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21st Century #6: “Spiritual Forces Behind Trump’s Opposition and the Light of Redemption”

Given: July 23, 2016

Opposition to Trump

Trump’s Opposition Stems from Higher Forces. Trump has been nominated against all odds, and what's equally important is that he has selected a V.P., Mike Pence, who is a sincere and zealous supporter of Israel. So you now have Trump---I should say, “President Trump”---and Vice President, Mike Pence, and they're going to be tremendous for Israel. And when you combine them with Putin, it's a triumvirate. Not bad. And now that Trump’s been nominated, he's obviously going to go after Hillary.

It's interesting to analyze why there is so much opposition to Trump. Truly, there are certain things he’s done that I don't think were very intelligent, and statements he made which should have been uttered with greater diplomacy. But one of the virtues of Donald Trump is that he is outspoken, sometimes outrageously so, which is great. He's defiant and, as I’ve mentioned, the reason why he was chosen (by G-d) is because of his ability to defy the establishment, the status quo. It seems as if G-d wants to “purify” America, to repair and reconstruct America from the damaged status that Obama effected. Now, the opposition is coming from two sources, forces, that are spiritual, the way I see them. These forces opposing Trump are representations of higher manifestations in this world.

I thought that Trump's speech was magnificent. The theme of Trump's speech was that of a nation diseased and in need of therapy. America’s sickness and degraded conditions is a result of incompetent, corrupt, and downright evil people leading it. He spoke about his offer of remarkable remedy. What was the reaction? The next day, the media challenged Trump’s assessment, asking how he can talk about America being so dark and troubled.

It's incredible to listen to the media. I never heard such idiocy in my life. Trump is talking about what America really is, a country having fallen from a lofty height of virtue, an honored nation, to a terribly troubled and conflicted one. Trump is describing America as Obama and Hillary made it, and the media is accusing him of talking about America in a defamatory way. It's comparable to a doctor giving a lecture about a disease that’s pervading a community and how to remedy it while the journalists covering the lecture indignantly charge him with daring to describe the community as sickly. Excuse me! That's exactly what the point is.

Ishmael and the Satan.

There are really two opposing forces, both operating on the spiritual plane. What (or who) are they? If you recall, Obama represents Ishmael, and Ishmael’s angel now has what to lose (from Trump’s election). Why? What G-d seems to be initiating at this time is the “purification” of Edom, to elevate it, to remove the bad characteristics of Esav and elevate Esav’s good traits (of which we have spoken). And we know why. In order to assist Israel in the upcoming war, Edom must become great. It must represent the antithesis of what Ishmael’s guardian angel wants. What that guardian angel aspires to, obviously, is for Ishmael, the Moslems, to dominate the world---Jihad. Trump’s success is their worst nightmare. It’s not that Trump has something against Moslems, especially if they are fair and just. it’s the crazy, extreme Moslems who will be at the receiving end of Trump’s defiant opposition. Ishmael’s guardian angel must be going out of his mind.

The Moslems and Europe

Just look at what the Moslems are about in Europe and you begin to get a taste of Ishmael’s ambitions. Yes, eventually there will be a civil war in Europe because the indigenous Europeans are not going to let the Arabs take them over. They will come to realize that “it's us or them.” Enough with hallucinations; it will be open season on the Moslems of Europe. Ultimately, what you are going to see is a rousing clash of civilizations. In a way, it’s already too late for the Europeans because they have so many Moslem residents. But you know what? Europe deserves it. They didn't want the Jews, so G-d said, “You don't want my Jews? No problem! I'll give you the Moslems. Let's see what you do with them!” Yeah, it's a good replacement. You don't want My Middle Eastern people, so I'll give you other Middle Eastern people. You'll have the Syrians, the Iraqis, immigrants who’ll threaten and degrade Europe. You can see these miracles in front of your eyes; you can see the speed of the change. Take Cameron, the Prime Minister of England; he’s gone for two days and Labour's falling apart. It's just astounding to watch nations falling apart.

Middle East.

So, the guardian angel of Ishmael is obviously going crazy because he's about to lose, big time, with so many Middle Eastern nations failing: Libya is a basket-case. Egypt is suffering terribly. Lebanon and Syria are both basket-cases and you have Iraq and Afghanistan in similar condition. At the moment, Erdogen is behind Israel; he wants to work with Israel because he realizes it's for his benefit. The coup failed. We don't really know what would have happened with the opposition. Maybe they would have befriended Israel; we don't know. Certainly, Erdogen has signed a deal with Israel for pipelines and gas and the status quo has remained. Whether it stays that way---who knows? In any case, Ishmael’s angel is quaking in his boots, if he has boots.

The second force, the one who is really going crazy is the Satan. Once Ishmael collapses, he has no more energy. Let’s reiterate: The responsibility for everything we've seen in the last twenty-five years lies with the Satan who is in his death throes. Ishmael could possibly have resuscitated himself, but that option is vanishing. To worsen matters for him, the rise of Edom is designed to save Israel and to allow Israel, ultimately, to evict the Arabs. The whole of Eretz Yisrael will return to the Jews.

The Good in Esav: America’s Merit

America saves Jews. If the good in Esav becomes great, it will help Israel in the same way that America saved the Jews in WWII by having joined the allies in their war against the Nazis. Because of that participation, Germany lost. Without America in the war, the Jews would have been killed left and right, though it’s hard to contemplate anything worse that what actually happened. Today, there are forces arrayed against Trump because, as far as I see it, Trump is allied for the good, to really change America and assist Israel.

Trump’s Claim to Fame. July last year was when everybody was saying it's impossible. I already felt, knew, that Trump would win because his ego and his temperament constitute the very reasons why G-d selected him. What no one realizes is how well Trump’s egoism will serve G-d’s purpose. Trump wants to see his name up in lights for all time, for eternity; his braggadocio is a good flaw. It's one thing to have your name up on a building. Big deal! But what if your name is exalted, if you’re considered the greatest president in United States history? That's immortality.

There's no requirement for the president of the United States to be a humble man. What a president must be is honest and do his job representing the American people, to do their will. That's what democracy is. And as far as I'm concerned, Trump is an honest guy. He'd hate people saying this, perhaps. He's a nice guy and an honest guy who cares for the average guy. Okay, so he's “larger than life,” but that's exactly what his strength is. If it weren't for that, he would be subject to all kinds of fears, especially fear of people, afraid to buck them. But Trump?---on the contrary…

I never understood why this country keeps making lawyers their presidents. They are the worst breed, and I don't mean to insult all the lawyers; don't get me wrong. There are lawyers who are very good, but a lawyer is not the person you want as a president. There are many lawyers out there who are really bad people. They know how to manipulate; it is in their interest to keep you in court. You want a businessman for president because he knows the bottom line. If you have an honest businessman and a guy who really cares, it could be unparalleled.

Democracy vs. Benevolent Monarchy

If G-d wants to destroy a nation, what do you think would be the most effective way He could achieve that? I presume that He would promote a despot, a dictator, to become that nation’s ruler. So, the most merciful deed that G-d can do for a nation is to install a benevolent king, not necessarily a democratic administration. Democracy is not the greatest form of government. A benevolent and wise king is better because such a ruler does not need countless committees or a congress, and so on. Congressmen are the worst: They are all on the take, all corrupt. They may start out idealistic, but, boy oh boy, are they corrupt! And many of them (excuse me!) are idiots.

We think that because congressmen get into office, they are larger than life. Wow! Do you know how many of these guys are incompetent, corrupt, and just downright idiots? If G-d wants to destroy a nation, what He will do is make their system of government democratic. It may sound peculiar, but democracy is a system whereby the rule of law governs people who have no idea what's going on but whose expressed opinion is encouraged every few years. Essentially, the people don't know what’s good for them. All they want are entitlements, a chicken in every pot. If they think you’ll give it to them, they will vote for you.

A wise and benevolent monarchy is the greatest form of government and the world has had so few of these. Charlemagne is a famous one, but he was about 1200 years ago. You can credit him with taking Europe out of the Dark Ages. Lincoln was another example of such a leader. These were men of integrity, men of principle; they were honest and feared G-d. When the people wanted to make Washington a president again after his term expired, he just went back to his farm. That's a great man, not blinded by prestige or honor.

G-d can disrupt a nation just by giving them a leader that will destroy them by being corrupt, incompetent, and evil. That's why most of the world looks the way it does. In short, what I want to tell you is: Don’t look at politics! Look at what G-d wants!

Preparing for Mashiach

G-d’s Role What I want to talk about now, and probably the next lecture, is not so much about American politics but about what G-d does to bring the mashiach. And I believe it's going to happen in very short order, so one has to understand certain things.

The key concept is that G-d will not bring mashiach before he prepares mankind to receive him. The mashiach, whoever he turns out to be, will be powerful enough to destroy the world simply by means of his spectacular ohr, the enlightenment that he will bring. Indeed, we have seen the effect that this incredible light had on the Children of Israel at Mount Sinai, as I’ve said. G-d will prepare society, countries in general and, especially, the Jewish people to receive that enlightenment. I want to talk more about that because I believe that what we are witnessing now is the beginning of something that will radically change the Jewish people. They need to be prepared for the entrance of the mashiach to ensure their surviving the momentous event. And I will show you why and prove this in the context of current events.

To accomplish this, I will (first) cite a scriptural Torah verse regarding the stint of the Jews in Egypt. There is a scriptural verse that says that Moses took the bones of Yosef out of Egypt. In fact, Yosef made his brothers swear that he will not be left behind in Egypt. This is profoundly meaningful because Yosef represents the ohr of the mashiach. Joseph is a root soul of Mashiach ben Yosef. Having mentioned this man so often, let us now ask what's the story of the Mashiach ben Yosef? What kind of person is he? How is mankind being prepared? What signs must we recognize in our days? I really have to bring you up to speed, as they say.

What is the Ohr Mashiach? – Scriptural Clues

The Day of One

You will recall that in the beginning of the Book of Genesis/Bereishit it’s written that: “there was evening and morning, one day.” That phrase “one day”---distinct from the other days that are counted in an ordinal fashion (second, third day, etc.) –-indicates that on that first day of Creation, G-d was the only One living being that existed. It truly was the “day of One.” This implies that all existence emanates from G-d; there is only G-d and no other and nothing else.

The problem of mankind is that it doesn't recognize that; we don’t see G-d as the source of our existence. As far as the vast majority of people in the world are concerned, we exist independently of G-d. He is there; we are here. But the real truth, of course, is that we emanate from G-d. Therefore, our understanding of the term “One day,” should be “day of One.” It should be a self-evident truth, a day of One, even though there were trillions of different elements. What you would have known on that “day of One,” with that consciousness, is that there was no time, no distance, no separation of any kind between G-d and anything else. It was discernible, visible, revealed. It was evident that all the trillions of things that G-d created were connected to, had their genesis in, Him. The stars, the moon, every leaf---everything constituted the “day of One” because everything emanated from, and was unified in, G-d. This is an extremely important concept.


What kind of an insight or revelation is this phenomenon, this “Yom Echad,” ---day of One? It is, in essence, that Hidden Light, also known as the “First Light.” However, it is not, literally, ‘light’ in the way we normally think of light being photons or waves; it is really in the realm of a perception, an insight into total reality. It is a form of consciousness.

What is total reality? Reality is seeing the outward manifestation of phenomena and also seeing its ultimate cause. In this sense, you see how reality, phenomena, refers back immediately to the existence of G-d; indeed, how everything does. That really is the ohr mashiach The Light of mashiach, of which I have spoken so much.

It is very important to stress that, in contradiction to other religious belief systems, Jewish theology emphasizes that the messiah’s coming is not the introduction of a new theology, not a new Torah. On the contrary, mashiach is Torah at a different level. This enlightenment connects everything to G-d; that's total reality---Yom Echad. That concept is staggering! The world has never experienced anything like that, and to experience it would be, at our present level, absolutely devastating, like what happened at Sinai.

What was that revelation really? The great eleventh-century bible commentator, Rashi, says that G-d opened up the heavens and showed them that “He is the One of the world.” In other words, the real prophecy, the real message that G-d gave to Israel, was not (just) that they should receive and observe His commandments and moral teachings, but that it is through the commandments that they see and appreciate Who G-d really is, that G-d is the essence of all Creation, that everything emanates from Him, and that there is nothing else besides Him. That revelation (in the past) was devastating; it killed people. But that revelation is the ohr mashiach.

When G-d exposed the people to the pronouncement: “I am the Lord your G-d Who has taken you out of Egypt,” that wasn't just a statement; it was a profound understanding of how the Creation emanates from G-d. When the people heard G-d saying, “I took you out of the land of Egypt,” it really meant, “I am.”---period. There are not, and could not be, any other gods.

Mashiach ben Yosef: His Power, Beauty, and Wisdom

What does this conception have to do with Mashiach ben Yosef? Mashiach ben Yosef means “son of Yosef.” You may recall a previous discussion in the 20th-century lectures during which I discussed, in great depth, the details of the blessing that Yosef received from Moses. I’ll just offer a simplified review. He compared Yosef to an ox that will gore the nations with its beautiful horns (“beams of light”), which are a metaphor for Yosef’s wisdom. We discussed that Yosef’s beauty was equivalent to a harmonious symphony whereby musical notes all blend together, an integrated whole that is more than the sum of its parts. And that is what mashiach ben Yosef does; he takes all the elements of wisdom---intelligence, knowledge, and perception---and fuses them into one magnificent unity.

Mashiach ben Yosef’s wisdom is able to show you the unity, the harmony, the structure, the connection of everything in reality. That’s such an awesome understanding that you are just swept away. And what does he do with that incredible wisdom? He will gore the nations. When an animal gores, it pierces the flesh; that is to say, he will pierce the enemy’s falsehoods and pervasive ignorance. He’ll use that ‘First Light’ so that the nations are overtaken by that awesome wisdom; that's ben Yosef’s weapon.

We now see that the concept of “day of One”---that everything emanates from G-d--- is the key component of the weapon that Mashiach ben Yosef employs. The wisdom of this Messianic Light is the key to the way that he will change the world.

Essence of Yosef

Where do we see this idea further expressed in Torah? Let us go back in time: As part of the redemptive process---the Exodus and the preparations for the Sinaic Revelation (receiving the Law at Mount Sinai)---Moses took the bones of Joseph from Egypt to be (later) reinterred in the Land of Israel. The Hebrew term for bones is “atzmot.” Since the Torah has neither vowels nor punctuation, the Hebrew words can be read to mean that Moses took, not “atzmot Yosef”---bones of Joseph, but “atzmus Yosef”-–- essence of Joseph. What is that essence?---the wisdom of Creation, the transcendental knowledge that we lack and which is concealed from us. Moshe’s task was to make that incredible insight evident. That is the domain of Yosef.

At that time, the Jews who were in Egypt with Yosef achieved the spiritual level deserving of Redemption: After the Exodus, the people were meritorious on account of having Yosef’s bones along with them, of being able to imbibe the inner meaning of “Yosef’s bones,” his powerful essence and wisdom. It seems that it was no accident that the Egyptians called Yosef, “Pa’ane’ach,” the one who reveals mysteries. But even with this level, they couldn’t handle the revelation.

The Revelation of the Ohr and Its Retraction

The greatest moment in history was the emergence of the Children of Israel from Egypt having been equipped with the greatest prize ever revealed to mankind. At the splitting of the sea, the Torah indicates that a common handmaiden saw what the prophet Ezekiel never saw. In order to appreciate that, we need to understand that Ezekiel understood the very core of Kabbalah, the episode of the vision of the Divine Chariot. How did the people of Israel at that time gain greater prophetic vision than Ezekiel? It was due to the prevalence of the ohr rishon. That episode at the Reed Sea was the beginning. Later, at the giving of the Torah, Moshe gave the people access to that ohr when the people heard the voice of G-d directly as the first two of the Ten Commandments were uttered. It was such an overwhelming and profound experience that all the people died (albeit temporarily).

Moshe was, for that time, the Mashiach ben Yosef, revealing the ohr rishon in the form of the commandments inscribed on the first stone tablets. The nation appeared ready to receive him and the Messianic Light, but they could not tolerate it, even after they witnessed so many miracles in Egypt and the splitting of the sea. So, they requested that Moshe be their intermediary and, indeed, Moshe went up the mountain alone to receive the stone tablets.

It is astonishing that while Moshe was gone, and their having experienced prophetic vision, many Jews yet built and worshipped the Golden Calf. How do you make a Golden Calf after what you’ve seen? This strains credulity. No person is that retarded after seeing the splitting of the Reed Sea and the miracles in Egypt. The people did not really believe that the Golden Calf was G-d; to them, it was more of an intermediary. But, of course, that was bad enough because G-d has no intermediaries. The result of their sin was the ohr rishon’s return to oblivion; it returned to a concealed state. Even worse than its loss, per se, was its new condition: The Light was now surrounded by a klippa, that impure spiritual barrier (that I described previously) such that any efforts to penetrate it would fail.

The Ohr Rishon Experience


The question then is this; if you're “into” the ohr rishon and you are experiencing it, what is that experience like? People probably don't realize that the reception of Messianic Light requires no effort. It is immediate knowledge of total reality. That’s important to grasp. There is absolutely no effort that has to be expended to absorb it. It is immediate and profound wisdom.

How is the ohr rishon able to do this? It’s called “Identicality.” There are four conceptual, spiritual entities that are identical (that, in a sense, have equal spiritual weight), but they appear different from diverse perspectives.

The first is the “shechinah” – Divine Presence which is basically, in many ways, identical to Torah, which is identical (spiritually) to klal Yisrael (the collective Jewish people), which is the same as “neshama” – Divine Soul – which is identical to Eretz Yisrael, the Holy Land. Even though they manifest themselves differently, these manifestations are akin to water that can exist as ice, liquid, and steam. There is a change of form but not of substance. Extrapolating, we can say that we (humans) are part of G-d. As far as Jews are concerned, the Torah, Eretz Yisrael, and their own Divine souls are likewise part of G-d. Therefore, when the people were exposed to the ohr rishon, they really gained an immediate and extraordinary amount of self-knowledge and so that is why this Messianic Llght is total, devoid of barriers, requiring no effort and no time to assimilate.

Releasing the Ohr from the Tuma (Impurity)

Because impurity now surrounds the ohr, that’s bad news. To figure it out, you have to expend tremendous effort. It takes much time and labor and the information is not total. The 16th-century mystic and father of the Lurianic school of Kabbalah, Isaac (ben Solomon) Luria Ashkenazi, once said that if someone is studying (Torah) and he has a question, where does that question come from? And he answered his own question by stating that the student’s question is a manifestation of the tuma, the (impure) barrier surrounding that Torah he’s studying.

That ohr rishon has to be released, but how? Is there a physical analogue to what the Torah of the ohr rishon is? To find the answer to that, we can look into the talmudic discussion on that point.

Returning to the events of the Golden Calf, we recall that Moses smashed the tablets bearing the Ten Commandments and later descended the mount after another forty days with a new second set of tablets. The rabbis (in the Talmud) ask, “Where were the pieces of the first tablets put, those that were broken?” They were placed in the ark (of the Covenant), as were the second tablets that were placed in front of the first. All well and good, but what form did those first tablets take, those tablets that represented the Messianic Light, now that they were shattered, in fragments, all over the place, and out of sequence? Well, the truth is that the beauty of the ohr rishon was now completely analogous to those broken tablets. It is as if I were to give you a 100,000-piece jigsaw puzzle. What would you do to reveal its essence?

Your first reaction might be to say that you don’t know where to begin. But actually, you would. What's the first thing you would ask me? “Where's the box? You want me to put this puzzle together, I need the box to see the finished product.” And even the box is formidable for, without the box, and thus without a sense of the overall structure, you don't see how anything connects at all. The knowledge inherent in the Messianic Light is the completed, grand image. But since this enlightenment is surrounded by tuma, the complete picture lies broken in the closet. There's no box.

Toil and Tribulation.

So, what do we do? How do we get that light out of the box---as it were? To appreciate the effort it takes, I’m going to quote from “Ethics of the Fathers:”

Bread with salt you shall eat, water in small measure you shall drink, and upon the ground you shall sleep; live a life of deprivation and toil in Torah. Then you will be happy in this world and in the next world.”

When we ponder this statement of the rabbis, we can argue that there is no knowledge in the world that demands you struggle or that you sacrifice or that you labor intensely over it, unless wisdom demands it. Fine. But that this should be a requirement and not a demand borne out of need, doesn't make sense. Think about that; what the rabbis are saying is that to know, understand, imbibe the Torah, you must suffer, struggle, and sacrifice. Yeah – sometimes things are hard, that's true; but that this acquisition of Torah knowledge is such that it cannot be acquired any other way?

Not only that, you find cited in a further teaching of the rabbis within the same set of teachings that such expended effort is, in itself, the reward (for that intensive study); the very toil becomes the reward. Now, what does this mean and why is there such an emphasis on toil?

“Releasing” Torah Rather than Studying Torah.

The rabbis of the Talmud, more than once, underscored this notion that toil and tribulation is its own reward. But who ever heard of such an expression? Now you begin to discern that the only way to take the Torah out of the impure barrier is through toil. That's how you take it out? And if you don’t exert profound efforts in studying the words of Torah, then you cannot release the Messianic Light? After all, we have devoted so much of our discussion to the virtues of Torah study (especially among Jews) and the rewards garnered by those who enabled the Jewish people (in exile) to further their Torah studies.

So what is the point? The point is that the task (of Jews, in particular) is not so much to know Torah as to release it. Let me clarify. Hopefully, you will immediately understand. With secular knowledge, as we understand it, the job is to know, so if it requires effort and you study, fine. If the particular, substantive inquiry does not require that much effort, so you study less or not at all. Fine. But when it comes to studying the Torah, the job isn't (just) to know: The job is to release the Torah from its prison, from its chains. Once released, it's out.

To appreciate this sense of release, we begin to understand that there are many levels and dimensions to the study of Torah. Thus, there is rarely a situation where the meaning of the text or narrative is understood according to its straightforward meaning. There's a story of a very famous 15th century rabbi and codifier of Jewish law, Rabbi Yosef Caro. It tells of how the rabbi labored tremendously to understand a particular piece of Torah. He figured it out after a week. He goes to a synagogue and sees somebody sitting and studying exactly the same verses in the Torah that he had just learned, but this individual is espousing his personal, innovative interpretation of the text, as if it were easy. So the rabbi thinks to himself: “This person just ‘gets it’ while I spent the entire week struggling?” And he felt terrible. So he asked his teacher and master why this was so.

His teacher tells him, “You don't understand something. Once you figured out the deeper meaning and explanation of the text, the other student was able to access it easily, just picked up the exposition as if it were nothing.”

This where you see that the job of the Jew, shocking as it may sound, isn't to know, per se; it is to release (the essence of) Torah from the tuma. Then, automatically, the Torah flies into his head. That's why the rabbis insist that it takes labor and toil to really know Torah. The Jews labor to release the wisdom and knowledge from the barriers surrounding those efforts to reveal the deeper meanings embedded within it. Then, immediately, the student gets his reward, namely, knowing and appreciating that he has released the Torah to the world.

Releasing the Messianic Light

That’s nice; the student gets his reward. But how is it that one who toils in Torah manipulates the mechanism to release the Messianic Light from its prison? How does that work? The answer is a very interesting concept. What, ultimately, is the essence of a “mitzvah”---Divine command? The answer is that a mitzvah allows you to testify that G-d is the boss, because the mitzvah, paradoxically, may be something you don't want to do. But when a Jew fulfils that mitzvah (and possibly overcomes his personal, subjective resistance), he is actually and immediately testifying that G-d's Will is supreme, that G-d's Will is the only reality that exists.

Conversely, what does tuma (that impure barrier to holiness) want from you? It wants to make you believe that you, your will is paramount. It tells you that you're the boss; forget about G-d. Tuma, (also called the “Satan” or theevil inclination”) is always trying to instill the belief that you are in charge. It’s interesting: In Hebrew gematria---numerology, the sum of the value of the Hebrew letters that make up the word for the first-person “I” is “51,” which matches exactly the value of the Hebrew word “tuma.” Yes, tuma is always trying to tell you that you are somebody, that you have a will independent of G-d. Consequently, you don't have to obey G-d.

Therefore, when you make a sacrifice to do a mitzvah, not only are you testifying that the Will of God is supreme, but the more a person sacrifices for (the achievement of) that mitzvah, the greater is the seriousness of his intent in demonstrating that G-d is the only reality that exists. When you sacrifice, you're negating your own interest. When you sacrifice, when you work hard for a specific cause, it says that you are incredibly interested and invested in that cause. So when one does a mitzvah with a large degree of self-sacrifice, that's a significant testimony. It is a denial of self, the exact antidote to the tuma that says you are “totally self.”

That's the mechanism of “measure-for-measure,” (which we have come across before) and, following rabbinic teachings of the Tzaara Agra, there’s a direct correlation between the tribulation and the reward. Why? The greater the self-sacrifice to do a mitzvah, the greater is the power of the statement: “There is nothing besides Him.” And that statement, of course, is worth the greatest reward. It's a beautiful mechanism.

Access Requires Release

I could tell you that Jews will not “know” the Torah unless they really struggle with it. But, it's much more than that: If they don’t struggle with it, then they don’t release the ohr rishon and then the mashiach cannot access it either. Put bluntly, it is critical to understand that Jews studying Torah with toil and tribulation is part of the messianic process. So, ultimately, this is the mechanism by which Jews (in particular) toil to bring back the ohr rishon. That's very important because if the ohr rishon is not released, then mashiach is not coming! The essential service of the Jew is to release that ohr.

So, the question that we now have to ask is---where are we at now? What is the history of the release? Can we actually trace the history of the release of the Messianic Light? Yes. If you trace that history, then you can actually know when the mashiach comes, because he uses that ohr. So, yes, the ability to look at history and to see the increasing release of that Light is one of the important indicators of the timing of mashiach’s arrival on the scene.

You are now prepared to look at that history.

Now everybody's focused on Trump and what is happening. If G-d intends to help America become great again, to make Edom great, doesn't it make sense that He's going to “do it” for the Jews as well? And I'm not talking about making America great in the sense of making it evil like Rome. Emperors made Rome great, but so what? Millions of Jews died. No, we're not talking about raising a klippa of evil. We are talking about raising Edom to a state of purification. If that’s so, then how much more so is G-d going to raise klal Yisrael!

So that’s what we have to understand. In fact, what's going on in America is the greatest indicator that mashiach is right around the corner. What happens to America must happen to the Jews and that's what I want to talk about in the next class. Let me reiterate; this election is not just any election. This is a weather vane to see whether beneficial winds are blowing in the right direction for the Jewish people.

This class has been a preparation for our next discussion concerning the history of the ohr rishon coming out of the klippa, coming out of the tuma, how it happened and what's about to happen.


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