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21st Century #3: Trump and Obama

Given: June 25, 2016

MK: Disclaimer. In this class, I want to continue expanding on ideas from the previous class. And what I am going to do is, first, issue a disclaimer:

Even if an individual can foresee events, it is important to ascertain that such speculative predictions can always change. Whatever happens historically is based on what I told you about the process of Tikkun, the rectification of the world, and the Divine plan associated with it. The path of rectifying Creation is the essential journey of the Jew. At any one time, they are sinning and doing good deeds, observing the commandments. Indeed, sometimes they have tremendous merits.

So, there’s a variable here that expresses itself as changes in the historical trajectory of events affected by the spiritual status of the Jew. Sometimes the Jews’ spiritual status is so low that they may have to enter one type of historical dimension. Other times, if their spiritual status is higher, better things will happen. One could say what one thinks will happen based on the overt iniquities of the Jews (such as assimilation), but that prediction could change because the Jews, all of a sudden, enter a period of abounding repentance. Then, there’s a turn of events.

Today, I want to talk about what I see as a scenario that could unfold based on what’s called the “status quo of the Jewish state.” I don’t mean Israel, per se; I mean the Jewish state of things. In the last class, I talked about Trump, so I want to continue with that and to speculate upon possible scenarios. I discussed what Trump’s purpose seems to be.

Trump and the Merit of America

Trump seems to have been chosen to make America great. Obviously, when I refer to America, I don’t mean America, per se. I mean America as a component of Edom / Esav. I mentioned some time ago that Esav had three characteristics that are borne out in the Torah’s narrative. One of those attributes, you will recall, is incredible arrogance.

In the Bible, we see that attribute straight away regarding Esav’s attitude to his status as the firstborn of Jacob: "And Esav despised the firstborn” is a brazen statement that testifies to his arrogance. Second, Esav was a fraud, an imposter, a deceitful person; he pretended to be more spiritual than he really was. The third aspect of Esav was his hedonism, meaning he was attached to worldliness as we see with his love of hunting and his gluttonous attachment to a bowl of soup. We’ve noted that these three aspects of Esav are the attributes of Western Civilization: Communist Russia took the arrogance and atheism of Esav. Europe is that fraudulent and hypocritical aspect. America abounds in the desire for self-gratification, the pleasure-seeking, worldly aspect of Esav.

What is important to understand is that America also has many merits, which I mentioned in the last class. America’s very generous distributions of foreign aid to countries around the world, more than the total donated by all the other nations of the world combined, is a sign of great compassion.


Chesed---Compassion as a Mainstay of Survival: The first idea I spoke of was America’s largesse, its awareness of the needs of the less fortunate. “Chesed” is the Hebrew term for an act of loving-kindness, of compassion for the other, usually when no quid-quo-pro is expected; it is a selfless act, an altruistic act In Jewish tradition. Chesed is a very valued attribute, one associated with, and recognized as, a hallmark of the patriarch Abraham. While such an act by a Jew to a Jew is obviously highly valued, how does Judaism relate to the virtuous deeds of a non-Jew towards a non-Jew? Does the gentile earn merit for charitable deeds in the same way that brotherly concern for the other among Jews earns merit in the higher spiritual domains?

Of course, such deeds are meritorious, independent of who offers assistance of any sort to another, independent of who the givers and who the recipients. Anybody should help any person because that’s what G-d wants; He wants for mankind, His creations, to be good, one to the other. Moreover, G-d does not want the world to fall apart. Chesed is a mainstay of the Creation. We can see that for ourselves; without chesed, a very critical percentage of the world would no longer be able to survive; it would simply vanish. There are always people who don’t “make it,” people on the low end, the stricken and poor who need others to help them. In fact, when you think about it, nobody’s ever totally and singularly successful. At some time, everybody falters and needs assistance without which they would crumble. Were we to realize how many people that incudes and how frequently people need help, we would conceive how the whole of society is subject to collapse. So, chesed is one of the mainstays of mankind’s ability to survive.

Now, back to the Torah: That was one of the problems of the ancient city of Sodom; there was no chesed. On the contrary, those demonstrating compassion were punished. Indeed, in the Jewish (midrashic, homiletic) tradition, there are many stories of Sodom in which the compassionate individual was accused: “How dare you do chesed and give charity! In fact, there is a “midrash”—exegetical commentary that relates a story of a girl who pitied a poor man and gave him food and water. The Sodomites found out and decreed her death sentence. They covered her in honey, and bees stung her to death. Therefore, G-d destroyed the Sodomites though, essentially, they destroyed themselves. Their punishment was another example of the Hand of G-d employing the principle of measure-for-measure to enact justice. Through their lack of compassion, the people of Sodom extinguished their right to live.

In the last class, I talked of America’s largesse. Because of it, many Jews are able to maintain and develop their spiritual potential, to study Torah, and so on. I also mentioned that Japan has that same claim which is why they became the second greatest economy in the world, having enabled Jews to survive and spread Torah. On the basis of this trait alone, I believe that G-d does not want to destroy America. We’re talking about the good aspect of Esav -- what America is. I believe that Trump is the designated person to restore America to its greatness because America should be great and can be great, as great as it ever was in the past.

Destruction of the Clintons:

The second idea that I broached was that G-d seems to want to really punish the Clintons. I must mention the incompetence and criminality of Hillary’s performance as Secretary of State. I must also mention the astounding stupidity of people fooled and deceived by the media about who Hillary is, especially in light of her ineptitude and her devious lies about that video. How anyone can conceive that such a person could be worthy of being the president of the United States is beyond me. It’s ironic; democracy is America’s great asset, a system whereby people make their own decisions. We see, however, that people simply don’t know what they are doing; they’re actually stupid. As I see it, they don’t care who becomes president so long as they have their free goodies called “entitlements.” You promise people free stuff, and you’re in. It’s called “a chicken in every pot.”

American Support of Israel in War Against Ishmael:

A strong America would be in a position to protect Israel, which is very important. Why? What’s coming up is a tremendous war between the Jews and Ishmael, the Arabs. As the midrash tells us, there’s going to be a war as predicted in the writings of the sages. In the midrash in Yalkut Shimoni, it’s written that in the week that Mashiach Ben David comes (not necessarily a literal week) Poras, namely Persia/Iran, will incite a war against Arabia, which will seek counsel with Edom (Europe/America/Russia). Very soon after, Iran will start a war against the entire world which reacts with panic. Such panic implies the use or threat of nuclear weapons. Then, a Divine Voice will be heard: “The time of your redemption has arrived.”

I personally believe that Israel will, of course, destroy the enemy: Iran, ISIS, PLO, Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Qaeda---all these guys. Also, since it’s really the last attempt of the Arabs to claim the Land of Israel, the Israeli Arabs, who constitute a fifth column in Israel, will try to destroy Israel from within. Israel will, therefore, defend itself, killing and evicting Arabs. Israel will have completely returned to being the land of the Jews.

You might then ask why hasn’t Israel evicted the Arabs yet. In my opinion, Israel’s greatest flaw has been its preoccupation with “what will America say?” and “what will Europe say?” Israel is petrified of adverse world opinion so it has allowed the Western world control over its security, its ability to rule itself. In this way, I believe, Israel has been sabotaging itself.

By the time Israel evicts the Arabs, it will be almost too late. Can you imagine the response of the world when that eviction finally happens? The condemnation will be off the chart. Just consider, even when the Arabs are violating international law, the nations side with them. In the last war, the Arabs were using human shields---which is illegal---bombing cities, conducting knifing attacks in the streets of Jerusalem and elsewhere. Toward whom was condemnation targeted?---Israel, right? And this is with Israel doing things according to international law. So, how much more so will there be condemnation when Israel will be killing and evicting Arabs? The entire world will rise up against Israel with a huge outcry. What happens then?

The answer is Trump. Trump is positioned to defy the world’s condemnation. Trump is defiant, remember? That’s his essential mission, to defy the entire world during this time. Israel will now have – that is, the Jews will now have – the sovereignty needed for the mammoth preparation for mashiach.

Reviewing Trump’s Assets:

G-d makes Trump a billionaire so that Trump is independent of coercion by special interest groups. Not only did G-d make him a billionaire, He does it through success in real-estate. Trump is a real-estate magnate with long-term relationships with Jews who play a dominant role in that industry. This is how G-d instilled in Trump his fondness of Jews. I’ve already mentioned Ivanka. Trump’s chief lawyer, his real-estate lawyer, Jason Greenblatt, is an orthodox Jew who Trump appointed to be a liaison between Israel and himself. Trump is surrounded with Jews and that’s deliberate in order to be able to aid and assist Israel in the upcoming war and help combat worldwide anti-Semitism.

G-d’s Hand in History: Alerting America.

Bombing of Pearl Harbor: This assistance to the Jews is not a unique historical precedent; it happened during WWII. Why would the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor? It made no sense; America wasn’t a threat to them. The Japanese were taking over the entire Far East, the Pacific. In fact, the head of the navy, Yamamoto, warned his people not do it. He said, “I only fear that if you bomb Pearl Harbor, you will have awakened a sleeping giant, America, and filled it with a terrible resolve.” Of course, he was right. So the question is: why would the Japanese do that since there was no military advantage? From our understanding of world affairs in the context of the Divine plan, we see that G-d compelled the Japanese to bomb Pearl Harbor to draw America into the war. America’s involvement is what eventually saved the remnant of European Jewry. Without that, who knows what would have been. Here is the precedent of G-d using Edom, America, the “good part of Esav,” to save the Jews. G-d is about to do it again, but this war is going to the last.

9/11: And why did Osama bin Laden bomb the World Trade Center on 9/11? He’s an idiot; his first order of business should have been to consolidate his power and then provoke, antagonize America. In fact, he was too weak to take on America militarily, but he did. And America got him and killed him. Again, why did bin Laden bomb the World Trade Center? G-d compelled him to do so. G-d alerted America to the true enemy, Ishmael, the Arabs. America could, at that point, more clearly identify the threat and, eventually, help Israel. All of this is the “Hand of G-d” directing things to happen so that, ultimately, Jews could be saved.

Current Events: Speculating a Hillary Win, Morality and the Economy

With this backdrop, we return to the state of affairs in America today. After all that I have said, what if Hillary gets in? If Hillary gets in---not Trump---I believe she will continue the policies of Obama to destroy America. Hillary’s son-in-law, I think, is Jewish, but Hillary is in no way a lover of Israel. The best thing you can say about Hillary is that you can bribe her, and there are many people that have to bribe this woman in order to stay afloat. So, in a certain sense, she can be bribed, and that suggests that her policies would be idiotic, detrimental, and contingent. She has no actual policies.

Every time I hear from her about a “policy,” I wonder what this woman could be thinking. Her policies on energy or immigration---wanting to bring in thousands, especially after Orlando where forty-nine people were shot---is as though she and Obama want to make America dangerous and immoral. Those same-sex bathrooms! They’re giving Sodom a run for its money, if you know what I mean. Let’s see who’s more vicious, more evil, more contaminated, more defiled. If she were elected, that’s what would happen. America, would fall. She has no backbone nor desire to stand up to Ishmael, Iran. The “good of Edom,” the good side of America, would wane and that too could have its own logic.

Who knows what would happen to the economy; it’s bad enough now. Unemployment would grow. “Obamacare” will kill everybody, the co-pays, the premiums, the deductibles, and so on. It’s really not a medical insurance policy; it’s catastrophic insurance. People get fooled because there’s a low premium but they forget that the deductible is about 12,000 USD, which means you’ve got to come up with twelve grand before they even begin to pay. OK, you may not go bankrupt, but this isn’t an insurance program that services people and enables their financial survival. Hillary would continue this program. It’s bad news if the senate goes Democratic. I hope G-d shows mercy to Americans and to Jews.

Trump and the Impossibility of a Two-State Solution

Even though Trump stated that he would want everybody sitting at the peace table, Arabs on one side and Jews on the other, and he would be fair, we know what’s really going to happen. It’s impossible. Trump will say, “You Arabs need to recognize the existence of the state of Israel. Yes or No?” He’s only feigning objectivity, being diplomatic, to get the Arabs to the table because, if they think he’s plotting against them, they’ll never sit. One thing about Trump is that he’s a man of truth. Putting aside his eccentricities, he is a man of truth or else he would have been unlikely to survive to become such a wealthy person.

I already outlined the reasons why Arabs can’t make that peace: (1) captured Arab land cannot be under the jurisdiction of any other nation; theologically, it is forbidden for them to acknowledge Israel as a Jewish state; (2) Abbas would be assassinated the next day; (3) once the “occupation” is annulled and there is a two-state solution, Israel, as an Arab-recognized sovereign state, would have clear legitimacy to go to war with the Arabs. Interesting to note is that, according to UN charter 192-193, no nation can threaten another nation that’s a member of the UN even though Iran does that all the time and the UN does nothing and certainly never threatens to throw Iran out of the UN.

So you see that the whole concept of a Middle East peace is futile; it can never be. It’s incredible to watch grown men like Kerry and the other guys thinking that there could be a two-state solution. It’s ludicrous! The falsity, the deceit of the nations of the world is astounding because they know that there can never be peace. If I could figure this out-– and I’m not part of a think-tank---I guarantee that they could figure this out. They have think-tanks, thinking all day long about the Middle East. Every nation has a think-tank. Russian think-tanks for instance are experts on Israel. They know the score; they know the story. So what is the point of playing games with this business of a two-state solution? It’s impossible, but they don’t care because the new form of anti-Semitism is anti-Zionism; it’s just another way of attacking the Jews.

I remember when I was in Israel in 1976 in the Old City. The Arabs then were like docile. You weren’t afraid. You walked in the middle of the Old City where all the Arab stores are situated and the Arabs did nothing. They were very cordial, very nice and polite. So, how did they lose their fear of Israel? The interesting question is: How in the world did it happen that the Arabs are no longer cowering? What we begin to realize is something very important; G-d wanted to remove their fear because, unless He did so, there would never be a (final) clash between Ishmael and the Jews. So, G-d orchestrated specific events to enable the Arabs to become audacious. It’s the old chess game and Oslo is one of those moves. But Oslo could never have happened without something that preceded it---the election of Bill Clinton.

Like many other events that I’ve spoken about, Bill Clinton’s election to the presidency can be assessed as an obvious miracle. How so? Clinton is from Arkansas. When’s the last time you heard about Arkansas? I don’t want to degrade Arkansas, but his situation there was rife with scandal before he even became president. I don’t even want to discuss all the women, all the rape accusations and charges. It’s just beyond belief that this guy, scandal-ridden as he was, could become president. Bush had, at that time, an 88% approval rating, the highest ever recorded, yet Clinton beat him. It’s astounding! In the end, Clinton understood that it was the economy that people cared about and none of Bush’s advisors understood that. It’s as though G-d made those “wise men” into dopes. They just didn’t understand that what the American people wanted was a thriving economy.

Why did G-d miraculously make Bill Clinton president? G-d chose Trump for his defiance. Why Clinton? What’s Bill Clinton’s claim to fame? Hold tight! Clinton was a womanizer. Yes! He’s a womanizer and just what G-d wanted, a guy in the White House who is going to do all kinds of things with women. Did G-d want to demoralize America? No, but G-d is very familiar with Bill’s “evil inclination.” G-d knew that Clinton was going to degrade himself before the whole world and, therefore, be desperate for an attractive legacy. What would that legacy be? What is the challenge of every American president? It’s to make peace between Israel and the Arabs, which really means to push Israel into a corner and let the Arabs take everything. So, Clinton legitimatizes Arafat.

Did you ever notice that Bill invited Arafat to the White House more often than any other statesman? Can you believe this? Arafat becomes a statesman and wins the Nobel Prize – didn’t he? What! – A Peace Prize? I mean you had to laugh. In truth, the Nobel Prize forever degraded itself with this award. They gave it to Obama too, right? For what? Anyway, as a result, Clinton forces Israel to back off, to restrain itself while Arafat and his guys are killing Jews! Meanwhile Rabin---who was the quintessential Eirev Rav---kept saying, “Sacrifices for peace! Sacrifices for peace!”

What do you mean, “Sacrifices for peace”? They’re killing Jews! In essence, you should know that if Arabs kill a Jew---even one Jew---that should be sufficient cause to go to war against the Arabs. The Accords promised that they would negotiate, not kill Jews. But Clinton never came out against the Arabs. It is astounding how Clinton stood by and allowed the Arabs to kill Jews left and right and how Rabin stood by and encouraged “sacrifices for peace.” And, of course, in the end, he was sacrificed for peace-- another instance of justice that’s “measure-for-measure.”

Then Clinton is caught with Lewinsky. Scandalized and desperate for legacy, Clinton pursues the peace deal that means restraining the Jews and forcing them to give up everything and get killed. That is the way it is; Israel is always intimidated by America. So Bill Clinton became president to exploit that sad fact. And each successive war emboldened the Arabs further. The Lebanon war, the war in 2005/6 in which Hamas actually bombed Israel with a million people running from the north to the south. Israel has the nuclear bomb, but who cares?

The Arabs Emboldened What you see is a remarkable, steady progression of increasing Arab fearlessness. Ultimately down the line, they make war with the Jews. Oslo can only happen with Clinton. He championed it along with such “traitors” as Peres and Rabin. Oslo was one of the greatest tragedies. Oslo was the nail in the coffin for Israel. If, in the natural order of things, the “peace process” would have continued in this way, Israel would have been finished. Why? What did Oslo do?

Let me tell recreate a scene for you. Imagine two guys come to court, a thief and his victim:

Judge to Mr. Thief: Did you steal from this man? (turning toward the victim…)

Judge to Mr. Victim: Did this guy steal from you? The police caught him. He invaded your house, stole jewelry and other items.

Mr. Victim to Judge: Well, not really. He didn’t really steal from me.

Judge to Mr. Victim: He didn’t really steal from you?

Mr. Victim to Judge: Not really -- because he owns half of it.

Judge to Mr. Victim: Are you crazy? So what are you doing in my court?

What this means is that, thanks to the Oslo Accords, Israel actually legitimized the claim of the Arabs, that they (the Arabs) own half of Israel. Such a thing never happened before. Israel had always maintained that the Arabs were attacking it, that the Arab claims were illegitimate. What is most insane is that the Oslo Accords gave the Arabs the right, the legal claim, to ownership of half of Israel! And the world, of course, jumped at that opportunity because, at the end of the day, they hate Jews and they are obsessed with Zionism (which is nothing more than a masquerade for anti-Semitism). What Oslo really did was to delegitimize Israel because once Israel admitted that the Arabs have half, the world was only too happy to ratify that claim and – bamo! .

But Israel’s G-d protects His people. G-d never allowed Arafat or any of these guys to take Israel. Remember, Olmert wanted to give up vast amounts of territory and it was Abbas who said “No.” Ehud Barak also wanted to give up significant territory and Arafat, I believe, said “No.” Imagine if Arafat had said, “Yes”! G-d protects Israel. But the truth is that the claim that Israel can be divided in two is totally destructive. It’s a game-changer. All this happened on Clinton’s watch, the president desperate for a legacy.

Just for a moment, let’s look back on the Bush administration and see, again, how G-d enters the picture. What was Bush’s mission? The Bush presidents constantly forced Israel to restrain itself. Meanwhile, the Arabs were killing Jews, making wars every time Israel tried to defend itself. America warned Israel not to wipe out Hamas, not to claim victory. The Bush presidents refused to stand up to the Arabs, but when America got bombed (World Trade Center) all of a sudden it became right and courageous. It’s amazing that Jews don’t understand that Bush was terrible for Israel. I believe that one of the punishments Bush Jr. got was the recession. How in the world do you allow the banks to make loans to people that you know can’t pay back? Are you out of your mind? .

What Chris Dodd and Bernie Frank did was force the banks to make bad loans. When the loans defaulted, the banks figured they’ll just sell their property. The problem was that real estate values collapsed too, so the property became even less valuable than the mortgages! That’s what killed everybody. Their other recourse was to wrap up all this nonsense in what they called “derivatives” that were worth nothing and sold them to other countries. Nobody was paying back the banks.

At that time, they would beg any guy who walked in to take a mortgage and you didn’t have to show them anything. What’s his name---Alan Greenspan---just sat by and did nothing. Bush saw what was going on, but he never said anything either. He never objected. And I believe the whole fiasco was a Divine punishment to America for what they were doing to Israel. You should know that the recession, the worst since the Depression, destroyed Bush’s reputation. Obama got mileage out of it because he kept blaming the previous administration, but during his eight years, he didn’t do anything either.

“Find a scapegoat” was Obama’s strategy and policy. Obama would have probably scapegoated Bush for the next four hundred years, you know. It’s all Bush. But how does a president allow this type of economic behavior to go on? The country was doomed. In 2008, the country collapsed and, believe me, America was on the verge of bankruptcy. This was when G-d came in: It was only because G-d doesn’t want the good part of Edom, America, to be destroyed that He intervened. People hated Bush and that’s why Obama won---not because they loved Obama. They were sick and tired of the establishment---meaning Bush. So, Obama won on an anti-Bush sentiment. People lost trillions of dollars, lost their life savings. Where was the captain, at the helm, watching the ship? Besides the fact that Bush was a traitor to Israel, he was an idiot. Is this the way you run a country?

Of course, that explains why Obama got in for a first term, but one could ask how he got re-elected. It’s all the same idea; G-d wants the country to be so decimated that everybody’s going to vote for Trump. It’s got to be the case that everybody is sick and tired of the establishment. Why do you think Trump is so popular? He’s anti-establishment, anti-PC, and anti-Obama. People are disgusted with the lies in Congress, you know -- John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, all these guys who are liars through and through. They have no common decency or integrity. They all caved in to Bush.

Obama and the Iran Deal: Initial Question

The central question to answer is: Why did Obama give Iran fifteen years, legitimately, to build a nuclear weapon? That’s what they called a “delay period.” Why? This has tremendous significance. What does G-d intend to do during this delay period? I think you begin to realize that we are very close to the end, so we will continue and try and answer that question in our next class.


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