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Weekly Hashkafa #66 - Sukkot: Our Guarantee Into the Future World

Given: 09/23/2021

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Today is the first day of chol hamoed—interim days of Sukkot so it is obviously appropriate to talk about Sukkot. If you ask the average person what Sukkot is all about, most people don’t know. They can tell you about the mitzvot, sitting in the sukkah, the four species, lulav, estrog and so on. But what is the event that Sukkot corresponds to? Every Jewish holiday corresponds to an event in Jewish history, so which event does Sukkot correspond to?

The chazal—sages say, and it is the prevalent respected view, that it commemorates the return of the clouds of glory, the clouds that surrounded the Jewish people in the desert. There were six clouds; can you imagine clouds above them, below them, on all sides, accompanying them wherever they went! And they were incredible clouds, not water vapor! They protected the people, destroying any animal that threatened. They were impenetrable. So, Sukkot represents that. So for that we should have a sukkah? It is the least understood holiday there is. Sukkot? Clouds return? What is the pnimiut of Sukkot? Why do we have it?

We can begin by reviewing the mitzvot—commandments. The first is you have to go out of your house into this makeshift house, a hut, a bungalow. Why?

The second mitzvah is to take the four species and an etrog, biblically commanded, and wave it during the Hallel prayer, wave it to all the corners of the compass. Why?

There are other halachot-- the body of Jewish law supplementing the scriptural law

to say Hoshanna—prayer beseeching G-d to save us. Why say it now? We don’t say it on Pesach or Shavuot.

There is the mitzvah of simcha—joy. Regarding Sukkot, the Torah commands us three times to be joyful. We are supposed to be joyful on all yom tovim—festival days, so why this special commandment for Sukkot?

There are other mitzvot, for example the one to honor Ushpizin—guests to sit with you in the sukkah. There are seven guests that we invite in everyday: Avraham, Yitzchak, Ya’akov, Moshe, Aaron, Yosef and David. Why? It is nice if they show up. There are those for whom they do show up but you have to be a great tzaddik—righteous individual. There are those who set up chairs designated for these guests. What is the meaning of this besides being a nice gesture?

Each day you are to bring sacrifices to the Beis ha’Mikdash—Holy Temple. The first day you bring 13, then 12, 11, each successive day bringing one less with a total over the entire time being 70. Why?

Nisuch ha’mayim, the water libation, when water is poured at each corner of the mizbe’ach—altar—is a tremendously joyous ritual. The Gemara says that whoever has not seen this event, has never experienced true joy in his life. What does this mean?

The culminating day, the eighth day, (in the diaspora, it is the eighth and ninth day) is Shemini Atzeret. That day is not Sukkot. It is a separate holiday which is why we have to make a separate shehekeyanu—blessing said the for singularity of each festival. Why? The celebratory practice is simchat Torah—celebrating the Torah. I would imagine it would be on the holiday of Shevuot when we received the Torah. It is true it is when the cycle of Torah reading recommences but that could have been the practice beginning with Shavuot. That can’t be the reason.

All these questions…..

I would venture to suppose that ninety-eight percent of Jews have no idea regarding the purpose of the festival nor the connection to what appears to be disaggregated mitzvot. These seemingly disconnected ideas can be understood with one theme. That is always how I approach it. There is a wheel and all the spokes come from the hub. When you leave here, you will understand and you will have this “eureka moment” when you will understand. It is tragic that Jews, many, most, are not in contact with the real depth of the holidays, the profound depth of Judaism. Like I do with current events, these are, in essence, spiritual events, messianic events. What unites all the events is that they are part of the Divine Plan of Creation.

This is a rare shiur in that the content will be foreign to most. Test me. Go up to any Jew and ask how these events are connected. I’ve mentioned before that all the acts of G-d, the infinite acts of G-d, can be categorized according to three principles:

1- Hanhagas ha’Kiyum: the actions G-d takes in order to fulfill the purpose of Creation which is to give mankind, ultimately, the experience of bliss eternally.

Wow! Since G-d is eternal, no problem! Can you imagine bliss forever? Even after a hundred trillion years, it’s a drop in the bucket compared to infinity. During this time, you are receiving, experiencing, infinite bliss. We don’t know why He wants this nor can imagine such an experience. As we say in English, “Bring it on!”

But this is not simply bestowed, given away; it must be earned. I once explained the concept of Nehama d’Kesufa---Bread of Shame which is related to this idea of earning this state of infinite bliss. That aside, this is what G-d wants so there had to be the Creation of a situation of olam ha’ze---this world in which you can do what you want and, if you do the job, you get this eternal bliss. Of course, there is the risk that you may not do the job and you don’t get it. So, G-d created a situation with a deficiency and points to you to remove it. Without the deficiency, there’s nothing to do. This world, olam ha’ze, has a tremendous deficiency, G-d having removed Himself---or so it appears---concealing Himself. It is like you wear eyeglasses and I paint the lenses red so you can’t see me though I’m still here. It’s called “hester”—concealment. G-d says to the Jew: That’s your task, to bring me back. When you bring me back, you will experience Me. This is true cause and effect; you do the job, you get to experience G-d. You don’t do the job, you experience nobody. This is the gist of what is, obviously, a very complex and profound understanding of this “experiment.”

To accomplish this, G-d created everything, an entire physical universe, all 13.7 billion light years-worth, created in an instant. He also created the spiritual worlds which are beyond our comprehension, that we cannot see at all i.e. the realities of the angels. We need to somehow recognize these spiritual realities, beyond the physical and, as part of the spiritual realities, there is G-d. We have to turn our attention away from the physical and not be fooled into thinking that the physical reality is the essential one.

2- Hanhagas ha’Mishpat:the actions G-d takes assessing the effectiveness of our efforts to accomplish the task—judgement

G-d waits upon the acts of man—of Jews, specifically. The purpose of the non-Jew is to assist the Jew in his task. They don’t realize this. When a goy helps a Jew do the tikkun, he is unbelievably rewarded. What do we see today? Not only do many not help, they kill the Jew, seek to destroy him. They don’t realize that their only possible merit is if they help the Jew do the tikkun—rectification of Creation. The Gemara says that if the goyim realized what their sole merit to earn the Future World is, that it is to assist the Jews do the tikkun, they would appoint two muscle-bound guys to each Jew to force him to do the mitzvot. This category of actions is what Rosh ha’Shana and Yom Kippur are about, when G-d judges the world.

What is the greatest book ever written? –the Bible, in terms of expansiveness of readership. It has been read by hundreds of millions. What does it say? Doesn’t it talk about G-d and the Jews as His chosen people forever, that we have to fulfill commandments, be holy, be righteous? So where are these jokers? It’s not that they don’t know; they don’t care or their thinking has been obfuscated by other religions. There is no credibility in other religions. They are based on one guy saying “I spoke to G-d.” Really? Where is the proof? Judaism is based on G-d revealing Himself to an entire nation with millions of witnesses. So non-Jews know it, particularly Christians. They refer to it as the “Old Testament.” Even others are aware of it, G-d speaking to a man for forty years.

Here’s the problem: what happens if all of mankind sins instead of choosing, based on free-will, to accomplish the task? What if no one is doing the Will of G-d? It means that mankind can frustrate the Will of G-d, that mankind may not earn its place in a Future World. If it isn’t happening, then G-d will have done all this for naught. G-d doesn’t like to be frustrated.

So, he instituted a third series of actions.

3- Hanhagas ha’Yichud: actions G-d takes, despite our free-will, guaranteeing that the tikkun will be accomplished. We have limited understanding of it but it works through yessurim—suffering. Suffering is not a punishment but rather a means of rectification when fulfilling commandments and teshuva—repentance are not being done. This helps repair Creation. Suffering is a “back-up system.” That is why there is so much suffering, exile, because the Jewish effort has been inadequate. Nobody knows how this system of actions really works. The classic understanding of this category of actions is that, alongside the suffering of the individual, there is the suffering of the righteous while evil people prosper. We see this all over the place.

Trump made a tremendous mistake. I hope he learned his lesson. His mistake got him booted out. He underestimated the level of evil in people. He was president. What he should have done is go after all of them, Hillary, Comey, all these guys. He couldn’t believe that they could be so vicious. They weren’t interested in the welfare of the U.S.; their sole interest was to destroy him. They all prevented him from doing his job. When he returns, which I believe he will, he will undo the mistake he made, but not go after them unfairly. Get the FBI, the Justice Department to do their jobs, which they didn’t do. Their efforts were unsuccessful and we don’t know exactly why. It’s mysterious.

The suffering of the righteous is mysterious, for example, the death of Rabbi Akiva. He died at 120 years old in Caesarea, on Yom Kippur under the Romans in a torturous way. They ripped his flesh off. This was the Romans. You want to kill a guy, decapitate him. Do it in a quick way. Everybody, even before Romans, were as ruthless. Or today, look at the Taliban. people in cages drowned.

The angels objected asking G-d if this is the just reward for toiling in Torah study. One of the greatest transmitters of Torah ever known should die like this? G-d answered them: Quiet! If I hear another peep out of you guys, I’ll destroy the world. Why didn’t G-d give them a real answer? He will flex His muscles and destroy the world?

That was the real answer. The way Rabbi Akiva had to die is part of the hanhagas ha’yichud, to guarantee that all Jews will be in the Future World. If we knew how it worked, the Satan would also know and the system would be compromised. G-d would not prefer such a death for him but were He to do otherwise, the Satan would prosecute and the world would be further endangered. G-d’s response to the angel’s objection was legitimate and true. That is why events borne from this category of actions is so mysterious. The Holocaust is a classic example. When the mashiach comes, the reasons will all be revealed.

This last hanhaga has a history. Who is guaranteed to survive in the future World? The first man, Adam, sins but, too bad! If he doesn’t survive, there is nobody else. This back-up plan ensures that he survives to have Cain and Abel. It guarantees that someone has to survive. Even Noah survived because someone had to.

G-d decided that mankind failed to do rectify Creation, so after 2000 years comes the generation of the dispersion. G-d gives the job to Avraham and his descendants. Avraham, who was very smart, asks what would happen if his descendants should also fail. Won’t they too be destroyed like Noah’s generation? The guarantee extends to mankind, not a particular nation. G-d responds, I will guarantee that the Jews will survive. This back-up system is reconstituted to guarantee the Jewish nation. This is new. That is why we had to go to Egypt and be afflicted. This is part of this hanhaga. Mankind may disappear, but the Jews will survive.

The Jews are at Sinai to receive the Torah when they commit the sin of the Golden Calf. G-d threatens to wipe them out. But, wait a minute! G-d promised Avraham that the Jews must survive. So how does G-d get out of it? He tells Moshe, I will make you, Moshe, a great nation. The Jewish nation would take a new form rather than the twelve tribes. Moshe refused and told G-d that if He did this, He should erase Moshe from the sefer—book, Torah. Moshe said, “NO!” The agreement G-d made with Avraham precludes His wiping out everyone. From this we derive what is said on Yom Kippur, that G-d forgives us based on Moshe’s “word,” his refusal to accept the reconstituted nation. G-d had no choice but to allow the Jews to survive. What Moshe accomplished was incredible. Jews who are derived from the patriarchs, Avraham, Yitzchak, and Ya’akov, are assured survival. What an incredible accomplishment!

When the sin of the Golden Calf was done, the Clouds of Glory were the expression of hanhagas ha’yichud. They returned after Yom Kippur on Sukkot. That is the beginning of our understanding of Sukkot. G-d renewed his covenant with the Jews, a covenant that changed. Therefore G-d says: since I am renewing my covenant with you, you must rededicate yourself to me, make a new contract.

What’s that new contract? Sukkot is when that contract is renewed. For our part, we do the mitzvot. From His part, He gives us, guarantees us, the Future World. Now we can begin to understand the mitzvot affiliated with Sukkot.

What is the sukkah?—the symbol of the guarantee. We are underneath a temporary roof, in a temporary, rather flimsy, hut, because G-d doesn’t need a dwelling to protect us. Sitting in this sukkah is our declaration that we sit under the shadow of G-d. Our dwelling in it is a declaration that we know that we will survive to enjoy the Future World.

The luluv, etrog, hadas and the arovos represent all the mitzvot we have recommitted to. If you apply numerology to these, it equals 613, the sum number of all the mitzvot. When do we wave it?-- during Hallel, the time to laud, praise, acknowledge G-d. As we wave it, we point to all directions because no matter where we are, where we are taken, we will fulfill our end of the bargain. That is our signature on the contract to always serve, praise, laud.

These days, after what Biden did in Afghanistan, the world sees that America is a paper tiger and cannot be relied upon by its allies. They abandoned their allies, their own citizens, the ultimate betrayal. What evil! We realize that we can only rely on G-d.

Now we understand the simcha---joy. We now know we will survive and are guaranteed infinite bliss eternally. What greater joy can there be? There are three mentions of “joy.” The first relates to accomplishing the rectification of Creation. The second is the messianic era when it will all be explained. The third is the Future World. We can’t fully appreciate what this means. If someone came over to you and tells you he likes you and writes you a check, a gift, for one hundred billion dollars, you’d jump up right through the top of the sukkah. And the Future World is infinitely greater than that. We cannot imagine what awaits us, that reality. So, G-d is right—you will rejoice!

We also know why we say Hoshanos—recitations of “save us”. We know we will be saved, protected under the system of actions of hanhagas ha’yichud. The Hoshanos directly confronts that promise of G-d, that we will be protected. We say it all seven days.

Why the sacrifice of the seventy oxen? The Gemara says that this number “70” corresponds to the number of original nations of the world. Now some Kabbalah: There are ten sefiros---Divine emanations of G-d that create the realities of all the worlds. And those ten have a subsystem of ten, but the lower seven are the main ones relevant here: 10x7=70. Our service to G-d brings those 70 holy emanations into the Creation by means of the mitzvos we pledged to fulfill in the contract. Originally, each of the seventy nations had the job regarding one sefira, to bring its holy Light into the Creation. When they were “dismissed,” the job was taken from them and given exclusively to the Jews. That is why there had to be 70 neshamot—souls, seventy people, who went down to Egypt. Yocheved, Moshe’s mother, was born between the walls, she was the 70th. Those seventy oxen represent the job that we took over from the seventy nations of the world.

Why the ushpizin? Why are Avraham, Yitzchak, Ya’akov coming as guests? If this is a re-dedication to the contract, who are the principle figures? These three made the original agreement with G-d. Moshe and Aaron brought us the Torah, the instructions for carrying the agreement out. Yosef and David are the two meshichim—messiahs who are to bring the agreement to fruition. So, of course they have to invited to be there for the annual rededication.

Why suddenly Shemini Atzeret, a new holiday? When you sign a contract, who signs?—both parties. It isn’t unilateral, it’s bi-lateral. Sukkot is our signature and Shemini Atzeret is G-d’s.

What is His signature all about? Ultimately it is the promise of the Future World but during the messianic era, it is the ohr mashiach—messianic Light. The Torah we dance with on Simchas Torah is that Light not the same Torah we got after the first was shattered. It is the Torah of the Redemption, the messianic Light. This is why the haftorah reading on the first day of Sukkot is all about mashiach. We are dancing with the ultimate Torah, the messianic Torah, not the one we dance with on Shavuot. This Torah is, for now, incomprehensible.

The Gemara says that, at the End of Time, the nations will realize that the jig is up, as the expression goes. They will say that they too deserve reward because they built many things that the Jews enjoyed. They will claim they built bridges and tunnels so that Jews could travel, provided cars for Jewish transport, etc. G-d answers them by pointing out that it is true they built these but it was for their own purposes, to charge tolls, to enhance their wealth. The intent is critical so they don’t deserve anything. The goyim admit that the Jews indirectly benefitted from those things but the goyim tell G-d that he is a G-d of infinite mercy and beg for a chance to perform one mitzvah in order to earn the Future World too. Imagine the gravity of the moment! G-d gives them the mitvah of….sukkah! This is what the Gemara says. They all run to build sukkahs. They all retreated within it. G-d takes out the sun and it shoots up to 110 degrees, midday temperature. The goyim walked out, kicking the door open. Why sukkah? Why not some other mitzvah? Why take the sun out?

The choice of Sukkot is that it’s the quintessential commemoration of the promise to be in the Future World. As the goyim said: no matter what we do, we want inclusion. Sukkot is the logical choice so that the goyim, like the Jews, can testify to the agreement. The heat of the sun? The major way that hanhagas ha’yichud is administered is through suffering. Can they bear the suffering as the Jews must? The Jews have borne it for thousands of years. The goyim kicked the door open. Subjected to the same conditions, the same process, the same mechanism, they failed. So, there is no guarantee for them.

The Gemara says that this conversation would take place at the End of Time when everyone sees that the mashiach is here, and the Jews will be the kings of the universe. In the book of Prophets, it relates how ten goyim will grab onto the hem of the garment of each Jew begging him to take them along to Jerusalem. They would be like groupies, like those fans in Hollywood who try to hang onto a celebrity hoping that a piece of their success will rub off on them. Here, a Jew will be the receptacle of the Divine Presence. If a goy goes to a Jew, he can feel G-d. Who wouldn’t want that? It’s infinitely better than heroin! Who wouldn’t want to feel G-d? The non-Jews’ realization will be that the Jews get this feeling forever and they, themselves, will be gone. They will go crazy. The Gemara says that this conversation will really take place.

To make this more tangible, imagine the evil people of the world, people like Obama, Hillary, Biden—though he is so lost he probably won’t bother, thinking messiah? Who is he?—will beg the Jews to save them, to share a bit of what they have as they face the prospect of annihilation.

When you enter a sukkah, you have to have a smile on your face. Sukkot is messianic and concludes with a messianic Torah. We have to hope that this is the last Sukkot before mashiach and that the joy we have now will be incomparable to that which we will have when he does away with all these rasha’im—evildoers.

Some people are genuinely evil, who want to destroy others. There are those who want to harm others, so many narcissists, loving themselves, totally self-interested, rotten people. Fortunately, there are also many who do care about the welfare of others, among them goyim who show goodwill toward others and they will be rewarded. The goy can’t do the tikkun with his good deeds but he can be rewarded. When a Jews does a mitzvah, it brings G-d closer. When a goy obeys G-d’s commandment, it increases his luck, his mazal; it doesn’t augment the tikkun—unless he becomes Jewish. This is why when a non-Jew gets his just reward, he still will have to go to a Jew to realize it. He as to get off a Jew some aspect of kedusha--holiness. It’s like the example of the Jew who drinks water from a pond and some of the drops fall back into the pond. When a non-Jew drinks from that pond, based on a few drops that spilled back into it, the non-Jew will exclaim, “Wow!” He’ll have had some experience of the shechina—the Divine Presence based on those few drops. We cannot estimate the amount of kedusha a Jew will have once mashiach comes. That is what we’re waiting for.

The holiday that accentuates these ideas is Sukkoth. We walk into the sukkah thinking I am free; I will always exist; I will always be (protected) under the shadow of G-d. That is the schach—the palm boughs which are the penetrable roofing atop the sukkah. The gematria/numerological value of “sukkah” in Hebrew is identical to that of “yud-hei-vav-hei”(the Divine Name) plus “Elokim.” Both values amount to “91.” The Divine Presence is represented by the schach.

Q & A

Participant: Misuch ha’Mayim—the water-drawing ceremony (also referred to as Simchat Beit Hashoevha}

R’Kessin: Yes, what is that ritual about and why was it accompanied with such unbounded joy? That water represents the Torah. Water is a universal solvent; Torah is a universal solvent. It represents the power, the force, of the sefiros—Divine emanations that is poured down the mizbeakh--altar. We witness the shefa--Divine flow that comes down. On the altar, ultimately, everybody is forgiven. This is shown when G-d says, “All of you will stand in front of Me pure; I will forgive all your sins.” I think it was Yonah who danced at the time of the Beit ha’Shoeva, and it is believed that it was from this he attained ruach ha’kodesh—holy spirit. He was given prophecy from that. It makes sense. This is part of the agreement. We do our part and G-d does His and this is exemplified in this nisuch ha’mayim.

Participant: audio inadequate to relate details, but the participant requests clarification as to why Israel combines Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah into one day while the diaspora celebrates two days.

The rabbi explains that an extra yom tov--festival is added because, at one time, based on the lunar calendar, it was not clear which day was the legitimate yom tov so both are celebrated. But, in both cases, these are two holiday occasions.

Participant: Why don’t we sit in the sukkah on these days?

R’Kessin: Because, as I said, Sukkot is our deal, our signature, not His.

Participant: But once He signs, it is like a union, like a marriage contract.

R’Kessin: But the sukkah is our avoda--service, not His. His signature is affixed on Shemini Atzeret. And he gives us what we are supposed to have, the messianic Light. That’s His part of the bargain. Our part is to sit in the sukkah, do our part with the lulav and etrog, acknowledging hanhagas ha’yichud, the actions pertaining to guaranteeing that the tikkun will be accomplished and we will be redeemed.

Participant: After mashiach we continue to keep Sukkoth?

R’Kessin: We keep Purim.

Participant: Isn’t the messianic Torah the one that ha’Shem—G-d’s Name will explain the secrets of? That is what we’re dancing with?

R’Kessin: The messianic Torah is like an iceberg, one-tenth is above water and nine-tenths is below. The Torah we have is one-tenth above and all the kabbalah is way below that. We cannot comprehend the Torah of the mashiach. That level of the shechina is on the level of Yetzira that comes down to pervade the planet. If you recall what I said in recent lecture that the Third Temple exists in olam Yetzira and it is that Temple that descends into this world (of Asiya). We will experience here that level of the Divine Presence as it is revealed there. This is the meaning of “The Earth will be filled with the knowledge of G-d as the waters cover the seabed.” Imagine how much Torah there will be, purely supernatural!

Participant: The ushpizin—sukkah guests…. (Avraham, Yitzchak, Ya’akov, Moshe, Aaron, Yosef, David) ….they’re like aidim--witnesses and only one comes per night….who is the second witness, ha’Shem?

It’s not because of aidim. They are part of the contract. It’s like they’re the main principals to it, like when a company is sold. Who comes to the signing?-- the president and vice-president. What is interesting is that here, G-d doesn’t leave out Mashiach ben Yosef and Mashiach ben David.

Participants: It is said that the women didn’t participate in the Sin of the Golden Calf and the Clouds of Glory didn’t not leave the women. Is this a reason that women don’t have to sit in the sukkah?

R’Kessin: It’s important to remember that, in many ways, the mazal--the fortune of the woman is connected to the man, so it’s a team effort.

Participant: They say that mashiach will appear on Shemini Atzeret. Since that day is the day for mashiach wouldn’t that make sense?

R’Kessin: We don’t really know what “appear” means. It would make sense, Mashiach ben Yosef beginning the process.

Participant: Is this (possibility) elevated because next year is the Yovel year?

R’Kessin: As I’ve been saying, all the evil people will soon be recompensed because that comes first. We’re watching the gradual fall of evil. All are being exposed for the unbelievable frauds they are. When an honest person looks at this, they think: these aren’t people; they’re animals. There are 35 million Afghanis that have been taken over by 75,000 Taliban---and they’re all butchers. Where is the rachmanut--compassion for 35 million people, all walking around with the potential for a death sentence on their heads? If you didn’t read it, you couldn’t believe this actually happened. A ten-year-old kid wouldn’t have done what Biden did. Is the U.S. stupid? They actually have a guy who’s a moron, totally lost, surrounded by a bunch of incompetents and everyone is laughing their heads off! I heard Biden had a meeting with the UK prime minister, Boris Johnson. Biden couldn’t take any questions so they stopped Boris Johnson from taking questions.

Participant points out that it began when Naphtali Bennett was sitting with Biden at a meeting and Biden nodded off and the same occurred in Biden’s meeting with Johnson.

R’Kessin: It’s an irrational, psychotic government like in “Alice in Wonderland.” It’s like the Queen of Hearts saying “Off with his head” and “off with her head.”

What follows is a partially-audible discussion about vaccination and anti-vaccination sentiment and attendant consequences for employment and other outcomes. The rabbi adds that these conditions could foment a civil war saying that society is tremendously divided so you never know what could happen regarding the prospect for civil war in America.

Participant: What role does the vaccine play now in terms of hashkafa—the Jewish world-view?

R’Kessin: It is causing tremendous friction and division in the world because it’s deserved because the world has corrupted civilization, like Sodom and Gemorrah. The abbreviation “U.S.A” is now termed “United Sodomites of America.” G-d will not tolerate this type of abuse. It is the end of normal marriage (and procreation) with LGBTQ.

Discussion ensues about examples of corruption in education, children being prompted to learn about immoral practices and write about it, assured the content will not be shared with parents.

R’Kessin: This is illegal. In a public school, you can only transmit the values of the country, traditional values. You don’t have the freedom to impart whatever you like. I’ve heard many parents have removed their kids from school and are home-schooling them.

Discussion ensues about Met Gala event as an example of decadence and immorality and that an unpredicted rainstorm hindered the event.

Participant: (note: paraphrased) When Mashiach Ben Yosef will reveal a lot of truth, do you think that a lot of what we don’t know will become evident?

R’Kessin: Yes, because he has to put a stop to it. This world is headed into a downward spiral. It cannot be stopped. This alone tells us that we are right at the End. So, what’s the point? G-d says: Enough is enough. It’s a death spiral. The LGBTQ is destroying everybody. It’s a death spiral because (their agenda) is constitutionally recognized so it’s over with. What is G-d gonna do, just look at the world getting worse and worse and worse? This is the Window closing, as I told you. It closes within one nanometer of light, of truth, still able to shine through. Then it will try to shut which would wipe out the entire universe. That’s the kedusha of the sefiros. A second before it closes, the Gate opens and the world is flooded with the messianic Light. You are looking at the Window closing. If someone would have told you what the U.S. would look like now, would you have believed it?

Participants share observations about the general lack of security most people feel, how there is nowhere safe, nowhere to hide, and that only reliance on G-d can is real.

R’Kessin: You have to surround yourself like a fortress, not let it penetrate you.

Participant: What if the U.S. becomes Communist?

R’Kessin: I don’t believe it will become Communist. Communism, as bad as that system might be, it is not as bad as moral depravity. In some colleges, you are forbidden to say “he,” “she,” “him,” or “her.”

Participant: Pelosi says that Capitalism is bad.

R’Kessin: These are flawed humans who G-d has given the ability to rule. G-d is saying: You have tried to destroy My world; I will destroy your country. It’s mida k’neged mida—measure for measure. This is what America deserves. They don’t like to think of themselves this way but, as G-d could say: No! You are debased, depraved. it’s tragic to watch what America has done after many years of doing many good things. And about Israel, it is the Eirev Rav who are being allowed to rule. This is the End. It’s like the last gasp, evil saying: gimme one last shot at it! It is the last hurrah, the last ha’ra—evil. Pun intended.

Participant: Some say this is like what they felt right before the Holocaust.

R’Kessin: It is like 1935, 1936, the slow shift to Totalitarianism. Hitler wrote Mein Kampf in 1923 but it became publicized in 1933 when he became chancellor. From there it was all downhill.

I don’t believe G-d wants to destroy America. This is like the interlude, let them have their fling and I hope Trump gets smart, not allowing this to happen again, underestimating the viciousness, the single-mindedness of evil to destroy him.


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