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Weekly Hashkafa #69: The Structure of the Neshama

Given: 10/11/2021

We have passed parshat---biblical portion “Noach” and are now in parshat Lech L’cha. I want to talk about the concept of the dor ha’flaga---Generation of the Dispersion and how it merged with Avraham avinu---our father. I’ve talked about these ideas before and I want to tie it all together.

Review: Purpose of Creation

We know what the purpose of Creation really is—to change the nature of the material world. I mentioned before that, originally, the world was made of geshem—material, a physical reality. A Satanic substance was added to it called “zoamah,” due to Adam’s sin. That is the problem. The Creation is now saturated with this Satanic substance therefore it is critical to remove it. You cannot purify it; you have to remove it. That is the purpose, the primary one, of the Jewish people. Then, and only then, can the geshem be transformed into a spiritual world. That will occur in the messianic era. It is the era which is equivalent to that of Adam before the sin.

The Jews will be able to finish this mission because the Satan has run out of steam, so to speak. All the power that he had has been removed from him and he is bereft of energy. He just annihilates as a result. The zoamah, that field that surrounds the Satan, is that which enables him to do all the damage he does. This is the central idea of the Jewish task. After the zoamah is gone, G-d does the rest. We need not contribute in any way in terms of merit to the transformation from a physical existence to a more spiritual one. Can you imagine if our merit were the requirement for zikuch—purification from the physical to the spiritual? We’d be stuck for thousands of years.

G-d divided the stages of man into different periods: battle with the Satan, destroy the zoamah; the rest is automatic. Once we complete our job, He does the rest. Thank G-d for that. Our concern is to destroy that aura, so to speak, of the Satan. We destroy it by taking away all the sparks of holiness because everyone needs those sparks to survive. He has it and it empowers him.

The Neshamot---Souls and the Sefirot

What exactly does this, takes back sparks of holiness?—the neshamas--- souls. They are the ones that bring down the energy to remove the zoamah. It is important to know their structure. We know there are the ten sefiros---Divine forces, elementary forces that G-d uses to interface between Himself and everything outside Himself. They are: keter, chochmah, binah, chessed, gevurah, tiferet, netzach, hod, yesod, malchut.

Each of these ten is divided into, and combines with, each of the other ten. For example, the first sefira is called “keter”—crown, and it has ten sub-sefirot, each being subsets of those already named. They can combine in infinite progression. We have only to be concerned with the primary ten.

Of the ten, there are different groupings. The first three: keter, chochma, bina are fundamental and their energies create the Future World. They are incomparable; we have no idea what they are. They are phenomenally powerful. The lower seven, from chesed to malchut, create the realities that we are familiar with. Each sefira creates one day of Creation---seven sefirot, seven days. We are less concerned with the first three which are, in some way, responsible for the realities we encounter, spiritual and physical. We are more concerned with the lower seven, each having subsets of ten. So, altogether, there are seventy responsible for physical reality. We must engage with seventy sefirot.

That being the case, what G-d did was to create one neshama, Adam. Had he not sinned, he could have energized all the sefirot, rectified Creation, and removed all the physicality. But he failed. As a result, G-d took those seventy sefirot, and the neshama of Adam, and divided it into seventy pieces. They are shorashim---roots. Each is connected to one of the seventy sefirot or sub-sefirot. So, there are seventy root souls. Each root soul is connected to 1/70th of that total.

Each root neshama was given to one person. He becomes a root soul that is able to have descendants and each of those descendants, no matter how many there are, is a branch of that root soul. Cumulatively, there are seventy individuals with seventy root souls and each can have descendants like a root of a tree with many branches. No matter how many anafim--- branches there may end up being, all are, nevertheless, connected to that root. Each branch gives rise to more branches but there are only seventy “trees” in the entire field.

The Origin of Culture

This is the structure of the souls that have to bring down the energy of those seventy sefirot. That’s the way it works. How is this relevant to us? We see that there are many nations in the world. In the United Nations, there are 193—and by another reckoning, 230—but are there really that many?—no! There are that many politically, but you can have many that are connected to one root neshama.

For example, the Germanic tribes---there’s Germany, but there is Austria, Poland, different nations that have come from Germany. There’s one Germanic root that gave rise to many nations, many political nations but, spiritually, there is only one.

Each root, together with its branches, is responsible for 1/70th of its sefirot. How do they do it? Each sefira that you’re connected to means you’re connected to a root soul, but each root soul is connected to 1/70th of those sefirot. To bring down the energy of that particular 1/70th, you need to have a certain type situation. That is why we find there are differences among the nations. What most defines a nation?--culture. What is culture? It’s a distinct form of music, art, literature, architecture, cuisine, etc. If you enter a Barnes and Noble book store and go to the “cooking” section, you find that every nation has his own style of cuisine. What accounts for the tremendous variation among cultures?

The nature of the culture is decided by the sefira that it has to rectify. If you take Mexico, for example, it is connected to Spain, and/or South or Central America, culturally. We don’t know the exact identity of each of the seventy nations, but each shoresh---root requires a distinct culture. In Mexico’s case, we’ll call the shoresh “Spanish.” In order to create the proper situation, they do the will of G-d using that peculiar culture thereby bringing down the ohr---Light of that particular sefira.

We don’t know what sefira is connected to what culture. What gives rise to the different cultures is mystically tied to a particular sefira. The shoresh of that nation, connected to that root, is what defines what they are. If you did a study, you would find that there are likely seventy basic cultures. We don’t know the essence of each culture’s root connection to the sefira, but now you understand the origin of culture.

Seventy nations, essentially seventy individuals, all of them together in a cultural configuration, are supposed to bring down everything. That’s the structure of the seventy nations, derived from the original seven. That was the original set-up. If you count all the souls of the Torah portions of “Noach” and “Bereishit”---Book of “Genesis,” they would amount to seventy. Each of these individuals possess 1/70th root soul and kicked off all the descendants, all the branches of the original individuals.

They were supposed to worship G-d utilizing the particular aspects of the culture they possessed. It was to that Generation of the Dispersion at the time of the building of the Tower of Bavel that their final test was administered. Instead of worshipping G-d, they rebelled. So, G-d took the seventy roots of all these nations, these branches of the root souls, and gave them to Avraham.

The Switch

There is a powerful remez—allusion which I’ve mentioned, brought down by B’nei Yisaschor. We know that there are seventy cows/oxen brought on Sukkoth for sacrifice. They represent the seventy root souls connected to the seventy sub-sefiros, that which was transferred from the goyim to the Jews. When Avraham says, “v’anochi afar v’eifer“---I am dust and ashes, he alludes to his singularity: the word “afar” starts with the letter alef---the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet (which has the numerical value of “1”) and “far” alludes to par---cow. Avraham means he was “one oxen/cow,” a singular shoresh, a singular root soul. The “ayin par”---70 cows/oxen (the letter “ayin” being “70”) alludes to the seventy roots that were originally possessed by the seventy nations being switched to Avraham and his descendants.

G-d disconnected the nation from the seventy roots and connected them, instead, to Avraham thereby connecting him and his descendants to all the sefirot. For the seventy nations, this was tragic. They could no longer interface with the seventy sub-sefirot. The only one who could would be Avraham. That is what happened between the biblical portions of “Noach” and “Lech L’cha.” That is what happened with the brit bein ha’betarim---covenant between the parts.

Each of us, as descendants, has one of the seventy. That determines, in many ways, what our job is. For example, if your root is chesed of chesed, that is your specific task, your life. If, however, you’re connected to “gevurah of chesed,” you have a different life because you’re connected to a different sefira. It doesn’t determine your culture; it’s more that your situation becomes a conduit to the sefira you’re connected to. Your root neshama from Avraham determines what your job is. We don’t understand the nature of which situation goes with which sefira, but it determines which job (mission in life) you have, what your unique situation is.

Structural Change in the Configuration of Mankind

The nations’ disconnection means they have no tachlit—purpose at all. If you have no purposeful task that is related to the tikkun of the bria--- rectification of Creation, you don’t exist. You’re annihilated. G-d doesn’t create anything devoid of purpose. If the goyim are purposeless, they should not exist.

But, G-d didn’t want to destroy them so he allowed them to retain one portion of the neshama—Divine soul (which has five parts: nefesh, ruach, neshama, chaya, yechida). They retain the nefesh, a spiritual soul, an appendage of some Jew somewhere. That he is an appendage as such gives the goy the possibility to assist the Jew in some way in bringing down the energy of that sefira. Thus, he can earn eternal life. It’s indirect. That is why the Book of Prophets says that ten goyim will grab onto the hem of the garment of a Jew because it is that connection that allows them to survive. Through the Jew, the goy can have purpose. Their purpose is to assist the Jew, not destroy him, not to hamper or block him. To do so guarantees their own annihilation. To the extent that a goy will assist the Jew---and only G-d knows exactly how and to what measure---that is their merit to survive in the Future World. They can say, “I contributed to the tikkun that this particular Jew I’m connected to did.” G-d elected to give them a purpose.

We see there are two created entities: the Jews who are directly responsible to bring down the energy of the sub-sefiros they’re connected to, and the goyim who are connected to us. The goy need not assist directly. Let’s take, for example, a goy in China who manufactures apparel. The apparel is purchased by a Jew enabling him to go out into the world and do good deeds. That is the goy’s lifeline to the Future World, his eternal life. He need not know you. If he is an upstanding non-Jew, G-d will enable him, in some way, to contribute to some Jew somewhere.

The Pivotal Role of the Jew

This is fundamental; this was a change in the structural configuration of mankind. This is how the Jew is pivotal to the world’s existence and purpose of Creation. It’s not that we’re special or that G-d picked us because He liked the way we look—no! In the merit of Avraham, G-d gave him all the seventy connections. Since we all descend from him---including Yitzchak and Ya’akov---because all three were root souls that Avraham transmitted to them. From them, it was split into twelve (tribes) and from twelve to 600,000, and from that to millions of Jews over the centuries. Each has his chelek---portion, his job to release the energies of the seventy sub-sefiros.

Out of kindness, and because they too are His creation, G-d gave the goyim a way to earn their Future World. Don’t worry; we’re not talking about a consolation prize. Even the lowest state of an individual soul in the Future World is infinitely greater than the highest state in this world. No comparison. Beyond imagination. Imagine what the goy gets, what the Jew gets! The Future World’s existence is unknowable, is nothing like this one.

Can you believe what those anti-Semites are going to get? Someday they will wake up, clamoring, begging, “Don’t annihilate us!” This is what is said in “Gemara Avoda Zara,” that the goyim will try to argue for their having contributed to the Jewish task. There’s a dialogue between the goyim and G-d. They will claim they built roads and bridges, for example, enabling the Jews to enact the tikkun: the Jews travelled over the roads and bridges we built to go to shul, they could say. They beg when they realize that, without a connection, they’re annihilated; it’s over with; they cease to exist. So, G-d gave them a mitzvah, Sukkah, which I went into in my class about Sukkoth. Can you imagine on the great day of judgement---not even really then because that is already the end of the world, end of the messianic era—but when mashiach comes, all the goyim who hate Jews or harmed Jews---and there are so many who do this….they don’t care and think they will get away with it---they will say: there really is a messiah! With this stunning realization, guess what?--- the Jews are at the top of the pile! We see this in the book of “Prophets” where G-d expresses many times, “All the world will know that I dwell amidst the Jewish people.” The goyim will know, as G-d says, “v’shochanti b’socham”---and I dwell in their midst. The Jewish people are the residence of G-d. They will surmise that they’re finished but it won’t help; it will be too late.

You can ask, “How will they know?” and there are many answers to that. One answer is: why do you think the bible is the greatest book every sold, has had the most printings….who hasn’t heard of the bible? I don’t care if you’re Hindu, Sikh, Moslem. Everyone’s heard of the bible. All you have to do is read it, unless you’re a pure idiot! How can you not see what it says, where G-d says to Avraham, “Those that bless you will be blessed and those that curse you will be cursed.” G-d doesn’t make it conditional as if when they’re dead they can curse away! It is clear what G-d’s relationship to the Jews is. Every prophet warns what will happen to goyim. It says who the Jews are in relationship to G-d. Only a moron could deny what it says. Why do you think He made the bible universal? No goy can deny he didn’t know. The bible has been spread to every land in the world. How can a goy deny it! The fact that it is pervasive throughout the planet is the undoing of the goyim. G-d will prove to them that they knew and just didn’t care. You ignored the plight of the Jew. Any idea how many will be condemned?

When the mashiach comes, you are going to see a pachad, the greatest manifestation of fear ever known. You think the pandemic provoked fear? The greatest day of fear will be when mashiach arrives, when they will realize the truth. Not only that, but they will know their contribution to the truth and exactly what they wanted to do to the Jews. They can’t fool G-d, like those idiots who try to make a case for a two-state solution. What do you mean a “two-state solution”? There’s no one to talk to! They hate the Jews. These politician who talk about it; they know full well it is a suicide trip for the Jewish people. Not only that, they know from the Torah that G-d swore that the Land of Israel belongs to the Jews. What are they talking about, a two-state solution? Most people know the great stature of the Jews in the bible. You mean the Arab lands don’t have enough territory to accommodate them? We can’t begin to understand the tragic consequences of all those goyim who’ve despised the Jews. What will they hide behind--- that they didn’t know? As I said, the bible’s truth has pervaded the planet so no goy has an excuse that he didn’t know. What a goy should have done is figure: hey, before I mess around with a Jew, I better find out who this guy is.

I remember reading, years ago, that Bill Clinton had a pastor who was dying and Clinton went to visit him. I want to tell you something---Bill--- the pastor began: “Whatever you do, don’t ‘mess’ with the Jews!” This is what he told Clinton and, of course, Clinton messed with the Jews. He allowed Arafat to do terrible things, to kill Jews. And Clinton, did nothing. He didn’t even protest. Who knows what this guy will get? G-d is paying the Clintons back now, in this world. Because Clinton does have some claim---he did do some good things--- rather than get the Future World, he’s getting paid now with kovod---honor, money, hundreds of millions of dollars, him and Hillary. It is no accident that they have all they’ve amassed. They have no claim to the Future World. Amazing how right the pastor was!

Imagine you go to India or Africa on some kind of safari. You decide to make money by stealing lion cubs and selling them to a zoo. Seems a great idea. You break away and hunt for lion cubs. You come upon lion cubs, alone, without the mother lion around. This is phenomenal, you think. You go over, slowly, and begin to put each cub in a sack---all of them yelping---when, about to leave, all of a sudden, you see the great male lion a few feet from you. You realize, you’re finished. This is the analogy. All these people with their two-state solution, the Holocaust, trying to destroy the Jews, it’s all anti-Semitism in the end. When you have Congress trying to pass laws that will harm the Jewish people, they have no idea what they’re doing. They’re thinking they will get away with it because the mother lion isn’t there.

But when the mashiach comes, that is the mother lion looking at them. What do you think he’ll do? That man is dinner. They don’t understand. The goyim are accustomed to being supreme. At the time of Avraham avinu---our father, there was no such thing as a Jew. That came later. G-d took away the root souls and gave them all to Avraham. Someday that will be manifest; that’s why the Jews must always number “seventy.” In fact, when the Jews went to Egypt, there were only 69 neshamot. When Ya’akov went down, the Torah recounts who each one was. They were about to enter Egypt with only 69 when, suddenly, Yocheved, Moshe’s mother, was born “between the walls.”

Why must there be seventy? Those are the seventy that took over from the twelve tribes, that took over from the three patriarchs, that took over from the seventy nations whose roots souls---called “Yisrael”---were taken from them and given to Avraham. The “Yisrael” is someone whose soul can affect tikkun because it has a neshama that’s connected to the sefirot. It changed YIsrael into what is/was called “Ivri”---Hebrew.

This is the greatest transition ever known, from all mankind being connected to the shorashim, to the 70 sub-sefiros, each with its individual culture. Now you understand the origin of every culture. The Jews took over everything.

That is why all the cultures of the world that resulted from the take-over can be subdivided in two: Esav/Edom who took over 35, and Ishmael who also took over 35. From the entire world, it ultimately settled into Edom (Esav/Edom is Jewish) and settled into Ishmael. This is why the Jews who’ve taken over those seventy have to go and travel and reside in these two nations.

Ishmael is the Sephardim which is why they are divided distinctly into two different cultures: one is the culture of Middle East taking the form of the Arabs, the origin of the Sepahardic Jews, also of Spain, which, in Hebrew, is “Sefarad.” The other half of the Jews are Ashkenazim which is Germany which is Edom/Esav.

This explains why the Jews have to be in one of these two because, collectively, the Sepharadim had the culture of the Middle Eastern and Asiatic people. Therefore, the Jews have to be exiled among these people in order to adapt that culture which is uniquely aligned to bring down the energy of 35 of those sefiros. Similarly, The Ashkanazim, living principally in Europe, offer the Jews access to those energies of those sefirot.

There are, of course, subdivisions within these such as, within the Sephardic culture: Syrians, Moroccans, Egyptians, Turks, etc. We don’t know the meaning for the subdivision but when you add it all together, these are the Asiatic nations. Same with the Ashkenazim. There are cultural subdivision with, for example, Jews from Germany, France, England, Poland, etc. They are all Esav nonetheless.

The divisions within and among the cultures provide the Jews access to the sefirot that they can operate within to do the tikkun of the sefirot. In the End of Time, there is no more necessity for these distinctions. The roots defined among the varying cultures within the divide will no longer need rectifying. There will only be “the Jew.”

For many years, the body of the Jewish people was Sepharadic. What started in Africa migrated to Spain. Before then, it was Israel, Babylon, and, from there, to Africa, Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon, and so on. From there, they went to Spain until they were booted out in 1492 and then went to Gemrany, France, hen eastward to Poland, eastern Europe, Russia, then getting booted out of most of these.

Due to these migrations, the tikkun is being completed. That is why the Jews have been divided into these two unique cultures. The main idea is that this was a manifestation of the shift in the tikkun of the bria. We, the Jewish people have taken it over. G-d says to Avraham, “In you will be blessed all the nation of the earth.” Why? Is this because it’s a reward?---to some extent. But the real reasons is because Avraham and his descendants were given the task of tikkun on all seventy sub-sefirot, so their energy can descend; that is the greatest thing for the whole world, the descent of the Divine Presence. This is why “those who curse you will be cursed.” Those who try to block you, cut off their nose despite their face. If the Jew can’t do the tikkun, it’s not only the Jew that suffers, it’s the entire universe, including planet Earth. They do not understand that the blessings of the world can ONLY come through the Jew. The root of all blessing is in the energy, might, holiness of the sefirot, that conduit for the ein sof---without end (G-d prior to any manifestation of any creation of the spiritual or physical realms). When they constantly try to block the Jews from having Eretz Yisrael—and they know what they’re doing….just think of all the enemies of the Jewish people! They know what the repercussions would be if the Jews have to give up land to the murderous Arabs. You can’t live side-by-side with those who want to wipe you out, destroy you.

Someday that will all end. I’ll tell you one thing: the wail that will arise from the nations of the world, from each one when they realize what they did and that they are doomed….. I wish the world would wake up and realize what the pastor told Clinton, “Don’t mess with the Jews.” They have no idea what the Jews’ position is, what the Jewish influence is in heaven. It’s like the guy stealing the lion cubs. You don’t want to turn around and you realize you are about to become his dinner.

That concepts of “Lech L’cha” is one of the greatest metamorphoses to befall mankind, to take away mankind’s ability to do tikkun, to take it away but not entirely. As I said, they still have a purpose, to help the Jew fulfill G-d’s commandments. There are some goyim who understand this, some Christian sects. We now understand the fundamental change in mankind’s history.

Q & A

Participant: When mashiach comes, will we speak Sephard or Ashkenaz Hebrew?

R’Kessin: It won’t matter because those designations will no longer be relevant. What will be revealed to us is which culture revealed which sefira. We, who are the neshamot, are part and parcel of Avraham avinu, Yitzchak, and Yaa’kov. Then Ya’akov split into 12 neshamas who split into the seventy that went to Egypt. Then the seventy split into 600,000 “sparks” which split into the millions of Jews, all of whom are based on the original “trees” of which there are only seventy roots connections. The amount of neshamot, as they are ordered and configured, and to which “tree” each is connected determines one’s life situation—that is what will be revealed.

Participant: Was there ever a time in history that any of the mekubalim---Kabbalah masters were able to tell which tree you were connected to in order to tell what your purpose is, your job?

R’Kessin: I imagine there were. The Ari (Arizal) certainly could. They could look at you and feel to which root you belonged---certainly, in the time of the neva’im---prophets.

Participant: Then why weren’t they able to do the tikkun if they had these conduits guiding them in the proper way? Now we have zero.

R’Kessin: True, but now we don’t have to know. G-d directs us. That is what leads to the successes and failures of a person, what he does and where he goes. If He doesn’t, you’re correct; we won’t know what to do and then our existence is pointless and we can’t do our task. That is what it says in “Uva l’Zion”: We don’t want to work for nothing nor be born for nothing.” G-d certainly doesn’t want that, so he directs what we have to do. It’s nice to know so you can hurry it up. Sometimes we go in a direction that wasn’t meant for us and we find out it’s not working so why do we have to go through that trial and error instead of going straight to it? So, G-d directs everybody. G-d is our GPS. it’s not “global positioning system;” it’s “G-d positioning system.” G-d positions all of us internally as to what we’re supposed to do. So, don’t lose sleep over the fact that we don’t have anybody to tell us what to do.

Participant: Once the mashiach comes, will it still matter what sefira we are connected to? If the tikkun is done, will it matter?

R’Kessin: When the mashiach comes---not ben Yosef, ben David---it’s over! All the energy of the sefirot that we needed to bring down to remove the zoamah has been brought down and that’s why the Satan dies. Mashiach ben David kills the Satan, but whether he kills him or changes him, he annihilates the entire phenomenon called “evil”---No death, no evil, no deterioration. Only success. Whatever you touch will be incredibly successful with almost no effort. What stops you now are the kitrugim---prosecutions (in the heavenly tribunal), kapporah---atonement, onesh---punishment, yessurin---suffering. That’s what blocks everything, those aspects of justice called “correction.” It will be all gone, will have been accomplished. In the time of ben David it is the closest thing to Utopia. What it really is, is Gan Eden in physical form. After ben David comes, and it’s the beginning of t’chiat ha’meitim---resurrection of the dead, Gan Eden disappears. You don’t need it. All the neshamot will have arisen from the dead so for what do you need Gan Eden? This is Gan Eden. This earth will become the Gan Eden that Adam ha’Rishon lived in. We don’t really know the beauty of Gan Eden. But what we’ll have will be even better. The one we will have arisen into will be devoid of concealment of the shechina---Divine Presence. In Adam’s Gan Eden, G-d was concealed in order for Adam ha’Rishon to have his test. The Gan Eden we restore to what it was before the sin will be flawless, absolutely flawless.

Participant: Will mashiach (ben Yosef) help us know what sefira we were connected to?

R’Kessin: He is the one who is the transition, the one who has to bring it. If you want a mashul—example for that, ben Yosef is like the obstetrician. He brings the baby into the world. The pediatrician is the guy after it’s born. That is why ben Yosef has such a difficult job. He has to contend with evil. He has to fight them and it’s a tremendous battle because evil won’t give up.

It’s like Pharoah going after the Jews even after they were released. Of course, G-d let them go after the Jews for the purpose of destroying the Egyptian army and Egypt. The Mashiach ben Yosef has to contend and destroy evil and see to the transition. I mentioned before that the Third Beis ha’Mikdash---Holy Temple is built in the time of Mashiach ben Yosef because it is part of the instrument to bring back the Jews. It is part of the inducement. His period of time is glorious, the changes that will happen! Can you imagine living during the time of Egypt and witnessing the makot—the blows, (also referred to as “calamities,” and “plagues”)? It was violations of nature over and over. An entire sea having turned into blood!? This was real blood. Even the Red Cross could take from this blood. And we know that the ten plagues was miniscule compared to what Mashiach ben Yosef will do to the world. We will have the same concept of the ten plagues in the time of Mashiach ben Yosef. That is how he will battle with the nations of the world. We cannot imagine what that is but it’s Egypt squared, cubed.

The problem is that we must endure this terrible time of suffering because din-judgment, justice must be satisfied. G-d has to make the Jews worthy. This is the problem. That is why it gets terrible. We’re watching it. We’re watching crazy people---in America---people refusing to acknowledge gender. A guy can make believe he’s a woman and a woman can make believe she is a man! And you can’t even address them as “him” or “her.” They can go after you in court. It’s insane, like walking into an asylum and realizing that the inmates have taken over the asylum. You can’t make this stuff up. It’s irrational. And what we are watching isn’t even sinning. That’s the least of it. It’s not even immorality. It’s insanity. It is the destruction of rationality. We never dreamed this could be, a breakdown in civilization, the rationality of man. And it is hard to believe how quickly America capitulated to this. It shows you what the End is all about. But just hang in.

Participant: I read an article about a shul that needed a tenth man to comprise a minyan so a transgender walked in and they considered her ok to make the minyan. And they’re saying that the Israeli army is starting to put education of Jesus into their curriculum.

R’Kessin: Christianity? Wow! You should know, these (developments) are the ultimate rebellion against G-d. It’s like people saying to G-d, “Jump in the lake!” In many ways it’s the dor ha’flaga once again to rebel against G-d and overthrow Him.

Participant: Where do the mandates fall into this, the control like going back to how the Holocaust began, stripping us of our freedom….where does this fall in the Divine Agenda thing? Right now, that is the contraction, where the pressure is the most.

R’Kessin: It’s, in many ways, a measure-for-measure because what kicked this off? I once spoke about this. It is the LGBTQ movement which is the destruction of civilization. That is what signed the decree of the mabul---Flood. G-d is saying, you want to destroy my civilization? Guess what? I’m going to release those who want to destroy civilization, empower them to be successful to do what they want to do. G-d has unleashed the monster himself. I will show you what it takes to destroy civilization, G-d could say. They can’t be successful unless G-d enables them to be. He doesn’t care what they want. Only G-d can allow them to do it. So, there is a certain amount of time that He gives them their free will. Now, He’s not allowing them to decide. He’s empowered them to take over America and it won’t stop here. In ten years, mothers would be able to marry their sons, brothers their sisters. This is the slippery slope to doom and an onesh---punishment. But it starts with man’s decision to destroy civilization.

This is just like it was near the end with the mabul. G-d said: Enough! I will give you 120 years to get your act together, and they didn’t after which G-d said enough is enough. When Noach closed the door to the tevah---ark, it was the end. G-d wiped out the planet. Can you imagine the utter destruction? We think it was just water but there could have been earthquakes, volcanos, who knows? There are machloket---intellectual disagreements that the stars, sun, and moon stopped functioning. We don’t know the pervasiveness of what happened.

Mankind, America---the beacon in the world---has decided to pursue a direction ending civilization. G-d responds: Is that the way you want to go? Then, it’s over. G-d decided to press the restart button which is, today, mashiach. You are witnessing the End of Time. America is not going to change. We know that. The Supreme Court has decided to endorse LGBTQ-plus. There’s no going back, to retract to what the crazy Anthony Kennedy did. They have no idea what’s going to happen to them because they initiated this destruction. The good news is that the only answer is mashiach. That is why we are on a downward slide. The bad news is that we have to watch this craziness. It will end someday. That end will not just be the cessation of the evil, but its overturn. That’s the difference.


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