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Clarification of the Jewish Understanding of Christianity

Date Given: 07/04/2024

Youtube Video Link:

Clarification of the Jewish Understanding of Christianity English Transcription:

Clarification Jewish Understanding Christianity English Transcription
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Unknown member
5 days ago

OK, I found this link

This is what the Rambam said about Christianity. Believe me, Im sure very few people suffered as much under that horrible religion as he did

Laws of Kings, Laws 11:10-12 (Capach Edition): “[10] …Can there be a greater stumbling block than this (Christianity)? That all the prophets spoke that the Messiah will redeem Israel and save them, and gather their dispersed and strengthen their Mitzvot, and this (one, i.e., Jesus) caused the Jews to be destroyed by the sword, and scattered their remnants and humbled them, and exchanged the Torah, and caused the majority of the world to err to serve a god other than the Lord. [11] Nevertheless, the thoughts of the Creator…

Unknown member
5 days ago
Replying to

of the world are not within the power of man to reach them, ‘for our ways are not His ways, nor are our thoughts His thoughts.’ And all these matters of Jesus of Nazareth and that of the Ishmaelite who arose after him are only to straighten the way of the king Messiah and to fix the entire world, to serve God as one, as it is stated (Zephaniah 3:9), "For then I will turn to the peoples (into) clear speech, to all call in the name of G-d and serve Him unanimously. [12] How (will this come about)? The entire world has already become filled with the mention of the Messiah, with words of Torah and words of mitzvos…


Unknown member
Jul 05

Christianity is the forefather of nazism and fascism and up untill now hasn't paid yet for all the crimes against the jewish people. All the methods that were adopted by Hitler and the nazis of Germany were taught by the christian church. How is it possible to say anything good about this antisemitic religion,when in reality they never thought about themselves as having a mission to spread the jewish ideas and never justified what G-d had seemingly gave them? Here are only a small part of their "good" deeds:

1. Through the murders and bloodshed of the Jews invaded the land of Israel by three crusades and built forcefully in Jerusalem their idolatry temples;

2. Who didn't allow the jews…

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