost all the states in the Middle East are collapsing. The power of Yishmael is disintegrating. America now produces enormous amounts of oil because of the new procedure, “fracking” which means drilling horizontally whereas before drilling was done vertically. Israel has found the “Leviathan,” a major gas field, and I heard that they also found a major oil deposit in the Golan, so it’s going to make them enormous amounts of money.

QUESTION: What’s the meaning of this oil gas stuff?

R’ KESSIN: They don’t need the Arabs anymore for energy; they have their own. The whole claim to fame by the Arabs –remember--is their oil.

QUESTION: Only Saudi Arabia….

R’KESSIN: Well Quatar, yeah, they’re all in the same boat. It’s all really one deposit, each guy claiming his own. It’s the Middle East deposit which is huge, you know.

QUESTION: Dubai’s going to be a ghost town.

R’KESSIN: Dubai will never be a ghost town, not the way it’s built which is incredible. Saudi Arabia’s oil is predicted to run out in six years. That’s the end of Saudi Arabia basically. That’s why there’s a tremendous thrust to change the basis of their economy. The king, what’s his name? Salman. That’s why the young people are taking over, because they realize that the handwriting is on the wall. And Saudi Arabia is the greatest oil producer in the world, so their emphasis now is to change their economy--I don’t know into what--but they realize that, if they want to survive, they have to change their economy. This is going to be true of all the nations in the Middle East; their time is running out. You see clearly that the Arab influence over the political and economic situation of the world is faltering.


So what does the Satan do? He looks at the sins of the Jews because the only power that the Satan has access to is his prosecution of their sins. So he digs up their averos –sins. What’s the sin that Jews are always guilty of?

RESPONDER: Lashon h’ara – evil speech?

R’ KESSIN: Well, sinas chinam– baseless hatred. There’s always

lashon ha’ra and machlochet-- arguments among the Jews. That’s why the beis hamikdash – Holy Temple was destroyed. The second beis hamikdash too, and it’s why the mashiach doesn’t come.


So, the Satan digs up the dirt on us, performs his function as makatreg—prosecutor and he wins. The judgement, apparently, was mida k’neged mida—measure for measure. The prosecutor says, “You guys want to hate each other, speak lashon ha’ra about each other? I will empower a guy who hates frum--orthodox, Jews. Most Jews, the secular majority, can no longer give their kedusha--holiness to the Satan because they have no b’chira – free will. Only the religious are aware of what their obligations to G-d really are. Only they can freely choose. Therefore, their sinful deeds no longer bring down kedusha upon which the Satan can thrive. So, the consequence of willful sin arises in Israel in the form of the politician, Yair Lapid.

Whether he’s an atheist or not I don’t know but he hates – just like his father-- the fruma – observant Jews and so Lapid gets nineteen seats in the Knesset, which is beyond belief because this guy’s basically a nobody from nowhere. And when you look at his platform, you see it’s satanic. The first part of his platform was about the army. He wants to take all of the charedim—orthodox and, indiscriminately, put them all in the army. What is that going to do? Ben Gurion said putting a guy in the army secularises him; that’s why gedolim – highest religious authorities in any generation are against the army. That’s why there are separate army units. If they become secular, what are they going to do?--sin. And if they sin, then Lapid’s benefactor, the Satan, will thrive. What an unbelievable ploy! it’s not an accident.

The second thing Lapid wants to do is to do is take away money from the kollels—Torah educational institutions facilitating their collapse. If that happens, the guys have to work, their religiousity will be diminished making it more likely that they will sin. So, that’s a second platform in the service of his benefactor.

The third thing Lapid wants to do is to change the education system of Bais Ya’akovs womens’ educational institutions so they become more secular. He wants to change the curriculum and force the Bais Ya’akovs to comply and, if they don’t, he’ll remove their subsidies. If the girls become secular, that’s the end of Jewish mommas, as they say. A Jewish woman’s education is so critical for the preservation of klal Yisroel—Jewish nation.

Lapid, of course, says, "It’s not because I hate the chareidim," which of course he does. You have only to look at his platform which is geared toward secularity, ensuring the orthodox Jew will sin so the Satan, his benefactor, can nourish himself, so to speak, from the kedusha. Mida keneged mida—measure for measure. You guys want to hate each other? So, Lapid hates you. What you’re really looking at with Lapid is a desperate attempt of the Satan to survive. That’s what explains it because Lapid’s election is a miracle. You know whenever you see some guy coming out of nowhere, a sudden appearance that makes no sense, that’s G-d saying, “I need this guy.”

That’s the concept of Obama. I need this guy to destroy America to empower the Arabs, and designate the End of Time.

Did I ever tell you why Clinton was president? Same thing. But, I’ll get to that afterward. All the religious parties were in a quandary what to do because it wasn’t just Lapid. Once Lapid came out with this program to secularize the dati—religious, the entire government joined him because it is Eirev Rav –- “Mixed multitude” (Jews against Judaism). The only reason why they tolerate the fruma is because they need them for the coalition. If it weren’t for the fact that they needed these guys to make a coalition of more than sixty-one seats, they would just discard them, which is exactly what they did when Lapid wasn’t part of the government.


G-d will select a guy that wants to do the Satan’s bidding anyway; it’s not that He puts this agenda in the mind of Lapid, to influence Lapid to be a rasha –evil-doer which he is. It’s as though G-d says, Ah! This guy complies with my agenda, so, I’ll pick him.

G-d did the same with Hitler, yimlach sh’mo—may his name be cursed. G-d’s g’zera – decree was that the Jews had to die, so he looked around for a unique person. It’s easy enough to find people that hate, but they don’t hate to the point where they turn their adversaries into ashes, boil their fats, and use their skin and hair. That’s a unique degree of hatred. Hitler was obsessed with the Jews; we saw that clearly. Therefore,

G-d determined that here was an Austrian who hates the Jews with a passion that just boggles the mind. So He picked him. G-d said, You’re my guy. G-d didn’t make Hitler the way he was; Hitler chose to be that way. Hitler conformed to G-d’s plan and, therefore, rose to power; that’s the way it works. When you see a nobody that seems to come out of nowhere, you can tell. Hitler was some failed art student and all of a sudden, he rose to the top. Okay, he had good oratory skills that’s true, but he was a nobody. What was his claim to fame? He tapped into the German hatred of Jews. It was all teva -- natural, because the Germans already hated everybody. Germans believe they are the übermenschen -- supreme man. They’re dominated by gaiva – arrogance and Hitler tapped into that, especially after WWI when the German people were tremendously beaten down because of reparations and so on.


If the Satan’s indictment was based on the lack of love among the Jews for each other, their baseless hatred, how does G-d rectify this? He creates a movement of achdus –unity to combat the extreme baseless hatred that the Satan is using as ammunition against the religious.

What G-d does is amazing. He gets three teenagers to be kidnapped. I don’t know why these three. This created an incredible movement, and united the Jewish people. Why would that come right after Lapid? G-d had to undo the sina – hatred. This gave a refuah – healing, a rectification, of the Satan’s indictments. So, of course, if that’s true, if the whole reason for the complaint is removed, what happens? Lapid was thrown out of the government. Was this an accident?


Most of the time, this doesn’t happen, some guy getting thrown out of the government. But it happened because his backer, his benefactor, the Satan, was out of business. So Lapid was actually thrown out and then there were new elections. Fine. But Netanyahu took a tremendous risk because it was very possible that he wouldn’t have gotten in. But after a while, he realized that this guy, Lapid, was crazy. One can hear Netanyahu thinking, this guy's stopping me from governing. So, the big bluff failed. The Satan’s dissidents, the Eirev Rav, are failing, and Yishmael is dying. And his boy, Lapid also failed. So what’s next? The Satan is perpetually on the war path because he’s got to survive, so you know what’s next? Reformist Judaism.

The Reform movement is not legitimatized in Israel, and now, for the first time, there’s a tremendous battle going on. Remember the “Women of the Wall” and all that? The Reform movement is seeking legitimacy in Israel. What is the Reform movement all about?--to reform the Jews into sinners. Why now? Because all the Satan’s other strategies are failing. It’s the only thing he’s got left. So now he’s trying to get his guys, the Eirev Rav, to legitimize the Reform movement in Israel. As a result of conferring legitimacy on them, what would happen? He would get a lot of Israelis to sin and again he’s back in business.

You can see the strategies of the Satan. He’s coming up with stuff that amazing, unprecedented. But what you now see is that all of this is happening because Yishmael is dying and the Satan is, therefore, trying to get his Eirev Rav to finish the job.

What is so special about the Eirev Rav? What’s their origin?

Ya’akov, our patriarchal father, upon leaving the house of his father-in-law, Lavan, anticipates a frightening encounter with Esav. He learns that Esav is coming with hundreds of his guys to intercept his and his family’s return to Cana’an after many years away. So, Ya’akov said something very interesting. He prayed, Hatzileini m’yad achi, m’yad Esav” --save me from my brother, Esav. But, why does the Torah say “my brother Esav,” when we know that the brother of Ya’akov is Esav? Ya’akov is saying, in essence, “Save me from my brother whether he comes as my brother or as my enemy.” That is an Eirev Rav, an achi—my brother, a fellow Jew. He’s really a brother, Esav, and he comes to you as an achi so you don’t realize what?--that he’s coming to kill you. Not that he wants to kill you physically. The Eirev Rav is not interested in killing Jews. Their enemy isn’t the Jew: it’s G-d and the unique relationship that the Jewish people have with G-d, which is the Torah. Their objective is to secularize Jewish people, make them non-observant of the mitzvos—commandments. They admit, of course, we are a unique people. We have gefilte fish and we have kreplach. And the bible is great literature, like Shakespeare.

QUESTION: What do they get out of it? What’s motivating them to do so?

R’KESSIN: What motivates them is that nobody wants a boss. Nobody. You know why there is anti-Semitism? It’s not the Jews that they hate. They hate G-d and what he stands for: righteousness, morality, ethical standards of behavior. Real justice. They don’t want to be accountable to anybody. Since the Jews are clearly the ambassadors of G-d, as it says in the Torah, and they’ve been saying it for four thousand years, those who hate G-d, hate the Jews. They hate G-d, because His authority stands between them and what they want to do. With G-d there’s accountability, a strict code of ethics. Nobody wants that. That’s what they really hate. See? In a certain sense, it’s the same idea with the Eirev Rav.

QUESTION: But anti-Semites hate all the Jews, even the


R’KESSIN: There are two different things here. The Eirev Rav hate G-d but not the Jew, G-d is their enemy. With the goyim—non-Jews, G-d is the real enemy but they have to kill the ambassador too. For the Eirev Rav it’s enough to get you to give up religion. They don’t hate the Jews because they are Jews. A Jew doesn’t hate another Jew unless he reminds him that there’s a G-d. Then he becomes what’s called a “self-hating Jew,” you see. But a goy hates you because you’re the ambassador whether you observe the Torah or not.

QUESTION: How can you be an ambassador if you’re not observant?

R”KESSIN: Because they don’t distinguish between the two. You’re part of the group of ambassadors about whom G-d says, “You’re my people.” They don’t know the concept of halacha– Jewish law. They just know that it says in the Torah that we are G-d’s chosen nation and, therefore, we represent Him, to be a “light unto the nations.”

QUESTION: They have the same intention of Eirev Rav …

R”KESSIN: The Eirev Rav is Jewish, so they don’t hate Jews. They hate the religion in you. You know what I’m saying? I once read a story…. a man was standing in a train station in Europe, dressed in what looked like Chassidic garb. He’s approached by a Jew who says, “You should be ashamed of yourself, that you dress like this.”

So, the man answers – because he’s actually Jewish, and a rabbi by the way, so he responds, “You’re confusing me with a Jew. I’m Amish.”

The accuser then says, “Oh I’m sorry. It’s so nice that you stick to your traditions.”

So, being Amish is okay. He doesn’t hate the dress; he hates the Torah observance and the fact that the Jews testifies to G-d’s existence.

The Eirev Rav is really a cancerous tumor. What is Cancer? Cancer is when one of the cells in the body proliferate endlessly because the body doesn’t recognize the cancer cell as an enemy, because that cancer cell is “self.” It’s me. So, why kill it? The Eirev Rav is a tumor in the collective Jewish body, so, the Jew doesn’t recognize these guys as a cancerous tumor. The power of the Eirev Rav is the power of credibility, so Jews are all taken in by them even if they’re trying to destroy the religion in them. Your olam ha’ba—Future World, eternal life is at stake. That’s why they are the greatest enemy of the Jew, bar none. A goy comes after you, you know he wants to kill you. A Jew comes after you, you’re complacent because you know he doesn’t want to kill you. He says, “Hey, let’s check each other out.” You say to yourself, what’s the big deal? He doesn’t hate me. He has credibility because he’s Jewish. Therefore, he gets away with what he does. That’s why the Eirev Rav is the greatest enemy of the Jew, because he doesn’t look like an enemy. He looks like achi—my brother.

There’s another reason why the Eirev Rav is important. They really become great before the mashiach comes. That’s why, before mattan Torah—the giving of the Torah, it was Amalek ---the Eirev Rav of that era, that got the Jews to sin with the Golden Calf. The Eirev Rav always become great before the mashiach, Why?--because once all the kedusha comes back to the Jew, the Satan is compelled to go to the Jews to compel them to go against their fellow Jews, they who have all the nitzotzot -- sparks of holiness.

QUESTION: Why’s the Satan still alive?

R’KESSIN: He’s still got stuff, I mean --- I don’t know what the measure is but ---

QUESTION: Just enough life support to get by?

R”KESSIN: Just enough; he’s probably in the ICU. Can he do a lot of damage in the ICU! You see the incredible flow of modern history based on the simple idea that the tikkun—rectification is almost complete.

TRUMP, Circa 2016

What is happening is miraculous. Everybody thought Trump was a joke. No one predicted that he would ever get anywhere. He came out in June, declared his candidacy, everybody laughed at that--okay we all need a sideshow, a freak show. It’s like the circus. Trump is the freak show. And he ends up knocking out sixteen heavy-weight contenders, each one either a governor, former governor, or senator, all with resumes longer than your arm. And he obliterated them. What does that tell you?

He’s a businessman. He’s a successful businessman worth a lot of money. How does he knock out guys, each one a presidential wanna-be heavy-weight. That’s when you begin to realize that G-d wants Trump. Whatever Trump said, he always went up in the polls, never down. He got free coverage from the newspapers again and again, able to just knock out all the other guys.


There are rational reasons and there are spiritual reasons for Trump’s rise. The logical reason is interesting, but then we get into the hashkofa reason which is much deeper.

Logically, Trump is the champion of the under-dog. Trump wanted to run in 2012, if you remember, but he was dissuaded and he dropped out. Had he run in 2012, I believe he never would have made it because G-d wanted Obama to diminish the United States first. We saw how the Republican party all joined with Obama instead of opposing him. They were elected to oppose Obama and, meanwhile, Mitch McConnell and John Boehner betrayed the Republican party. Such betrayal helped guarantee that Trump would become president. First, the Republicans must be brought down. Then, Trump enters as a businessman at a time when people are fed up with political correctness, with Obama, with the economy. As I mentioned, 94 million people are unemployed. Furthermore, people realized something which is very important, that every politician, fundamentally, is a liar, will say anything he/she must to get elected. Once they're in, it’s a whole different story. Politicians are really con artists saying they will benefit you. So does a con artist; that’s really what they are.


Trump is an interesting guy. Why? First of all, he’s a businessman, not a politician. He has become the champion of the middle class, the banner-bearer of the working class, or those not making it in America. He has become their knight in shining armor.

But G-d first had to begin to destroy America and the Republican party in order for Trump to win. That’s why Trump did not run in 2012. You see the incredible hashkafa. So what G-d did is very interesting. Trump is a billionaire, whether he’s worth 4 billion, 8 billion, it doesn’t really make a difference. I don’t think any billionaire can be described as being poor, so I don’t really care how many billions he has. You know what a billion dollars is? It’s a thousand million. We barely dream of having a million; we dream about it right? And a billion is 1,000 millions, and eight billion is 8,000 millions. We can’t understand even what that is. G-d made him rich, not Trump. G-d said, You need to be a billionaire. Why?--so you will not be influenced by any donor, sponsor; you don’t need anybody. That gives Trump a tremendous amount of leverage. Why? Because even if you promise to be for the people, ultimately you will betray the people. Why?--because you will have to make the deal with everybody else in order to survive. The beauty of Trump is that he can deliver what he says because he doesn’t need anybody. That’s the problem with every politician; they can never deliver, even if they promise, even if they want to deliver, because since they need money to survive--donations and sponsorships--they cannot keep their word, even if they wanted to. But a billionaire doesn’t care, so the first beautiful aspect of Trump is that he’s a billionaire and therefore willing and able to deliver what he says. He’s beholden to no one.

The second qualifier is that he’s a real estate magnate based in New York. Why is that important? Who are most of the people involved in real estate in New York? --Jews. Therefore, Trump has become enormously familiar with Jewish people. It’s not like a guy from Arkansas or somewhere like that. Throughout his life, he’s known Jews. He likes Jews because he sees their energy, their productivity, their industry. Got that?

And then the third thing is his daughter, Ivanka, who’s Jewish. And she’s frum. I happen to know the school where she sends her kids, and it’s a yeshiva. So, Trump’s own daughter is Jewish even though his other kids are goyim.


He said recently that he’s going to have his kids advise him. What are they going to tell him? Attack Israel? Of course not! G-d has created someone that is a lover of Jews. He’s says he’s going to have both Arab and Jew sit at the same table, but once he gets to the table what do you think he’s going to do? He’ll immediately realize what the Arabs are doing.

It is impossible for the Arabs to make peace with the Jews. Why? There are at least three reasons: The first is theological; they cannot make peace with anybody that inhabits land that they once conquered. The second is, like Arafat once said to Clinton, “If I make a deal with the Jews, I’m dead the next day.” They’ll kill him. Hamas, Al Qaeda, ISIS. The third reason is that any peace agreement that recognizes the State of Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish State would formalize an international agreement which would become part of international law. As such, how could the Arabs legitimately go to war against Israel? Israel would have the legal right to destroy the Arabs.

These reasons mean that the Arabs can never make peace with the Jews. Its impossible, and those lug-heads, those idiots that call themselves “politicians,” Secretary of State Kerry and the other idiots, don’t get it. I believe that, unconsciously, they do get it but their hatred for the Jews is so obvious that they cannot admit that the Arabs will never make peace, that the term “anti-Zionism” is a convenient euphemism for “anti-Semitism.” Trump will soon realize what the Arabs are, and he’ll will call them on their nonsense. These are the reasons why Trump is the designate of G-d.


In terms of his character, what makes Trump the ideal candidate to further the Divine Agenda is that he’s an egocentric person. Everything with him is always about Trump. Why else would a guy need to have his name everywhere? Every business is “Trump.” Whatever he touches is “Trump.” The key is, he’s got to be up there in your face in big lights. That is exactly why G-d wants him. Trump defies everybody.

His immigration policy is an example, saying that Muslims have to get out of the U.S. or that they won’t be allowed in until immigration process figures out who they are. Everybody went crazy, but he just stood his ground and then went up in the polls.

Another example is the Mexican judge. You should know Trump is right. Anybody can be biased but Trump anticipated that this judge of Mexican heritage will, naturally, have feelings about Mexico and that will bias him in his ability to be fair to Trump about building the wall to impede illegal immigration. And he’s right; it’s nothing to do with racism. All those dopes in the White House and the Congress think that it’s racism and it’s not.

So the main idea is that he’s defiant. That’s his claim to fame. G-d wants a guy that can stand up to the entire American establishment and, ultimately, to the entire world. The establishment hates him because they can’t control him. The whole Republican Party is quaking in its boots. Normally, the big wigs, the Republicans who have a lot of money, control the party but, for the first time, maybe in all of history, there’s a guy that was put in by the people and they can’t control him because this guy doesn’t need any of them. He stood up to Paul Ryan, the House Speaker.

And now with this mass shooting in Orlando in which 49 people got killed, that’s a shot in the arm for Trump. I think all the gays wanted to vote against him but now they’re on his side because he’s the only one that can stop the Muslims from destroying America and they realize that. Security has now become a major issue. America’s not a safe country anymore, where any Muslim can walk into any establishment with an assault rifle or machine gun and mow down fifty people.

But Trump is perfect too for the agenda of Klal Israel. Why?


The practical and logical reasons I just shared with you are why I believe Trump will win.

But look at the hashkafa. America, as I mentioned, is the tov shel Eisav—the good aspect of Esav. America has tremendous z’chus—merits.

Even Japan doesn’t have the merits of America. And keep in mind that Japan is the second greatest economy in the world because they allowed the Jews to escape to Shanghai and they allowed them to learn Torah. More importantly, they allowed many of the Yeshiva founders to go to America and Israel to institute Torah-learning. So the guardian angel of Japan comes in front of G-d saying Torah existed in America and Eretz Israel because of my guys, Japan. So, where is their reward?

Seeing as we’re so close to the end, G-d says, You’re right. I’m going to give them fabulous wealth, an island nation that has no resources. It’s a miracle what Japan has done. How? G-d justly rewarded them. Japan did not kill Jews even though they were an ally of Hitler. They were part of the axis powers, Japan and Germany and Italy – Mussolini. The Japanese knew that Hitler was killing the Jews, and they would have to do the same thing. They didn’t understand why Hitler was killing the Jews, so they called the Amshinover Rebbe and asked him. He told them it was because the Germans hate Orientals. Orientals? They hate Jews but also Orientals. So, the Japanese resisted Hitler, their own ally! It was a miracle. For every word of Torah, of Yiddishkeit, that a Jew learns due to the merit of the Japanese, it’s infinite merit for them. Even though it was only in 1840 that Perry brought Japan out of the Middle Ages. They used to have the Shogun and the Samurai, but that’s all they were good for, wielding swords, chopping off people’s heads, committing Hari Kari.

QUESTION: But how are they better from other countries that let Jews out? I mean Russia let Jews out and China. Many let Jews out.

R’ KESSIN: Well it’s a good question but it’s more than they let Jews out. They let Jews learn. The Meir Yeshiva was able to function in Shanghai. There are stories that were written, incredible stories. What merit!

QUESTION: The administrator who wrote the visas was Japanese?

R”KESSIN: Yeah, what’s the name? --- Sugihara. Do you know how many

Jews Sugihara, along with several others who helped him, saved? I'm sure they come back in gilgul rewarded.

America has greater merit than Japan. Think about that. America lets the Jews learn, supports them. Half of Lakewood is section 8. Think about that. “Section 8” is America sponsoring Torah. They give them cash to learn.

QUESTION: So America is doing what Eisav was supposed to be doing originally.

R” KESSIN: Exactly. America really is the greatest economy in the world and has never really been attacked until 9/11, but I believe what G-d wants to do is restore America, make it great again. And by the way, whose political statement is that? Trump’s. Make America great again, because we’re coming close to the messianic era.

America also has another great merit. They are the greatest distributors of foreign aid in the world. You know what chesed—compassion that is? Whenever there’s a calamity, catastrophe--Haiti, for example--they’re always there. The same thing with Israel, of course. America gives tremendous amounts of foreign aid, and not just the three billion dollars a year to Israel. America’s merit prevents Hashem from allowing Yishmael to destroy it. Trump will oppose, and overturn, all the legislation of Obama and make America great again.


I believe that he wants to destroy the Clintons, If that seems impossible, Trump destroyed sixteen opponents and they were not pushovers. Bush, Christie, Ben Carson, Cruz. He wiped them out. Whether because he called them “Lyin’ Ted,” “Little Marco,” or “Low-energy Jeb,” or he was blatantly politically-incorrect, he powered right over them.

QUESTION: And he utilized Bill Clinton.

R”KESSIN: He did –

QUESTION: they were shocked that Trump brought up all his sins.

R”KESSIN: This is only the beginning because in many ways they are tremendously evil people, really crooked. Hillary’s emails are a scandal, a felony. It’s obviously a felony what she did, because she’s an arrogant person. She tells herself, Nobody’s going to touch me; I can do whatever I want. And what about their foundation? It’s a mafia foundation. It’s obvious. They’re worth hundreds of millions of dollars from donations from nations that curried favor with her and got proximity as soon as they gave a million dollars to the foundation. They paid and, guess what? Ten days later, that regime just happened to get some special permission by the U.S. government. Even a retarded person could see the crooked people that these Clintons are. Then Bengazi--you know she lied to everybody. Her blatant abrogation of her duty, and lying about it, was just a tip of the iceberg of what these people are. What they’ve done has destroyed many people. I remember one incident involving a travel agent for the White House. Hillary wanted to replace this incumbent agent with a friend of hers so she accused him of some crime and he spent his life’s fortune defending himself. I believe that G-d is saying, Jig’s up! or Payback time! and Trump will destroy her. You know what the greatest show in history will be? The debate between Hilary and Trump will be the greatest show on earth. Everybody in America will watch that. Everybody. He’s defiant and will say everything, anything. There’s no such thing as courtesy and manners. He’s like a bull in a china shop. He’s like a shark, like being in the same tank with a shark that hasn’t eaten for five weeks and you’re dinner. There’s no chance. She’s going to be his dinner. He’s going to eat her alive, and there’s so much stuff on her which is why, I believe, G-d made her do it. Now she’s vulnerable to Trump. Trump is the one who can destroy her.

But you have to remember one thing; a lot of what happens in the future is dependent on the Jews. The Jews doing mitzvahs or sinning influences the tikkun process. If a prophet says that something bad is to happen, it may not if Jews repent.

One last prediction I’ll make, which I will discuss more next week is about whether Iran will attack Israel. Israel will destroy Iran. The Arabs will join with Iran to destroy Israel. Such will be a clash between Yishmael and the Jews. We know what happens whenever Israel kills Arabs; the world goes bonkers. They condemn Israel no matter what. So, what G-d needs is a guy that will defend Israel. He’ll stand up to the entire world to defend Israel while Israel does what it has to do. That’s why you need a egoist like Trump. Only a guy who’s a billionaire and who really stands for the truth can do it. Trump stands for the truth, is a guy who knows Jews and, in many ways, is an ahavas Yisroel –a lover of the Jewish people.

QUESTION: Didn’t you say last week that Iran is going to get the power to build the bomb in 15 years?

R’KESSIN: Yes. Iran could do it before 15 years, and it’s very possible that it will. We’ll talk about it next week. The main thing is Trump’s wanting to build up the military, right? Why? What Obama has done is terrible, has reduced the military to the same level it was in WWI. Obama neutralized them. Trump wants to build it up to a mighty military, one to make the whole world shake in its boots.

It all indicates that we are up against the end and, therefore, you need a guy who can defy the entire world.


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