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Weekly Hashkafa #100- The Great Reset Part 2

Given: July 17, 2022

Introduction: Who’s Running the Show?

The shiur I want to give tonight is a continuation of the previous shiur, “Current Events Update 2022” which I gave for “Yiboneh” and which is an update of current events. I’ll come to it from a unique perspective and it will answer many questions that many people have as to what’s happening and why.

One interesting question is: who’s really “running the show”? Even though Obama is no longer president of the United States, we know that he, clearly, has input into Biden. We also know that Biden is not dictating those activities, those eventualities that are brought about by what a president does. So, who’s running the show? We’ve never seen this before. Normally, a person becomes president, sets policy, does his own thing. They do whatever they do and rule as they will. But here, we see a completely ineffectual president, somebody who’s seriously cognitively challenged and has to be instructed; we saw the sheet of paper which told him what to do. This gives room, maneuverability, for Obama. The question is: what does this mean? Who’s behind all this and why?

This is part two of current events explained within the context of the Divine Plan of Creation and especially as events as they relate to what’s called the “messianic era.” What are the precursors to the messianic era? After tonight, you’ll have an understanding of what forces are in play. These ideas answer a glut of questions—I just raised one; why is Obama still involved?

A Major Player

Where do we begin? Let’s begin with the major character, the main player, in the unfolding of what’s happening—the Satan. We don’t realize the diligent involvement that the Satan, this malach—angel, has. He’s a main player who influences what happens in the world. I want to talk, somewhat, about that. It’s important to understand the nature and consequences of what the Satan did and what effect it’s had on his role in the Divine Agenda itself.

We were introduced to the Satan—he’s a malach, of course—and his job is called “dinim”—justice and, as such, has three roles. He’s a tempter, he’s the yetzer ha’ra—evil inclination in the psyche of a person which tries to get people to sin and he’s quite good at it.

The second role is actualized if a person sins. Once a person sins, he changes his role, his “hat,” and becomes the accuser, the one who prosecutes in the Heavenly Tribunal against the person who sinned.

His third role—remember, this is all part of the mechanism of justice—is the executioner. It’s not so much that he kills people, although it’s part of his job as the malach ha’maves—Angel of Death, as that he is responsible for the execution of the punishment. We have a malach in charge of dinim—justice.

But something happened to the malach himself and it’s important to understand it because it determines what is happening today. This is based on the history of the Satan himself.

The Beautiful Symmetry of the Satan’s Story

In the beginning, the spokesman for the Satan was the nachash—primordial snake. His job as the yetzer ha’ra tried to persuade Chava, the wife of Adam ha’Rishon—primordial man to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. He was, of course, successful. What was his argument? I’ve mentioned this previously but it’s critical to understand the argument the snake presented.

To Chava, he argued: You think G-D is supreme; He’s not. This is what Rashi says. G-D ate from that tree He rendered forbidden to you. He ate from it and that’s what made Him G-D. That’s what the Satan said.

In this one incredible conversation, the Satan committed three sins. First, it was a lie. G-D doesn’t eat from any tree to become G-D; He is G-D in, and of, Himself and He’s infinite. In fact, He’s incomprehensible. The Satan lied in order to prompt Chava to think that she could become like G-D. The Satan says this. This is pure motzi shem ra—defamation of G-D. He diminished G-D, denigrated G-D.

The second point the snake made was that, not only did G-D eat from the tree, he was also guilty of “rechilus.” Rechilus is speech against somebody, a subject, when the listener is the supposed victim of the subject’s injustice. The listener, the receiver of this information, will hate the person who, supposedly, did this to him. The listener is actually part of the report. In so doing, the snake was impugning G-D: you think G-D means for your good?—no. He’s jealous and doesn’t want competitors. That’s why He doesn’t want you to eat from the tree.

Chava then could say: wait a minute! I thought He was doing this for righteous purposes. Instead, his motives are selfish, self-interested, and self-serving. He doesn’t want any competition.

Chava now had a very negative view of G-D, feeling herself to be the victim of G-D’s capriciousness. That’s rechilus. The snake engendered hatred between Chava, and eventually Adam, to G-D. The snake lied, spoke rechilus, spoke loshon ha’ra by denigrating G-D to Chava. Ultimately, she denigrated G-D to Adam Ha’Rishon.

In the first recorded conversation in history, you already had loshon ha’ra, speech that harms another person, had rechilus engendering hatred between the receiver who becomes the victim of the perpetrator of the speech and its subject, and had motzi shem ra which is the lie, the defamation.

What did G-D do? What G-D did is absolutely fascinating. He told the Satan: you exist because I give forth Divine energy called “sparks of holiness.” That’s how you survive. You’re like every other malach—angel in that your existence is stable, doesn’t depend on anybody else. You don’t grow and you don’t diminish. You remain the way you are. All malachim—angels remain the same, the way they were created is the way they remain. The only way any human being can survive is by being yonek—nourished, fed, from those Divine sparks.

However, G-D then made the following stipulation to the snake: because you did what you did, I will do the following: from now on, you will vie with man for those Divine sparks: From now on, you will no longer get those sparks given directly to you by Me. You will compete with man for a certain amount of that Divine energy. If man does My will, he will get that energy and grow tremendously in his “being.” You, since you don’t have access to those sparks that he’s taking, you will diminish and, ultimately, if he takes all, die. You’ll die along with your entire entourage of angels that work with you. If, however, man sins, you will be able to take his sparks and survive and grow. You are dependent on man’s behavior, G-D explains, which, ultimately, of course, became the Jews’ behavior.

We are in a relationship with the Satan, one resembling a see-saw. When we are up, he’s down. When we are down, he’s up. It’s called a “reciprocal relationship.” We’re never equal with him. G-d made the existence, the survival, of this angel called the “Satan” dependent on the Jew. The Satan is the only angel who can grow. If the Jew sins, then the Satan grows in power. That’s called “tigbores ha’ra”—proliferation of evil. If the Jew does mitzvos, observes commandments, the Satan diminishes.

It’s a very important idea to understand, that the Satan survives only because the Jews give him the sparks of holiness. That’s the first thing.

The second thing is that the Satan is no longer like a regular angel. He can grow, change his “being,” based on the aggregate of sparks he gets.

What G-D did is amazing in that, because the Satan can grow, he is under the illusion that G-D puts in his mind—being the only angel that can expand in greatness and being—that if he gets enough sparks of holiness, he can equal G-D—yes! It’s astounding. That is called the “merida”—rebellion of the Satan. The Satan knows that G-D is unequalled but he thinks that, ultimately, he can equal G-D. The RaMCHaL, Rav Moshe Chaim Luzzato, talks about this in “Daas Tefunos,” chelek—portion, beis—2. He doesn’t talk much about it because it’s an incredible concept, that a malach should think that, if he gets enough sparks, his being can grow to equal G-D’s, but G-D allows him to think that. Why?

It's a proportional consequence that subscribes to “measure-for-measure.” Because the Satan denigrated G-D, the Satan is imbued with the illusion that G-D can be denigrated. Of course, when the Satan did it, he was telling a lie and he knew he was lying but, because he is now deluded into believing it, thinking he can “grow,” this supports the illusion that G-D can be weakened, minimized; this is his punishment. He walks around—flies around?—with this delusion of who he is and what he can become. This is his punishment. He was changed to underscore the lie he perpetrated.

These lies and denigrations of G-D by the Satan and the subsequent consequence of coupling his fate to mankind’s, and ultimately, the Jews’, has made him responsible for the downfalls of mankind. The inception of this mechanism is because he lied to Adam and Chava. What the Satan should have said was: you could be like G-D—without denigrating G-D—saying G-D ate from the tree. He didn’t have to speak loshon ha’ra, rechilus, and motzi shem ra. But he did and he knew he was lying. His onesh—punishment is that he suffers from the illusion he lied about. There’s a beautiful symmetry to the dynamics of the mechanism.

There’s another concept to speak of about regarding the Satan’s transformation from a typical malach to one who believes that, if he garners enough sparks, he can increase his sense of being. This transformation gave the Satan “self-interest.” He thinks he can survive and grow to be G-D’s equal and so his newly-acquired sense of self-interest compels him to tempt the Jews to sin. Tempting Jews to sin is not the mission G-D gave him—no! He does it to survive with the prospect of growth, to rival G-D. The Satan has a motive to get Jews to sin and, because he has a motive, he can be bribed! If G-D presents to him the possibility of getting more kedusha—holiness, more sparks of holiness, the Satan is susceptible to bribes. The ability to bribe the Satan is a very important. It’s called “shochad l’Satan”—bribing the Satan.

What does his vulnerability of the Satan indicate? The Satan’s job is to mekatreg—prosecute. G-D could says: okay, your prosecution is rightful, justified, and I should punish the Jews but here’s what I’ll do; I’ll give you something that will prompt you to think you can get the Jews to sin even more.

That’s great! the Satan thinks. If I can get them to sin, I get even more kedusha, get even greater “being.” The Satan becomes subject to bribery. This gives G-D leverage to avoid executing justice upon the Jews hoping they will do teshuva—acts of contrition, of repentance. There have been numerous times that G-D has done this.

For instance, G-D says to the Satan: I want to give Eretz Yisrael to the Jews.

The Satan argues: What do you mean “give Eretz Yisrael to the Jews”? They don’t deserve this. Based on justice, you shouldn’t do this.

G-D says: you’re right, but here’s what I’ll do. I’ll allow your guys, the ones you can influence to do evil, to be responsible for the creation of the state.

Enter, Theodore Herzl.

So, the Satan thinks: that’s not a bad idea! They will so contaminate the state, get all the Jew who come there to sin and, if the Jews sin—bingo! I get more to “eat” and more to survive and, hopefully, become equal to G-D.

That’s the bribe. The Satan was in favor of allowing the formation of the state of Israel—let’s say, around the time of 1898—even though the Jews didn’t deserve it. The Satan’s self-interest dictates that he be susceptible to bribery. This goes on many times and facilitates G-D’s avoidance of having to punish the Jews within the constraints and dictates of justice.

The Satan’s susceptibility to accepting bribes is also, unbeknownst to him, his punishment. Since he’s apt to accept the bribe in order to grow—guess what? He could also be diminished, meaning he could also be annihilated. If all the Jews do all the mitzvos or if they suffer enough and get a kapporah—atonement, the Satan will die. It’s astounding to realize that. Because he can grow, he can also be diminished. Because he can be diminished, he can be annihilated. This is the greatest punishment to him. He thinks growth is great, but it subjects him to the ability to be vanquished and, ultimately, annihilated. That’s what happens at the End.

There’s a famous song at the end of the Pesach “Haggadah,” called “Chad Gadya” that says the Satan will be shechted—ritually slaughtered, like a goat. There are arguments as to what happens to him in the end. Will the Satan, ultimately, really be annihilated or does he become a “good malach” when G-D removes the illusion? It’s an argument.

It would seem that, because of the terrible sin he did and the subsequent fall of mankind as a result of his lies and denigration of G-D, that G-D will annihilate him. The one who does it is Mashiach ben David. This brings to an end the satanic influence over mankind. That is why one of the ideas about the redemption of the world is due to the death of the Satan.

Look at the benefit: first, the Satan is punished by having the illusion that G-D can be denigrated and he can be raised and enhanced. Second, it’s a punishment, but it’s also an incentive he take advantage of in order to grow. A third “benefit” is that his ability to growth means that he can also be annihilated. The fact that he can be bribed averts a tremendous amount of retribution the Jews would get. These compensations are the result of what’s called “merida of the Satan”—rebellion of the Satan. This all started at the beginning of time.

Satanic Strategies

These ideas are a very important introduction to the Satan. We are now in the year 2022, or 5782, (תשפב) and, believe it or not, the Satan is dying due to the thousands of years of Jewish efforts to do the mitzvos and the suffering they’ve endured in exile. This has taken back an enormous amount of holiness—the sparks—that the Satan acquired. That’s the way the Jews take it back, right? If they do teshuva, they take it back, empty him out, diminish his bank of holy energy. If they suffer in exile—and being in exile is one of the primary ways of suffering—the Satan begins to die and he is dying. It doesn’t look that way, but he is, and 98% of what were “his sparks” are back in the “hands” of the Jews. It's called the “sitra d’kedusha”—side of holiness as opposed to his side called the “sitra achra”—other side. So, what does he do? He knows he’s dying because of the Jews and he knows it’s bad news for him so, when you think about it, he has only three strategies he can employ.

A good way to illustrate this is to use the example of a general conducting a war. Let’s assume that the general’s army is down to its last week of fire-power. Its armaments are seriously depleted. It’s got one week’s-worth left; then it’s over for them. The general has three options.

The first option is “the great bluff.” He can throw six day’s-worth of the seven at the enemy hoping to bluff his way to intimidating them. They’ll think he has plenty of fire-power at his disposal and they’ll sue for peace.

The second strategy is to send some of his people into enemy territory disguised as citizens to try to break the enemy’s resolve by saying, “We don’t want war; we want to make peace,” which is what happened with Vietnam. There were dissidents objecting to the war hoping they could influence their country to stop fighting.

The third strategy is to find allies and wire them the message, “We’ve run out of material, resources, weapons. We tried the bluff but it didn’t work. I have only one day’s-worth left. Please send new armaments.”

If the allies send armaments, fine. If not, the general and his army, his nation, is finished. This is exactly what the Satan does. We now understand, from his point of view, three very important events in history.

The Satanic Strategies as History

The first event is the Holocaust. The Holocaust has many ideas to it as viewed from the perspective of G-D’s plan as associated with the Satan’s strategy. The Satan’s strategy was to involve, as he was hoping, all the nations of the world, not just Germany, Ukraine, Poland. America and Britain refused entry to the Jews into Israel and, in so doing, contributed to the destruction, the death, of the Jewish people. Believe me when I tell you that they will be held irrefutably responsible for their contributions.

The Satan was hoping this would frighten and dishearten the Jews seeing the whole world, basically, against them. Nobody’s coming to their defense so they’ll give up and say, “G-D has abandoned us and, if He’s abandoned us, why are we keeping the mitzvos? The covenant is no longer operative,” is what the Satan was hoping would be the prevailing conviction. That would result in sin and success in his getting the sparks of holiness he was hoping to get. From his perspective, the Holocaust was an extraordinary strategy and opportunity. It was “the great bluff.” Did it work?—no.

Jews slowly returned and many Jews, on the contrary, did tremendous acts of righteousness as a response to the Holocaust. The main idea is that the Satan failed in his effort to turn the Jews against G-D although, to some extent, he succeeded in terms of the distractions the Reform and Conservative Movements offered in the Holocaust’s aftermath. Overall, however, he failed.

So, he opted for the second strategy. He gets his own “soldiers” to go into the enemy’s land to persuade them to give up. That’s the founding of the State of Israel. He gets the Jews who want to give up Judaism—who are they?—the Eirev Rav, and puts them in control. Who are they? They are Jews that hold that the Torah is not unique; it’s great literature, like Shakespeare. They say, as Shimon Peres said, “We are middle-east citizens.” The absolute nonsense of what he said…that’s the Eirev Rav who want to destroy, to a certain extent, Judaism. They don’t want to allow G-D to rule over the Jews. They want to rule. They want to change the identity of a Jew to a person who is a “Hebrew with culture,” not one with a contract, a covenant with G-D.

This is what the Satan does in 1948, having been bribed. The state is being founded and he’s hoping the Eirev Rav, the secular Zionists—not the religious Zionists—will take all the Jews emigrating to “Palestine,” to Israel, and make them irreligious, which is what they did. That was the second strategy but it didn’t work. There are many religious in Israel, whether they be Zionists or hareidim, and so on, who follow the religion of G-D, follow Judaism. So, the Satan, overall, failed.

The Satan now engages the third strategy. He needs sparks of holiness from somebody else but the problem is that the only ones who can provide him with sparks are the Jews as a result of their sins. There’s nobody else that has sparks of holiness, right?

The Maharal says there is one nation that has its own sparks of holiness—Ishmael, the Muslims, the Arabs! They don’t gain or lose sparks via the Satan; they have their own. Only Edom, Esav, gets or loses sparks via the Satan. That is why Avraham Avinu said, “Halevai that Yishmael should live before you.” This means that the Ishmaelites, the Arabs, should be able to take sparks from You, G-D, directly, not through the Satan. When the Arabs, to some extent, do the right things—and they do many things which resemble Judaic practice, are a mixture of Judaism and other religious principles—they get sparks directly from G-D.

So, the Satan approaches the angel of Ishmael and says: I need sparks that you can take directly, because I’m running out.

The angel of Ishmael says: wait a minute! Until now, who’s been your firstborn, your dominant players? He’s referring to Edom, the descendants of Esav. If you want my sparks, you need to make the Arabs dominant, make them your firstborn, make them dominant over Edom. That’s an incredible statement that the angel of Ishmael makes.

If that’s the case, fine, the Satan reasons. His people, the Ishmaelites, have to become dominant. He says: okay. I’ll do that right away.

I want to point out something very important, the difference between Christianity and Islam. Christianity seeks to convert Jews to its platform, its theology. Why? Their angel is the Satan who can only nourish, “feed,” off those sparks of the Jews when he can get them to sin. So, Christianity has every interest in getting the Jews to sin or convert.

However, Ishmael doesn’t need that. They get their sparks directly from heaven so they’re not interested in converting Jews, really. What they want is the Jews’ submission, their surrender to Ishmael, making them the dominant nation. They’re not interested in converting Jews. They want the Jewish nation, who they call “dhimmies,” to admit that the Ishmaelites are supreme. Ishmael’s behavior, when he conquers the Jews, is dependent upon who is Ishmael’s malach and that malach’s interplay with the Satan.

The Deal with the Angel of Ishmael

The malach of Ishmael says: okay. I’ll do it if you agree that my people, the Arabs, will dominate over Edom. Who does he mean? One of them is America. What happened was incredible! Out of nowhere, a Muslim who says he’s Christian but he really grew up a Muslim with a Muslim father and attended a church though he’s really a Muslim, a “closet Muslim,” was voted president—Barack Obama. It was an absolute miracle.

He was a “community organizer” with no experience whatsoever in national politics. He organized communities in Chicago. How in the world did this guy become the president of the United States? What’s even more remarkable was his inauguration. It was more like a coronation. People regarded him as though he were the messiah. Back in 2008, the language used to talk about him was almost messianic. In addition to his lofty status, he had control of the House and the Senate. He had complete power over Edom. So, think of it as a Muslim in control of the United States. That’s the deal the Satan made with the angel of Ishmael. That is why Obama became president.

From G-D’s perspective, Ishmael has to do teshuva. I mentioned in the last shiur--lecture about Esav doing teshuva at the End of Time. So does Ishmael. How do we know this? In the Torah, Ishmael does teshuva. When Avraham died and both sons came to bury him, Ishmael gave Yitzchak the first honor. That was an expression of contrition. The chazal teach that such a gesture was an act of repentance.

Obama, from G-D’s perspective, was to bring the Arabs, the Muslims, to do teshuva and make peace with Israel. The problem was that Obama’s character prohibited him. He’s an exceedingly arrogant person. Instead of being penitent, he denigrated the Jewish people and defended the Arabs. He became the Muslims’ spokesman and exacerbated the distinction between the Jews and the Muslim rather than unified them. So, Obama failed in his mission to help Ishmael to repent.

That mission was then given to Trump and Trump did it. He brought into being the “Abraham Accords.” Obama could have had that accomplishment but he failed due to his own megalomania. Trump would have succeeded totally were it not been for what I mentioned last week, G-D’s having to satisfy justice. When G-D presses the “restart button”—which he did and which I talked of last week—what happens is an incredible concept, the Satan begins to die. In order for the malach of Ishmael to give his sparks of holiness to the Satan, the Satan must allow the Muslims to reign which they did, via Obama, for eight years.

What we now see is an amazing thing; there’s a war going on. What kind of war? There’s the evil of Ishmael called the “ra she’b’Ishmael,” which is Obama and the people who are with him, what is called the “Deep State.” It’s the same kind of war as that between the good aspect of Esav/Edom and the evil part, which I described last week. The good part of Esav/Edom that has to do teshuva is represented by Trump and Trump’s America which is at war with the evil part of Esav/Edom, the Democratic Party, the liberals, the progressives, etcetera. Since the Satan is dying, he has to uphold Ishmael’s dominance over Edom. What we’re witnessing is satanic.

You’ll notice this phenomenon called “Trump mania.” We’ve never seen such a thing like this before. We’ve never seen such unbridled hatred for a political figure, such a single-minded obsession to destroy a man. In fact, the entire January 6th Congressional Committee which is investigating that event is out to destroy Trump. That’s its objective, to defame him and prevent the American people from voting for him in 2024.

They know Trump made a huge mistake underestimating the power, the resolve, of evil to destroy him. And they did destroy him. We know that Hillary paid for the dossier that was invented to incriminate him. In a sense, she got him back for saying he would put her in jail for all the felonies she committed. Trump failed to understand the ruthless resolve of evil. They know that, were he to become president again, he would destroy the establishment, that he’ll will go after them because that’s his nature. He’ll teach them a lesson they’ll never forget. They anticipate that and that’s why they are deathly afraid and will do anything to make sure he fails in his bid to become president. They will try to find a crime he did, or whatever they have to do.

It’s all satanic. The Satan doesn’t want Trump. He doesn’t want Trump enacting the teshuva of Esav. As such, Trump will assist the Jewish people to do the tikkun which will destroy the Satan. Trump will assist in the tikkun commensurate with the prophecy I spoke of last time, the one given to Rivka when she was pregnant. She was told “rav ya’avod tzair”—the elder will serve the younger. This explains the internal war being fought in America, the split between the forces of the yetzer ha’ra which tries to get everyone that can be influenced to destroy Trump, and all those who want to restore America to its “normal” character and position. This is what’s happening.

What Trump has done is a tremendous achievement. Look at how he assisted the Jewish people! As I explained last week, he did the “Abraham Accords” and many other things. He should have won the Nobel Peace Prize. Nobody did what he did. He didn’t win the prize because people in power hate him for initiating the process whereby Ishmael does teshuva. The Arabs will work with Israel even if it’s because of fear of Iran. They realize that Israel is a progressive nation: high-tech, water conservation and desalinization, 3D printing, flash-drives, exoskeletal support for paraplegia and lower limb disability, robotics, and more. There are many industries that Israel has expertise in to lead the world. The Arabs—at least the Suni—realize they have everything to gain if they join with Israel.

Besides the movement of the Arabs toward Israel, Trump declared Jerusalem to be the capital and moved the embassy there. He recognized the Golan—just incredible! He shut down the consulate in Jerusalem that provided service to the Muslims. He fought the U.N. when they condemned Israel or passed resolutions that compromise it. That’s who Trump is; he’s Esav/Edom doing teshuva. The Satan hates him. In fact, the Satan is trying to destroy him. If Trump is “let loose, he will destroy the ability of the Satan to survive. He is an enemy of so many people, like the Democratic Party, but also of the Satan. This is what underlies the obsession to destroy Trump. It is satanic, not normal. Believe me, something like this never happened in American history before.

If Obama is the compromise between the malach of Ishmael and the Satan, the malach of Edom, that can only last for two terms. A president cannot hold that office for more than two terms. Therefore, we might think the deal is off but it’s not because Biden is a pawn in the hands of Obama. We know Biden doesn’t run America; he’s not capable. Everyone knows he’s a puppet. So who’s running Biden?—Obama. In other words, the Satan has found the way to continue his deal with the angel of Ishmael. His guy can still be president by proxy. Joe Biden is his proxy and it’s all satanic. This is why Biden is doing exactly what Obama did during his terrible presidency. Obama was terrible economically, terrible in that he gave Iran the ability to build a bomb—I’m not going into that or the other things Obama did to harm America. This means that Ishmael still rules Edom.

Inflation is wrecking America; gas is over five dollars per gallon. There’s a massive influx of illegal immigration, millions pouring in unvetted. There’s wanton crime in the cities….The stunning thing is that he did it in one year, how he changed America. This is the work of Obama and a few others such as Susan Rice, Ron Klain. They’re running Biden.

It’s worth saying that New York is the beauty and might of America and it’s coming to an end. The tefilla—prayer of “Tachanun” says, “How long will your strength and might be in captivity, and your beauty be in the hand of the enemy.” America, as Edom, has great beauty and might and success. New York has been the expression of that, but since America is being ravaged—not only because of Ishmael but due to its own immorality such as with LGBTQ—since it’s no longer a beacon to the world, New York reflects that. G-D is wasting New York.

The beauty and might of America, of Edom, is going back to the Jewish people, so Israel is rising. The “Start-up Nation” is rising because the oz—might and tiferes—beauty is a product of the sparks of holiness that is currently in the hands of the Satan which is why Edom has long had it. But, if the Satan is losing, then the beauty and might, the success and the spark has to rebound to the Jews and manifest as Israel rising. It’s called “Start-up Nation” for a reason. The Satan is bereft of sparks and, therefore, the sparks in the hands of the Satan, in the “hand” of Edom, manifests in the declining condition of New York.

Do you know how many people are murdered in New York? I’m not even talking about Chicago, which is “murder city” where thousands have been murdered. Such decay is all over the U.S.—San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Saint Louis….They’re all being destroyed. That’s what the Biden-proxy presidency is doing. It’s Biden in cahoots, together, with Obama. We’re witnessing the “ultimate war,” that Edom is being destroyed primarily because of the stance it’s taken on LGBTQ. America is embroiled in a civil war, but not militarily—politically. America is a divided country. This is the evil of Edom and Ishmael when it’s dominant.

The Supreme Court reversed Roe versus Wade which is a good development even though they didn’t do away with abortion altogether. They’ve returned the decision to individual the states. Do you know how many babies have been killed in the forty-nine or fifty years that Roe versus Wade was in force?—66 million! America has committed murder on a massive scale. At least the Supreme Court has reversed that and at least begun a trend in which the federal government is no longer in charge of such decisions. It bows to the state legislatures which will, hopefully, reduce the number of abortions performed in America.

What’s interesting to me is that G-D exacts punishment on the Supreme Court. It failed to take steps to correct malfeasance in election outcomes which took place where Trump lost and Biden won. There is no question that Pennsylvania conducted an illegal and unconstitutional election. Its governor, its secretary of state—the state government—changed the voting laws. Only state legislatures are authorized to do that. The vote in Pennsylvania was completely illegal and unconstitutional! When Texas tried to sue Pennsylvania in the Supreme Court based on that state’s vote being unconstitutional and accusing Pennsylvania of adversely affecting Texas’s right to a just outcome, the Supreme Court ignored it. Incredibly, the court told Texas, “You have no standing.” What? The Supreme Court is the ultimate arbiter of such disputes. As a Noachide court of justice, they are sworn to uphold the constitution.

So, G-D said, in effect: because you have degraded your ability to obey the laws of which you yourself are the ultimate authority, you will be degraded in the eyes of America. When Roe versus Wade was overturned, there was an explosion of demonstrations and protests. The Supreme Court has lost a significant amount of respect and legitimacy in the eyes of the American people as punishment for refusing to exercise their authority, their duty, to arbitrate justly. This was their punishment for allowing election fraud to go unpenalized.

I’ve tried to introduce ideas to explain what’s happening. I’ve brought down the history of the Satan, how he is so different from any other angelic being, his unique attributes given him to help the Jewish people survive. The Jews, in many ways, have brought the Satan “to his knees” and he knows that. That’s why he’s been able to influence America in an insane way, trying to destroy Trump because Trump is the greatest enemy of the Satan. Trump’s job as Esav doing teshuva is to assist the Jews, which he's done remarkably. The Satan has influenced America in the war against Trump. This conflict has caused a powerful political civil war which is very dangerous. America is severely divided and you never know where that will lead.

Ishmael will continue to dominate America through Obama who is still a pseudo-president secretly directing Biden, enabling the Satan to yonek—nourish from the kedusha of the sparks he’s able to take.

These are the underlying operational dynamics that explain what is happening. The Satan is doing desperate things in order to secure the Eirev Rav’s leadership in Israel, to crush the Jews’ ability to observe Torah by allowing the Eirev Rav—Bennett, Lapid, Lieberman and others—to damage Jewish tradition and challenge the Torah-observant community. This, too, is satanic. The Satan gets the Jews to sin and he feeds off the sparks of holiness.

The bottom line is that he’s dying, yes, and the good news is that he will die. He and all his angelic assistants and his system will vanish and that’s shocking. I will end with a midrash in “Yalkut Shimoni,” in 499 in sefer—book of “Yeshayahu.” It says, “G-D hides the messianic Light under His throne.” The messianic Light is the complete revelation of the Presence of G-D, which I’ve explained. The Satan saw that so he asked G-D: “what’s that? What’s that Light You’re concealing?”

G-D responds, “I’ll show you,” and He revealed the messianic Light to the Satan. It goes on to say that, when the Satan saw the messianic Light, the complete revelation of the Divine Presence, the complete overturning of the Darkness of Creation, the Satan shook with fear because he realized that he’ll never succeed. The midrash doesn’t say the Satan will no longer exist. G-D hid from him the explicit information as to the outcome of his existence but did reveal that G-D will, ultimately, bring the Redemption to the Jewish people. It will be a time when he, the Satan, will no longer hold sway over them. It doesn’t say that G-D showed him his own demise because he’d realize the nonsensical absurdity of it all and G-D wanted the Satan’s agency to continue. But the Satan did see the Light and realized what, ultimately, will happen, that the Jews will reign supreme, reign without evil existing.

We cannot begin to understand what the Satan does to a human being, what he does to the Jews. He’s able to conceal and obscure the Jews’ ability to draw near to G-D. It’s satanic. Someday that will all end. Death will end. Disease will end. The inability to “see” G-D, to know G-D, to experience G-D, will end with the Satan’s demise. Let’s hope that, during these three weeks, this is exactly what will happen and lead to a Tisha b’Av which is not even the fast day because this year it’s on Shabbos and, therefore, is nidche—postponed, pushed off to Sunday. Let’s hope, once it’s been pushed off, it will end and will no longer be the Tisha b’Av of unbearable grieving and sadness and despair. On the contrary, since the Mashiach ben David is born on Tisha b’Av—that’s what it says even though it doesn’t mean he was born, literally, on that day—it means that the Jews mourn and have been in exile for thousands of years, the merit from which gives birth to the Mashiach ben David.

Let’s hope this is it, that we’re now coming down to the End when the Satan will now evaporate, annihilate, and the entire world will experience the true glory of G-D Himself.


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