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The Ari Louis Show - Episode #15 - Rabbi Mendel Kessin

Date: June 29, 2022

Ari L: Welcome to another episode of the Ari Louis Show and thank you for joining us. Our guest today is a well-known lecturer throughout Israel and the United States. He has been heard on Arutz Sheva, Israel News Talk Radio, and on his YouTube Channel as well: Rabbi Mendel Kessin.

R’Kessin: Thank you.

Ari L: We know this is a strange and unique government never having had Arabs in the coalition before nor a prime minister who walks around so publicly with a kippah, but it looks like it’s coming to an end and we’re headed toward elections. I want to get your thoughts about the government lasting as long as it has. We had Dr. Mordechai Kedar on the show who didn’t think it would last two or three months, nonetheless a year. What do you see, moving forward?

R’Kessin: The problem people have is that they see what’s going on politically but they don’t understand the dynamics of the process from the standpoint of the Divine Agenda. It’s like—I use this as an example—a three-star general that goes with his nephew to a restaurant and they’re talking about the Vietnam War. The nephew, who’s a news reporter for the New York Times, says, “I never understood what the military strategy was—this battle, that battle….” The general laughs.

The nephew inquires why he’s laughing. The general says, “Your problem is that you read the accounts of the war in the newspapers and you think the newspapers know what they’re talking about; they don’t. Here’s what I’ll do. Since you’re my nephew, I’ll take you to the Pentagon and we’re gonna go down five floors to the war-room.”

They go to the Pentagon, exit the elevator, arriving at the war-room. They see an enormous map full of push-pins indicating locations. The nephew examines the map and exclaims, “A-hah! Now I understand. This battle over here wasn’t the ultimate objective; it was a diversion so something else could happen!”

What does this mean? What are the inner dynamics of the war? What’s the real purpose? You only know if you go into the war-room. To understand the real purpose of the war, you have to see the map in the war-room, not read the New York Times. The army isn’t going to reveal the real strategies there. You think you know the reasons for what’s happening but you don’t consider that G-D rules the world and everything has an outcome based on His Divine Plan. If you don’t know the Divine Plan, you don’t know what’s really going on and why. You have to have that knowledge. You’re looking at what everyone is looking at--observations. They don’t understand what’s going on. I’ll give you an example, like the question you just asked. Ask your question again.

Ari L: What do you see happening looking forward with the election and are you surprised that the government has lasted this long?

R’Kessin: No. You don’t understand why the government even exists in this fashion. (Once that’s established) you can ask how long it will exist for its purpose but if you don’t know the purpose of its existence, then it’s a question that can’t be answered. Until you know why this type of government was allowed by G-D to exist, the question can’t be answered. There’s only one vote that counts--- G-D’s. Everyone else just goes along for the show. It’s a sideshow. Nobody understands that.

That’s the question; why does G-D want a government of anti-religious people?—and it was. It was the worst government in the history of the nation, among them Kahana, Lapid, Lieberman, Bennett--all these characters. Why did G-D allow them to rule His people?

The Jews are not just “people.” They are the princes. The whole world stands on their ability to rectify Creation. Why has He allowed these people of such evil intent to rule over His children? That is the question you must ask. Once you get that answer, you can ask how long the current decree will last. When will its purpose be fulfilled? It’s a whole different understanding and an entirely different way of thinking.

Ari L: So, the question is “what’s the purpose?”.

R’Kessin: Yes. A-ha! Now we’re getting to it, to the proper way of looking at it. As a Torah-observant Jew who believes that G-D runs the world, that’s the form the question has to take. Got it?

A.L.: Yes!

R’Kessin: So now the answer--are you ready for this?

A.L.: Yes!

R’Kessin: It’s a little long-winded, but it will pay off.

There’s a gemara in “Sanhedrin” that says the following: First, it says that the Messiah Son of David will only come under one of two circumstances: either all the Jewish people are sinning or they’re all righteous. That’s an astounding gemara! I can understand if they are all righteous because they are all meritorious. But you’re gonna tell me that he comes because they’re all sinning? Does that make sense?

Ari L: Not really.

R’Kessin: The gemara is revealing a profound secret. What is that secret? When the world reaches that point where all are meritorious, all are righteous because the Jewish people will have done the tikkun and “brought G-D back” having done all the mitzvos however long it takes, it is their meritorious acts that will have brought the messiah. But what if everybody is sinning—not all—but the majority?

The messiah comes! One could exclaim: wow! That doesn’t look like a heavy punishment to me! The answer is very important. When all the Jews are sinning, the world has entered the level of zohama—spiritual pollution, distortion, corruption at the 49th level of tumah—impurity. That’s the lowest level you can get to.

G-D reacts: wait a minute! If the world drops to the 50th level, bad news! The world cannot sustain itself at the 50th level of zohama, tumah—impurity. Therefore, G-D would say: I’m gonna press the restart button. It’s so close to the end that I gotta end this. Makes sense.

When did that happen?--the mabul--Flood. The world was so corrupted, so evil, had reached such a destructive level of civilization that G-D said: I have to press the restart button. If they fall into the 50th level, society can’t exist. It was overwhelmingly homosexual, as I’ve said. What sealed the fate of the world at the time of Noach? As it says, if a man would marry a man or an animal, he’d have to write a kesuba—a marriage contract recognizing the legal obligation of one party to the other party. Are they crazy! It’s like in a regular marriage, things like: you must live with your wife and…

Ari L: ….if you seek a divorce you have to….

R’Kessin: Exactly. That type of decree will destroy civilization. G-D decided to press the restart button. It’s a very important concept.

When was the next time the world, the Jewish world, reached that level of “mem-tes sha’arei tumah”—49th level of impurity?

Ari L: Mitzraim.

R’Kessin: Correct. Egypt. The Jews were “kulam chayavim”—all-sinning. They would have fallen into the 50th gate and been irredeemable. As we know, when that happens, G-D must press the restart button. How? He didn’t destroy them. He did it with mashiach. The mashiach is the restart button to end the whole program. Who was that?—Moshe rabbeinu—our teacher. He was, specifically, Mashiach ben Yosef. Amazing! That’s why the redemption happened. It was because of the concept of “kulam chayavim.”

Here's the problem; the Satan says: wait a minute! I understand that the Jews are sinning terribly with avoda zara—idol worship and all that and have fallen to the 49th level and I understand you want to restart it all over again, but you can’t restart it with the messiah! The messianic era is an unbelievable era of unbelievable benefit! This is not justice! They don’t deserve it!

It’s like a guy who robs banks left and right and he’s murdering people and the government says, “We really like what you’re doing. We’re gonna give you one hundred million dollars as a reward.” Excuse me!—what?

G-D’s response to the Satan whose job it is to defend justice is: you’re right. I have to make them suffer so severely that it will raise the bar, level out and satisfy justice. That is why, as soon as Moshe came, Pharoah decreed that they would have to gather their own straw at night. That means the Jews are busy making bricks during the day and gathering straw at night throughout Egypt. They didn’t have flashlights! Imagine what it takes to search for straw in the middle of the night, all night. They suffered like this for months. It was an incredible intensification of punishment. That satisfied justice. Then, when satisfied, G-D told Moshe: Okay, wipe them out! Now they deserved the messianic process.

That’s the logic of why the gemara says that, at that level of sinning is when Mashiach ben David comes, the messiah comes. Fabulous!

Ari L: One thing I want to bring up with you is, about a year ago, I had a guest on the show, Rabbi Tovia Singer. He’s not in favor of people trying to predict when mashiach comes but there are big rabbis who’ve done this throughout history. What do you think about it being permissible to bring up this idea about the messiah coming soon, giving dates like after shmitah, Sukkoth, that kind of thing? What do you think about that?

R’Kessin: You shouldn’t give a definitive time; that’s wrong. In truth, nobody knows. There are only two people in history who knew the definite time, Ya’akov avinu who didn’t reveal it because the Divine spirit left him, and Daniel. As we read in the book of Daniel, the angels told him “in times, and times and a half,” whatever that means; that’s a code. Only these two knew when he’s really coming at the end of the tikkun process. You’re always going to be wrong. If he doesn’t come on that day, everyone becomes despondent and says, “Eh, he’s not coming. Let’s give it up.” You can predict when mashiach is likely to come because we’ve entered the times that are predicted before his coming. The gemara in “Sota” and “Sanhendrin” both speak about what things will look like at the End of Time. They don’t say when he’ll come. They describe the climate that will precede when it will happen. That we’re allowed to do. Right now, it looks like that climate that was predicted before he comes. That’s permitted.

Besides, there’s a Zohar that says the following: tchias ha’meisim—resurrection of the dead will occur 210 years before the End of Time. The End of Time is the year 6000/2240. If you subtract 210 years, that’s when the resurrection happens--2030. That’s less than eight years from now. Resurrection occurs after Mashiach ben David. He must come first. Then comes tchias ha’meisim and that continues for 210 years. Each person gets up at his time. They don’t all get up at the same time. Before that, you have Mashiach ben Yosef, right? So, we are really, according to the Zohar, less than eight years away.

The Gemara brings a proof, a Talmud “Yerushalmi,” masechte “maiser sheini” …..that the third and final Beis ha’Mikdash will be built before Mashiach ben David arrives. We’re right up against it. Based on that and the acceleration of the process going on today, it’s an account that parallels what it says in the Gemara about that climate. We’re in that climate.

Ari L: that climate…give some examples.

R’Kessin: Certain things have to happen before he comes. I told you one, that justice has to be satisfied. The world is reaching that 49th level of degradation, corruption. On June 26th 2015, the Supreme Court issued a law that you cannot discriminate against same-sex marriage. Isn’t that a legalization of homosexuality, the conditions similar to that which existed when the Flood happened? This is it! You can’t overturn what’s constitutional unless the state legislatures, majorities, change it which they’re not going to do. So, it comes out that we’re replicating exactly the time of the mabul—Flood when G-D pressed the restart button. What was the button then? He wiped the world out. It’s either that or bring the mashiach. This issuance of that judgment by the Supreme Court is like the conditions before the Flood. America is going bonkers with sexual perversions and deviations. You can determine your biological sex? I don’t want to go into all the insane ideas; watching one’s pronouns, getting kicked out of school (for not abiding by their guidelines for pronoun use). It’s an Alice-in-Wonderland land.

What was the restart button? It’s something that has to happen before the mashiach comes. What was it? Edom will do teshuva—acts of penitence. Who is Edom?--Trump.

Trump is really a messianic figure of the goyim, of Edom. You had Ya’akov (Jacob) and his brother, Esav. Esav became Edom. Edom, the Gemara says, became Rome. Rome became Christianity. Christianity became Western Civilization which is divided into three parts: America is one part, the best part of Edom, called the “tov she’b’Esav”—the good aspect of Esav. Trump came down that escalator ten days before the court issued their edict on that law. He declared his candidacy—I don’t want to go into the whole thing.

One thing that G-D promises is that Esav, the originator of Edom, will repent and assist Ya’akov to do the tikkun—rectification of Creation. About a month after Trump declared his candidacy, I realized: Hey! This is the restart button! Esav is doing teshuva. Trump was the greatest president in terms of the assistance of Israel. That was the restart button. That only happens (soon) before the mashiach comes. Edom, Esav does teshuva. Trump, who even has red hair, wears a red tie, was Esav doing teshuva.

All Trump’s detractors object, saying: Trump does teshuva? He’s this; he’s that, but they don’t understand something. Trump has many of the characteristics of Esav but there is one he does not have, and that’s his teshuva. Esav was a fraud, a baal gaiva—a “master” of arrogance and a baal taiva—pleasure-seeker, marrying women he stole. He was dishonest, was the imposter. An example is when he posed the rhetorical question about making a tithe on salt—all that stuff. Trump—I’m not going into his characteristics—is an honest guy. He has integrity. That’s the mida—trait that enables the teshuva. His candidacy happened ten days before that edict of the Supreme Court. The timing is impeccable. It’s astounding that this happened ten days before the court took up the case again and decided.

What’s the problem? The way G-D wants to end everything is by starting, accelerating, the messianic process. But what was the problem when Moshe came to take the Jews out? They didn’t deserve it so G-D had to intensify their suffering. That is when I realized something; I was constantly, assuredly saying, “This is what’s happening” but then I realized that—wait a minute!—G-D wants to take out Trump and make the whole world suffer terribly, right? So, who did G-D pick?—the worst president in US history, Biden.

One could have thought: you can’t win against Trump. The economy is incredible! Trump was one of the greatest presidents in terms of what he’d done for the United States. Forget about his “character” but, instead, look at his competence! How can they kick out Trump? He’s fabulous. You want to put in Biden? It’ll never go.

G-D could say: watch what I do! What did G-D do?

Ari L: Covid!

R’Kessin: Yes, Covid! Covid allowed Biden to campaign from his basement so nobody knew what a buffoon the guy is. He was concealed behind Covid. Not only that, Biden was able to blame Trump for a failing economy. There’s the signature. Covid allowed mail-in ballots which allowed fraud. Covid allowed Biden to get in. What would that serve? Biden is an incredible candidate!

What’s G-D’s main requirement?—the satisfaction of justice before He brings mashiach so He chose Biden. He kicked out Trump and brought in Biden. How does Biden increase suffering? Biden’s reputation fulfilled what G-D wanted, someone really stupid. Why?—so he’d be the puppet of the Democratic Party; that’s the evil of Esav. That’s why he’s president, to be manipulated and can make America suffer. He’s destroying America. Gas is five dollars a gallon, the borders are over-run, crime is everywhere; it’s incredible to watch! America is falling apart because G-D satisfies justice. Right now, G-D is on a campaign to destroy America but He won’t. It will continue for a certain amount of time and then Trump will come back and resume the process which will continue to the End.

One more thing: just like G-D has to satisfy justice by intensifying pain to America, He must allow the Eirev Rav, those Jews who want to destroy Judaism, to rule.

Justice complained: The Jews are sinning so why shouldn’t “my guys” (the Eirev Rav) take over?

G-D said: okay. That’s why these guys have been allowed to lead the Jewish people. Same thing as in America. It’s amazing, the simultaneity of it, American and Israel both falling apart. It’s about satisfying justice. The important thing to watch is how they’re both collapsing. That’s the purpose.

If they’re collapsing, it means that justice is being satisfied, just like in Egypt. When the suffering ended, Moshe turned around and there was blood all over the place—the ten makos—blows, plagues. That’s exactly what’s happening in the world, in America which is Edom and the Eirev Rav in Israel. Both are suffering and collapsing. Biden’s rating is down 35%.

Ari L: I can’t believe it was that high!

R’Kessin: Yeah, I know! The funny thing is the 35%. Are these guys crazy? Gas at five dollars a gallon? They’re all masochists.

Ari L: Maybe they’re related to him or something.

R’Kessin: It’s not that they like Biden; it’s that they hate Trump so much.

Ari L: When you were talking about Trump running, many thought it was a political stunt. You didn’t think that? You knew he was going to win?

R’Kessin: I figured it out. Most people don’t know that Esav does teshuva; that’s the problem. Despite Esav’s evil, the prediction, the prophecy says, “rav ya’avod tzair”—the elder will serve the younger. Despite Esav sinning, the elder does serve the younger. As Yitzchak said, when the Jews sin, you will punish them. You are doing the job of kapporah for Ya’akov and his descendants. Eventually, as the prophecy says, Esav will, eventually, return to his original role, to help Ya’akov do the tikkun. That’s teshuva. That’s why that has to happen before.

Ari L: There are those who might think you’re crazy for thinking Trump is coming back.

R’Kessin: Later, people began to figure it out. It was about a month later that I realized that I couldn’t keep this to myself. Trump was running against sixteen guys…

Ari L: …high-ranking Republicans.

R’Kessin: …guys with real name recognition and everyone thought, this is great! This is comic relief. But I knew because I could feel it. When you talk about Trump, you have to look past his flaws. Looking at him without bias, you can feel his honesty. There was an interview I heard on the radio and he was being interviewed by a woman--I don’t recall her name—and she asked him what would happen if he won. It would affect his businesses. He’d have to disconnect from his businesses due to conflict of interest. She wondered why he’d want to do that.

He answered and I felt his essence. He posed it as a question, that he’d accomplished a tremendous amount but, were he to win the presidency, how much could he do for America. When he said that, he was saying what he felt. That’s teshuva. He really wanted to help America, which he did. That’s why he was a great president. That’s why he’s chosen, for that and other reasons. I hope he’s an incarnation of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, a gigul—reincarnation. I’ve gone into that and that’s another understanding of who Trump is.

Ari L: Is this part of the reason so many hated him, all the talk shows ripping on him?

R’Kessin: Yes! We’ve been seeing something that never happened before in American history. People hated him with a visceral hatred. They didn’t just disagree with his policies—no, no, no. It was much more than that. It’s like the mongoose that hates the cobra. They are bitter, natural enemies. As soon as they look at each other they want to kill each other. These people hate Trump viscerally.

You can explain it as Trump being a defiant person, not listening to anyone, intending to do what he wants. That’s the greatest threat to the establishment. He’s gonna knock them over. He’s not afraid of anybody. He’s got billions of dollars so he doesn’t care what they think. That’s part of why they hate him.

The other reason they hate him is because, as we come to the End, the Satan is dying. As we get closer to the messianic era, the Satan is losing his—I don’t want to get into all this now—losing his strength, losing his power. Therefore, the Satan must get the Jews to sin or else he won’t make it. The Satan derives his power from the sins of the Jews. It’s called being “yonek”-- nourished by the sins of the Jews. He “eats” from their sins. When a Jew sins, the Satan can take the Divine flow for himself. When the Jew sins, the Satan can “eat” from the holiness the Jews bring down. When the Jew does a mitzvah, the Divine energy, the “shefa” goes to the Jew. When the Jew sins, whatever kedusha—holiness the Satan would have derived from that, goes to the nations of the world instead. It’s an incredible mechanism. That’s the mechanism that defines all of human history.

At the End of Time, the energy the Satan has, that holiness, has to be given back to the side of the Jewish people. Therefore, the Satan is dying so he must get everybody to sin, especially the Jews. What does he do? He gets the evil of Esav, represented by the Democratic Party, Obama, and all those guys, and uses them to stop the possibility that the Jews ever reign supreme. Trump is the greatest enemy of the Satan. That’s who he really is. He wants to help the Jews do the tikkun, stop the Arabs, give the land back. Trump gives legitimacy to the Jews: the Golan, Jerusalem, the whole country! The Satan has to stop him. He doesn’t want the Jews to recapture their religion so he’s got to stop Trump.

How does the Satan stop Trump?—by influencing people, using his power as the yetzer ha’ra—evil inclination. He gets into your mind, your psyche, presenting arguments. He’s entered the psyche of America and all those people who hate Trump. Their hatred is satanic! The Satan is seducing them to hate Trump. It’s an obsession. It's psychotic. It doesn’t make sense. You want to argue against his policies, okay. But why do you hate the guy so much? They’d prefer Biden with five-dollar gas, crime all over the place, energy depletion, etc. They’d rather have Biden! What explains this? Trump is a weapon against the establishment but the real reason is that it’s satanic. You’re seeing the Satan actively trying to destroy Trump. Even after he was no longer president, they’re still going after him!

When does their hatred stop? It doesn’t stop because he’s going to become president in 2024. The Satan still has to do his campaign. I have to stop him and not only just before. I have to stop him from being a candidate in 2024! It’s a non-stop temptation in the mind, in the psyche of the evil of Edom, of America, to destroy Trump. The same campaign continues. It’s satanic. The Satan and his power of the yetzer ha’ra is able to enter the psyche of the “never Trumpers” or whoever. The yetzer ha’ra is incredible, right? It’s: we hate Trump. It’s all bizarre and it’s not actual.

Ari L: Trump doing teshuva was his visit to the Kotel soon after he became president about five years ago and there’s that midrash about Esav’s head falling at the feet of Ya’akov in his kever--tomb in the Machpela.

R’Kessin: Exactly! That’s the sign of teshuva. But it’s even more than that. One of the animals that represents Esav is the chazer—pig and it becomes kosher in the messianic era. That’s also teshuva. There you are!

Ari L: Trump is supposed to assist Esav to do teshuva. Wasn’t Obama supposed to help the Muslims to do teshuva?

R’Kessin: Yes, I say that. Obama was chosen because, not only does Esav do teshuva, Ishmael also does it and did do teshuva. Esav almost did it. Esav almost did teshuva when he met Ya’akov and he kissed him instead of killing him.

Ari L: (The rabbi mistakenly said that it was Trump who almost did teshuva so Ari corrects him and adds): You mean “Esav”—Freudian slip.

R’Kessin: Yeah, the rabbis say that he allowed Yitzchak to go first (when burying Avraham avinu). So, Ishmael does teshuva also at the End of Time. That’s what’s happening with The Abraham Accords. That is Ishmael doing teshuva.

Ari L: Mohammad bin Salman is good friends with Jared Kushner.

R’Kessin: Mohammad bin Salman really wants to get together with Israel except his father, the king, is still looking out for the Palestinians. This is why we see a change in the Arab world. They recognize that Israel is not the enemy; it’s Iran that’s the enemy and the Palestinians just gum up the works. Eventually they will all come back to Israel. They need Israel, technologically. They’re begging for Israel’s tech. The water…

Ari L: …desalination technology…

R’Kessin: Yeah, Israel’s got it all. These guys are backward 500 years. Ishmael is doing teshuva and the Abraham Accords are unbelievable. Nobody expected this. Interesting is that Trump should have gotten the Nobel Prize but he didn’t--of course not. The Satan will make sure he can’t get it.

Ari L: There’s a show, the John Albert show, which does a lot about Trump and, years ago, when Trump mentioned that Jared Kushner was to be in charge of making peace in the Middle East, they made fun of him making it sound as though Kushner was not that smart, but he’s a brilliant man. That’s part of the satanic energy, to make Jared Kushner look he’s a buffoon.

R’Kessin: Everybody associated with Trump the Satan will go after. That’s what’s happening with January 6th, right? It’s absolutely absurd. It’s to stop Trump in 2024. The whole thing makes no sense (otherwise). There was no insurrection. There weren’t even any guns in the place. How can you have an insurrection without weapons? Even Trump himself said, I want you to have 10,000 National Guard guys. You mean that, if you were planning an insurrection, you’d invite 10,000 National Guardsmen? It’s obvious. Are these guys fools? They’re all fools and they don’t care what the emes—truth is.

The real bezoim--despicable thing isn’t even them. It’s not Pelosi or Schumer. You know who really comes out looking bad?—the American people. How do you put up with this stupidity? Is this justice?—of course not. The man (Trump) wanted to have 10,000 National Guardsmen; everybody knows that. It’s documented! Pelosi was the one who turned it down. Everybody sees what’s fair and right. No guns? It was a riot, not an insurrection. The intent is obvious. They want to besmirch the man, to prevent him from becoming president in 2024. You can’t believe the fear they have of Trump.

Ari L: You insist that he is going to be president in 2024?

R’Kessin: I don’t insist anything. I’m nobody to insist anything. I feel and predict that he will be there. Why? Trump will continue what was stopped in order to satisfy justice. Same thing with Moshe rabbeinu. He was the mashiach. He went to Pharoah; Pharoah told him: get lost! It became much worse for the Jewish people and then, when the time came that justice was satisfied, G-D turned to Moshe who was the messiah and said: okay, your time has come; wipe em out! And he did.

Ari L: In 2020, we definitely, at bare minimum, saw some strange things with the election results. In Michigan, Trump was up 700,000 votes and, all of a sudden, that went away. How could that be fixed next time?

R’Kessin: You need to have active supervision, first of all. You have to make rules that make sense like with Georgia. They wanted identity cards and Biden was saying “it’s all racism.” The guy’s an idiot! What does racism have to do with the fact that you need to identify that you’re an American citizen or you are who you say you are? You need laws that make sense, have supervision; it’s obvious. There was a movie that was just made, “2000 Mules”? It documents that people were stuffing the boxes with “Biden” (ballots). I don’t know all the irregularities and anomalies but it was clearly there, many states that should have gone for Trump but didn’t because of “irregularities,” the dishonesty, and so on. They’re afraid to make a real investigation.

By the way, I’ll tell you something that is also very interesting besides the fact that Shumer threatened Kavanaugh—which he should been thrown out of the Senate for; imagine one branch of government threatening another branch of government—interesting is that….

Ari L: …he’s the leader of the Senate and he’s a fellow Jew.

R’Kessin: Well, yeah, they should have thrown him out! Do you know what a violation of ethics that is for Schumer to threaten a Supreme Court Justice? It should have unleashed a wild storm. Meanwhile, they just repealed Roe versus Wade which is a very good sign, by the way.

Notice that the Supreme Court has been tremendously diminished in respect?

Ari L: Yeah, I’d say that.

R’Kessin: Sure! There were people campaigning in front of Kavanaugh’s house and Neil Gorsuch’s house. People are laughing at the Supreme Court saying they don’t know what they’re doing, threatening them. That’s a diminishment of their honor and respect. Why? Interesting question. It never happened in America that they should lose the respect as law defenders. Half of America thinks the Supreme Court is out of its mind. Why has this happened?

What is the purpose of the Supreme Court? There are seven kinds of laws; one of them is that the world has to have courts where the nations of the world operate through laws and justice. What supports the law or who judges the laws? It’s the judiciary, right? The Supreme Court is the ultimate judiciary in terms of the Constitution of the United States but what, really, are they when you think about it?

Pennsylvania and Texas petitioned the Supreme Court saying: Wait a minute! Pennsylvania is illegal in what they did. The Secretary of State and the governor changed the voting laws. That’s illegal. The Constitution says that the only way to change voting laws is to take the matter to the state legislature. So, Pennsylvania’s votes were illegal. That’s unconstitutional. The state’s governor can’t change the laws. The Supreme Court can’t do it. The Secretary of State (of Pennsylvania) can’t do it. As far as we’re concerned what they did was illegal or unconstitutional. Texas objected and said that this affects their own votes because we voted against that.

So what did the Supreme Court do?—nothing! They said: well, you know, we have no standing. Are they crazy? Pennsylvania pulled off a stunt which is unconstitutional which affects the outcome of the election and Texas is, rightfully, saying: what is the point of voting when you’re telling us, “You have no standing”? What does that mean?

G-D says: You guys are appointed to support the laws of the United States which is a requirement of B’nei Noach—sons of Noach, righteous Gentiles. You want to make a mockery of the law? I’m going to destroy your honor in the eyes of the American people, measure-for-measure.

Ari L: I want to go back to the issue of Ishmael doing teshuva because that’s going to happen anyway but, if Obama was supposed to do that, help them do teshuva, but he didn’t, what is Obama’s role at this point?

R’Kessin: Obama is a very interesting person. He’s really a very bright guy. The problem with Obama is that he’s a megalomaniac. I’m not sure we can call him a “megalomaniac” but he’s clearly an egomaniac; there’s a difference, by the way. Megalomaniacs are psychotic and egomaniacs are just…terrible. Anyway, Obama fell in love with himself; He’s a narcissist. He loves himself. The problem is that he’s such a kovod mensche—pursuer of honor and money and got influenced by that. He felt it’s more important to pursue the honor of the Arab world than to help the Jews. He was bribed.

The second problem with Obama is that he’s a Moslem. I don’t care what he says he is. That’s why he kissed the hand of the Saudi Arabian king. His father was a Moslem. He attended an Islamic school in Hawaii for many years. He’s really a closet Muslim even though he’s in the church.

He was a perfect spokesman to bring justice and say to the Moslems: what are you guys doing? Israel is a real country. The U.N. recognizes them as sovereign. You can’t just decide to wipe then off the map! Obama could have reversed the situation because an American president gets from G-D unbelievable power to do this. Obama was appointed to be the messiah of Ishmael.

What power did G-D give Obama? First of all, when he ran for president, everyone looked at him as if he were a messiah. He wasn’t elected; he was coronated to be a messianic figure. What’s that supposed to mean? He won both Houses. Do you know what kind of power that is? He could easily have dictated the terms for the Arabs. That’s what Trump did, eventually. Trump put his foot down and they realized: hey! We’ve got to get on America’s side for the purpose of (being protected) from Iran. He could have changed the deal of what was happening in the Middle East but he failed. He was bright, was bribed by his narcissism and arrogance and the fact that he’s a Moslem. It's like Esav being bribed by his yetzer ha’ra—evil inclination.

Ari L: At this point, is he part of the satanic energy against Trump, threatening Trump?

R’Kessin: Correct. Yes. He’s incredibly jealous of what Trump did. Why? What Obama needs is a legacy and he was a very poor president—very. The incredible thing is that Trump came along and un-did Obama’s Executive Orders. Obama hates him for that. Here’s a need of a legacy of being a great president and we know he was a poor president, really. Along comes Trump and overturns the Executive Orders, everything Obama did. What he did had nothing to do with Congress; he did it by Executive Order so it could be overturned.

Ari L: Obama had enacted the most Executive Orders in history.

R’Kessin: Yeah! He just ignored the Congress. Then along comes Trump and cancels them out. I always say it’s funny because Obama says they’re gonna build his presidential library (but there won’t be anything to display because Trump nullified all his Orders).

Nation of Israel: It’s like the (empty) Palestinian Museum.

R’Kessin: So, Obama’s got to get revenge and, boy, did he get revenge! Between him and Hillary, they wiped down Trump. Trump made a tremendous mistake.

Ari L: Which is….?

R’Kessin: He realized that but he fell. He said to Hillary, in so many words when they were campaigning, debating, boy, wait till I’m president; I’m going after you. Right? You committed felonies. Then he didn’t (go after her). He underestimated the evil of Hillary and the evil of the Democratic Party, the secret state. Everybody knows that Hillary was responsible for the dossier. She paid for it! She got him back. It’s not good enough to satisfy her. She’s another megalomaniac. You can’t believe the pain she’s going through because she’s not president so she’s going to get him. She got him. The Democratic Party, via Pelosi and Schumer, have been trying to wipe Trump out but it’s not working. Obama hates him because of what Trump did so he’s got no legacy. He’s a poor president, very poor. He’s so busy golfing. I think he spent more time, (than any president) in the history of the U.S. on the golf course, more time than he did as an acting president.

Ari L: I think there was one year of his presidency when he golfed more than some of the top golfers in the PGA.

R’Kessin: Yeah, yeah.

Ari L: One of the things regarding Trump and his role is: did Trump understand that, initially? There’s one famous picture when he won the election of him looking shocked. I don’t know if Trump believed he was going to win. Once he realized that he has a certain role, was it then when things kicked in to recognize he’s part of this process?

R’Kessin: I want to tell you something that most people don’t know. Something was told to me by someone who was there. Trump was losing at four o’clock. Somebody who was there told me that, at four o’clock, Ivanka spoke to him saying dad, we’re not making it so it’s over.

Trump says: listen, I tried my best. At 2 a.m. he won, right? The real story was told to me by a guy who was there. Let me just tell you what happened. By 2 a.m. he’d won. It’s a nes nigla—open miracle. Hillary had everything set up to celebrate.

Ari L: She had her speech.

R’Kessin: So, what does Trump do after he won? He went into a room and--this guy was there so that’s how I know—he goes to one side of the room and starts crying. Imagine…

Ari L: Donald Trump crying! Wow!

R’Kessin: It’s like the Satan putting on tzitzit (laughter). He’s crying because he realized it was a miracle. I’ll tell you why. Steve Bannon went into the same room and goes to the other corner and he’s crying. Why?

They realized it was a nes—miracle. Several months before, something happened that made it impossible for Trump to win. I don’t remember what that was, and Trump realized that. Whatever the political situation was, it was impossible to win. All of a sudden and, as time went on, this thing that made it impossible dissolved by itself, on its own. It was a miracle and Trump knew it was miraculous. That’s what he knew. He knew it’s finished and then these things which would prevent him from becoming president dissolved on their own. It’s called an “act of G-D” because G-D wants him in. That’s why, when he won at 2 a.m., they each went in their corners and both cried.

I gave a shiur, the second one I gave about Trump in which I revealed what I knew about Trump. I gave a second shiur, “The First Mistake of Donald Trump,” about the tremendous mistake he made. When he went out to declare victory--with two billion people watching because everyone wanted to know--why didn’t he give credit to G-D?

Ari L: Right.

R’Kessin: Remember Yosef ha’Tzaddik with Pharoah when G-D reveals the dreams? If you know it’s a miracle to such an extent that you’re crying, how can you not say, “I have to thank G-D Who is the only One Who could have done this for me”? What a kiddush Ha’Shem—sanctification of G-D’s name! He didn’t mention G-D in that speech. He did mention G-D afterward but not in that speech, but this was the speech to do it! The whole world was watching. He didn’t do it. A mistake.

Ari L: Maybe when he wins in 2024 he’ll do it.

R’Kessin: He’s mentioned G-D many times but not then. The key was that everyone was watching. Imagine the audience! Everybody wanted to the hear the victory speech of this guy!

Ari L: You touched briefly on the concept of Roe versus Wade in the United States. You like what happened. One of the things that’s confusing is that it’s no longer federal but goes to the states. You see this as an advantage, a good thing, you’d say?

R’Kessin: Yeah, one of the problems of America besides homosexuality which is a terrible deviation of gender and so on which is what Esav did--not in terms of being with men as he was into women, everybody else’s wife—is that America, like Esav, is, like I said, a rotzeach-- murderer. He’s known for that.

Ari L: Yes, his “bar-mitzvah”….

R”Kessin: Yes, when he was fifteen-years-old (and came home from the hunt).

America, which is Esav, the good aspect, are murderers. When they kill kids, infanticide….any idea how many kids (babies) have been killed since 1973, since Roe versus Wade?—about 66 million children have been aborted, which means they’ve been murdered. That’s a terrible indictment against America for which America suffers greatly. This is part of what’s happening now, the suffering. In a certain sense, the worst part of this has been that it’s been federalized. Now it is being overturned so the ability of the federal government to permit it is changed so it goes to the state legislatures. Many states will certainly limit abortion to the first trimester but many states will altogether forbid this so it’s cheaper. It’s a certain level of the restoration of morality. America is murderous. Abortion is murder. There are those who wanna say that, even after you give birth, you can murder the kid the same day. It’s unbelievable! Up to the moment of birth you can kill the kid even though it’s a fully-functioning, viable human. So, that (the court’s ruling) is teshuva.

Ari L: But it’s happening under Biden. Why is it happening when Biden is doing these things, showing he’s incompetent, but this happens?

R’Kessin: This is important to focus on and I’ve mentioned this. Biden is collapsing. Part of that collapse is the restoration of good.

Ari L: These are Trump appointees that caused this anyway. It isn’t that Biden caused it to happen but it happened under him.

R’Kessin: The cardinal of San Francisco denies her (Pelosi) the sacrament because she’s fully for abortion. The amazing thing is how Biden could meet the pope and the pope didn’t say anything about Biden being a proponent of abortion. How could he give Biden sacraments—or whatever he gave him. He should have ostracized him, excommunicated him, the president of the United States, because, according to Christianity, abortion is murder. And Biden’s a Roman Catholic. Excuse me! You’re committing murder every day because your permitting and sponsoring the murder of infants. So why don’t they excommunicate him? How’s he gonna face Jesus? How can he face G-D? You’re a murderer! That’s what you are. You’re the president. You could put a stop to it if you wanted to. But, of course he’s not. He’s a big supporter of abortion. Pelosi they didn’t excommunicate but they denied her the sacraments which, to them, means you don’t get Olam Ha’Ba—Future World.

Ari L: The idea is that this could maybe jump-start things to become more positive in America?

R’Kessin: Yes, that’s the good news. Apparently, justice is being satisfied to the extent that the decree of suffering is ending to a certain extent because we’re coming closer to the Redemption.

Ari L: So maybe gas prices go down a bit?

R’Kessin: Congress will become Republican. The problem is that the evil of the Democratic Party, what these guys are doing, is beyond belief but the Republicans are all wimps. I don’t know who runs that party. What’s the name of the speaker of the House?

Nation of Israel: (Mitch) McConnell.

R’Kessin: No, the other one….

Nation of Israel: McCarthy?

R’Kessin: Yes, McCarthy. They’re wimps. They don’t stand up, don’t have the resolve to do good. It’s a terrible indictment against Congress. You should know one thing; in a certain sense, I feel sorry for the whole United States government. They don’t understand something. They think that because they represent the United States, they can commit acts of evil. No, they can’t. G-D commands all mankind. Just because you represent a government, you can’t just do evil. You have to obey the moral law individually, privately, and also as a public figure that represents the government. They don’t understand.

I’ll give you one example--Biden. He’s talking about gun laws, especially after what happened in Texas.

Ari L: The school shooting in Texas.

R’Kessin: Biden is the big tzaddik. You have to have gun laws! He’s an absolute moron. Why?—because it’s not guns that kill. It’s the gunmen that kill you. That’s the emes—truth. (One could say to Biden): the incredible thing is that you are acting with kindness and mercy because you’re bothered by the death of how many—21? There are 120,000 people that died from Fentanyl overdose because of what’s happening at the southern border and you’re trying to bring all the immigrants, all the illegals are because of Biden’s order. Many people come in and they’re selling Fentanyl like crazy and 120,000 American citizens have died overdosing.

Who contributes to this? Biden.

You could have stopped it. You’re the one that encourages it by having these guys come in. The ones taking advantage of the southern border, the hole in the wall, is the Mexican cartels. What are you doing?

So, when Biden stands before G-D, it could be said: you’re commiserating with people that died, twenty-one people, and you’re trying to show it through gun control? You’re a murderer! You’ve contributed to the deaths of 120,000 who died from Fentanyl coming over the border. I gave you the power to stop it. Not only will you not stop it, you encourage it. In fact, you created the whole situation where these guys are coming over the border.

Does Biden have any idea what G-D is going to do to him?

Ari L: He probably doesn’t.

R’Kessin: He does! He doesn’t care. He’s a corrupt thief. He’s paid off by Moscow, China, Ukraine. It’s documented. I’m not even talking about his son, all these guys. They’re all perverts beyond belief. Compare Biden’s family to Trump’s family. It’s like heaven versus hell.

Biden has no concept. Goyim don’t understand that G-D looks at everybody, not only the one who did the crime but anybody in the chain of causality that can be held as any type of cause. They are guilty of murder too though maybe not to the same level as the one who did it. Biden understands he’s contributed to the deaths of 120,000 people. He’s running around screaming, “Gun control! Gun control!” because he’s the great saint?

The behavior of these people is beyond belief--the contradictions, the hypocrisy, the evil of these people. How low they can stoop! It’s almost as though they’re not human. They’re animals in human clothing. Where’s your compassion for guys taking Fentanyl when you can stop it? You’re the cause of how it comes into the country. That alone will send Biden to hell for “eternity.” There’s really no such thing as “hell for eternity”—that’s a mistake people make—but that alone will indict him and earn him years of suffering. He’s a murderer and he’s president of the United States and G-D gave him the power to stop it and he’s the one who initiates the whole thing.

I’m just showing you the evil part of Esav. There’s a tremendous contest between the good part of Esav, which is Trump trying to help America, and the evil part, the Democratic Party, the liberals, the progressives. Schumer is incredible…him, Pelosi, all these people. Listen, it’ll all get paid back. Every inch of the evil these people do will get paid back.

Ari L: A last question I want to ask you: this year, obviously, is a shmitah year and next Sukkoth will be after shmitah. I understand it’s a very special time, any Sukkot after shmitah.

R’Kessin: if I remember correctly, omar Rova--Rova says in the Gemara in “Sanhedrin” that the mashiach comes at the end of shmitah. It’s the restart.

Ari L: It’s a potential opportune time, somewhere within eight years so….

R’Kessin: Yeah, so adding it all together it’s….

Ari L: But we’re not making a prediction.

Nation of Israel: …especially with the election they just announced for October 22nd which is about a week after Shmini Atzeret.

I want to tell you something. That’s all the bad news. The world has no idea what is about to happen. We are talking about the Redemption, not about some (typical) historical event. We’re talking about the Redemption of mankind but it’s more than that!

It’s the Redemption of Creation itself. It’s the end of the program, which is incredible when you think about that. Therefore, the messianic era is an era that nobody can understand--nobody. It is something of such unbelievable magnificence in terms of its divinity. What is very important is that G-D has to prepare the world for this. You can’t just go from Darkness to Light; you’re blinded. G-D has to prepare. Mankind needs preparation. There has to be spectacular changes in the world.

There’s a pasuk—verse in “Nitzavim,” a very important pasuk, and here’s what G-D says: “Even if your exiles be at the end of heaven,”—okay, this is what G-D says—“even if the exiles”—meaning the Jewish people—"are at the ends of heaven”--as if they spill all over the planet and Jews are spread all over the planet, so G-D says, “misham”—from there—from the ends of heaven—“I will gather you.” It’s not from Israel, but from the “ends of heaven,” from within the exile itself “I will gather you” and “yikachecha”--I will take you to Me, and then I will bring you to Israel.

What did G-D do in Egypt? G-D “entered” Egypt and destroyed them, right? Same thing. The Redemption will begin in America itself. Throughout all the world, somehow, G-D is going to change the Jewish consciousness and bring the Redemption. In preparation for that, that’s what it means, “He will gather you” and “take you,” meaning “to separate” the Jews from the rest of the world. That’s what it means “to gather” from the world. That’s the first spectacular event. The second spectacular event is that He will “bring them to Him”; that’s Torah. He’s going to bring the Jewish people an unbelievable spirit of spirituality. We don’t know what that is. Consciousness will change in the world. Then He’s going to bring them all to Israel. This means that the Redemption begins from within the exile itself. This is what’s going to happen, events so spectacular that we cannot conceive how G-D will bring all the Jews back.

I just read a statistic that says there are 15.1 million Jews in the world. How many religious ones are there, Torah-observant ones?—two million. Thirteen million Jews are not observant. That’s an absolute disaster. It’s because of assimilation, intermarriage and so on, and G-D is going to turn all of that around with an event that we cannot begin to understand.

I suspect that maybe the way it’s going to happen—and this is speculation on my part based on what it says in the Gemara, in the “Talmud Yerushalmi,” masechte “maisa sheini,” that the Third Beis Ha’Mikdash will be built before the Mashiach ben David comes. Most people think that he’s going to build it—no. That third Beis Ha’Mikdash will come down from heaven. Imagine that one day you wake up and, looking at the Old City, there’s the third Beis Ha’Mikdash because it comes down! What do you think the news will be in all the papers, news outlets, throughout the entire world? Miraculous! There’s no more mosque, right? It’s the third Beis Ha’Mikdash! It’s unbelievable!

Ari L: CNN would report that.

R’Kessin: ….and even they would have to say, “This is a miracle!” Then everybody’s going to come to see and say, “What is this?” But you don’t understand that it’s not just the Beis Ha’Mikdash. Here’s what it means:

There’s a Beis Ha’Mikdash “on top” in heaven that corresponds to the Beis Ha’Mikdash here. That third Beit Ha’Mikdash is the heavenly one that descends! It’s not a “human” Beis Ha’Mikdash. It’s the one above that parallels the original which descends. We know that the Beis Ha’Mikdash is the residence of G-D where the Divine Presence is so it comes out that: what kind of Divine Presence is going to be on the heavenly Beis Ha’Mikdash that comes down? The magnitude of the power of that Divine Presence when it actually comes down and reveals itself to mankind will awaken the consciousness of every single Jew.

Ari L: Wow! Good times ahead, b’ezrat Ha’Shem—G-d-willing. Our guest today has been Rabbi Mendel Kessin. Rabbi, if people want to see more of your work….

R’Kessin: Yes, I can be found in three places; I have about 400 shiurim on YouTube (“Torahthinking”) and I’m on “TorahAnytime” and I have my own website which is “” That website has hundreds of videos and audios and my lectures are now being transcribed so you can print them out and/or read them. It’s incredible. You can read it or copy it and send it to people as they are now transcribed.

Ari L: There are many ways to learn--audio, video or, if you like to read, there are different ways to go. Check out Rabbi Mendel Kessin. This has been another episode of the Ari Louis show and if you like what you’ve watched, please share your comments. We’re also going on Rumble, b’ezrat Ha’Shem. If you like what Zvi and I are doing--we have more shows coming up—contact us. We have some ideas and we like to hear from our audience to find out what they’d like to see as we move forward. So, thank you, Rabbi Kessin and thank you everyone.


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