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Weekly Hashkafa #59 - The Climate of Yemos Hamashiach—Messianic Era

Given August 4, 2021

What I’d like to speak about is what I have been speaking of for many years in terms of history and the messianic process.

People make a mistake. What did G-d create? We think He created everything, the universe—things, objects, planets, trees, etcetera. But He also created concepts: love, war, etc. If He hadn’t created concepts, we couldn’t think. It’s the idea in the mind that can be understood and is a created thing. He also created the laws of existence which, itself, has laws. Between existence and non-existence there is no middle. Why not? As we say, “You either is or you ain’t.” Why should that be? G-d made existence in that way and has the absolute control of what that is.

The other aspect of Creation to consider is the notion of zuloso—“other.” Before it was created, there was no such concept because there was nothing. The idea didn’t exist. There was nothing to think about, nothing to “pull it out” from. The first concept He created was “good” but not as it pertained to Him. He would have no personality to speak of, no persona. He decided to adopt a “costume” of good. Is G-d good?—no. Is He bad?—no. None of these pertain to him.

Within the concept of “good,” is the concept He created that we call “fair.” Midos ha’yosher—characteristics of fairness--not just good, but fairness, justice. In Torah portion “Ha’azinu,” it says G-d is a tzaddik, meaning that there is nothing you can ascribe to Him that is unjust. Nothing. If you are standing at a parking meter in Brooklyn and fishing around in your pocket for a quarter and come up with a nickel, who did that? G-d. He wants you to experience a small amount of frustration, pain. The time will come when we will discover exactly why we deserved to pull out that nickel, why that bit of pain was meted out, justifiably, to us. Were something to happens to us that is unjustifiable, then the Torah, G-d-forbid, is lying. It also says tzaddik v’yosher—straight and righteous. This means that not everything that is fair seems “good.” He understands that you are always struggling to defy the Satan, to resist his efforts to get you to sin. So, as it is said in Yiddish, “nebach”—unfortunately, this is how it is. One way his fairness is manifest is that we get second chances. It’s like G-d says, I’ll give you a makeup exam. Some people are given more than that.

The Many “Make-up Exams”

Let’s look at the history of man. Adam ha’Rishon—primordial Adam was given a test and he failed, so instead of G-d terminating the whole thing, G-d gives a second chance which is a tremendous chesed—act of compassion. Not only is it a second chance at life, but eternal life. Imagine you are given fabulous wealth and can go shopping for eternity in exchange for fulfilling one mitzvah! That is the idea of the deal. G-d gives the commandments and we get chance to earn eternal bliss. It is a tremendous gift. Adam is allowed to live 930 years and Cain and Abel are given the second chance to fulfill His will. But with the murder of Abel, and even after, mankind continued to sin, so what does G-d do? The Flood was preceded by an earlier one in the generation of Shes during which one third of the planet was destroyed and tzelem elokim—G-d’s image, likeness, was removed and men became apes that were human-like. The difference between a human and an ape is only about 2%. This is contrary to Darwin. Man doesn’t come from monkeys; monkeys come from man! That was G-d’s first warning: You guys are sinning, corrupting civilization. So, then comes the generation of Noach and the second Flood. They didn’t heed the warning either. Sin worsened, the sin which we now refer to as LGBTQ. That isn’t natural. If you commit a sin which is abnormal, like homosexuality or other sexual deviations, G-d makes the consequence abnormal. This is why the world was flooded to extinction.

What we are watching today are abnormal weather extremes: I heard that a third of Turkey is on fire, parts of Europe and China are experiencing abnormal flooding. The western US is experiencing severe drought and fire (not mentioned is, at the time of this lecture, abnormal numbers of volcanic eruptions and ash clouds creating TFR’s— flight restrictions) over larger areas than is normal. Weather extremes are a measure-for-measure consequences for extreme abnormalities of sinful behavior. And it will continue and get worse. All of this is a warning. But mankind attributes it to climate change. They’ve chalked it up to science.

Another “second chance” was His visitation to Avraham to whom he revealed the nature of that destruction as the result of man’s sins and that He would giving another chance. This was during the dor ha’flaga—the generation of the dispersion. G-d tells Avraham that mankind had been given, to that point, two thousand years to rectify Creation. They failed and were continuing to fail even though G-d resurrected mankind through the Flood and would give another 800 years or so to set it right. But only Avraham was doing G-d’s Will. Therefore, G-d says, I’ll give the world one more chance before I ‘switch out.’ G-d needs someone to complete the tikkun—rectification to bring Him back into the world so G-d says: There are two possible leaders, Nimrod and Avraham. Let’s see who the world follows. If the world follows Nimrod, I must disperse the planet which, until then, were one unified people with one language and all had the power to rectify the Creation. There were no 70 nations. The only reason the Jews “took over” the job of rectification was because only Avraham was doing His Will. The others built the tower. The nations were, therefore, dispersed and only Abraham’s descendants were given the soul of a “Yisrael,’ rendering it capable of affecting the spiritual realms to effect the tikkun. Before the dispersion in the year 1996 of Creation, when Abraham was 46 years old, all mankind could rectify Creation. This test of Nimrod versus Avraham was another second chance.

Why would G-d create this dispersion? Why not let Avraham and his descendants fulfill their mission without dispersing the others, creating many languages, cultures? If G-d allowed Abraham and his descendants to do the tikkun having taken it from mankind as a singular nation, they would be resentful, particularly as it pertains to their sensing the superior nature of the soul of a Yisrael. Such is the spiritual cause of anti-Semitism. To mitigate the danger of this, one which would inevitably result in their proliferation and desire to destroy the Jews, G-d dispersed them so they would be more likely to war with each other and, during periods of anti-Semitic episodes in history, offer refuge for Jews when they were persecuted in any number of other nation-states. Dispersion was a mechanism for Jewish preservation, ensuring both their survival and the fulfillment of their mission. The causes of anti-Semitism are myriad but the primary one is spiritual, that a goy can feel something when he is near a Jew. What he is feeling is the qualitatively different soul, one that he lacks. This, subconsciously, enrages him.

We see the effectiveness of the dispersion strategy throughout history. When Islam was killing Jews, Christianity countered it and the Jews were able to survive. G-d created what we recognize now as the goyim--the nations, as a strategy for disunity and, therefore, distraction. We see this today. With the rise in anti-Semitism, G-d creates the distractions that take the spotlight off the Jews whether it be North Korea, Iran, trade wars with China, etc. If the nations were b’shalom—at peace with each other, the focus would narrow onto the Jews. That is the purpose of disunity, to prevent an onslaught.

Here’s the clincher: as we come to the End of Time, when the Jews will have done most of the rectification, it is no longer necessary to maintain disunity. G-d wants to bring the world together so when He knocks off heads, it will be one instead of fifteen! G-d says, I have to create an organization to bring the world together. What organization? –the United Nations. The UN is basically an anti-Semitic body proving that the inclination of the nations is to destroy the Jews even while it is thought to represent unity. There was a Readers Digest article many years ago asking why 93% of the UN General Assembly resolutions were against Israel. When the world is united, it is a threat to the Jews. Now that the need no longer exists, G-d needs to unite the world so that He can deliver one broad wake-up call; that will be the “woke.”

Tikkun Completion: Indicators

Participant: How do we know the tikkun is complete?

R’Kessin: Good question. I don’t want to get too much into it and I don’t know how much you need to know to answer the question. The indication it is over is because G-d would never have allowed the world to become as corrupt as it is. The LGBTQ agenda is a game-changer. The midrash--commentary says that the decree to destroy the world at the generation of Noach--the hammer-blow which caused G-d to say, it’s over!--was the writing of a ketuba—marriage contract between two men or a man and an animal. It is one thing to sin, but the legalization, the normalization of it, would cause it to proliferate and be a threat to Creation itself. That is the ultimate corruption of nature. So, an unnatural Flood ensued. You don’t want to be anywhere around when G-d goes after these two guys: Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy who ruled for constitutionally-sanctioned same-sex marriage, and Neil Gorsuch who ruled that gender identification could be self-determined. No one would have the right to argue for, or discriminate against, a guy wearing a dress and insisting he is a woman. They have contributed to the destruction of civilization. Sexual deviation is not only acceptable, it is sanctioned and even, among some, preferred. Do you think G-d will tolerate this?

Participant describes birth of a grandchild in which the doctor delivering the child cannot volunteer to state its gender. Only if asked to render his determination will the doctor declare gender.

R’Kessin: What can the doctor say; “the baby is humanoid”? What we see is that we are now the equivalent to the dor ha’mabul—generation of the Flood. The only thing that saves the world is the rainbow, that He won’t destroy the entire world. What He can do, however, is take out different pieces of the world, which He is doing. That is why we see unnatural events all over the place.

To show you the power of G-d, the ultimate destruction, what no one would have believed—the collapse of New York City. Manhattan, the greatest city on Earth has been the showcase of the world. Thirty years ago, who would have believed what there is now: drug addicts, muggings, rampant crime. This is not DeBlasio; G-d is using DeBlasio. G-d chose the capital of the world, so to speak. This is not an accident. This is the punishment the world deserves. It is not only Manhattan. It’s many major cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, Portland, San Francisco, Atlanta, etc. This is the mabul. We’re not waiting for it; this is it.

People don’t recognize this as an act of G-d who put it in the minds of these Democrat governors and mayors to do this so that He can destroy them all.

Think of it; something that happened 4,000 years ago explains what is happening now. The basis for all this is the Jews’ having taken over the job of tikkun and G-d having to ensure their survival to finish the job. It stems from the “covenant between the pieces” that G-d made with Avraham. G-d says: You’re the guy. I’m taking it away from the rest of mankind.

What about fairness? Was mankind given a second chance? Yes. At matan Torah—giving of the Torah, a midrash—exegetical commentary says that G-d went to every nation and offered them the Torah. Each nation rejected it, the moral precepts in it. Had any of them accepted, they could have said to the Jews, Move over! We’re part of you. We’re also of the covenant of G-d. They’d have remained as a sort of separate tribe but they would have shared the task. But every one of them said “no.” When offered to the Jews, they asked, “What will it cost?”

G-d answered, “It’s free.”

The Jews said, “In that case, we’ll take two” (laughter). That’s why there are two aseret ha’dibrot—10-Commandment tablets.

We’ve been doing this for 4,000 years. During all this time, there were many second chances. Uh oh! The Golden Calf. G-d says: because you did this, Moshe cannot be mashiach as he was meant to be. Had they not sinned, the Redemption would have happened and the Jews would have become the supreme nation in the world with Moshe as Mashiach ben Yosef. That is who he was meant to be.

Another “second chance” came a year later with the meraglim—the spies. G-d said, ok, send spies knowing they would come back with a terrible report. The test was whether or not their report would be believed. The spies said that the people of Cana’an are stronger than G-d. It is hard to understand how they could think that. Had the spies not been believed, Moshe would have been restored as Mashiach ben Yosef—failed again!

The Jews finally enter the land but they sin again. G-d allowed the Beis Ha’Mikdash—Holy Temple to be destroyed due to their sin. Where’s the second chance?—the Second Temple. There is always a repetition because G-d is fair.

Now we are at the End. The great upheaval at the End is the war of Gog u’Magog. It is a very important war. The world deteriorates. Were it not for G-d’s vow never to destroy the world again, it would be gone. What is the climate in the end, the nature of the deterioration?

Many think it is the preoccupation with materialism which is the basis of deterioration. We see people, for example, going shopping, showing off what they bought on YouTube, and the audience gawks. A million viewers are looking at the Gucci handbag someone bought and is showing off. I only get 4,000 views and these “influencers” get millions. But this gross materialism isn’t even the crux of it.

I was once in an IMAX theater with the 50-foot screen and they were showing a documentary when, all of a sudden, an advertisement appears, a view of a giant stadium with perhaps 50,000 in attendance. In the center, upon a stage, is Mick Jagger. I didn’t know who he was then. He is outlandishly dressed, performing, and the audience was in a frenzy: Wow! How does he do it? What is he doing? What is the magic provoking this? If I could do what he does, I could duplicate this frenzy. What is his secret? Obviously, it is quite primitive. I suddenly realized what he does.

As much as I would like to think I could duplicate this excitement, I realized that I couldn’t because what he does is anti-Torah, prikas ohl—overthrowing the yoke. Liberate yourself! Do whatever you want! Forgot about restrictions and civilization! That is his secret. The music is wild. Defy G-d! He tapped into the tremendous desire of people to be free of all limitations. It is like a boss at work, someone, anyone, to whom you have to submit. That is why compromise in a marriage is so important. Everyone wants to rebel, to throw off the chains, the yoke that keeps them civil. Though they may refrain from crime, there is still this rebellion.

I cannot give over what Jagger does; I give over Torah, the very restrictions, the commandments, that tell mankind you can’t do whatever you want. I can’t sell what he sells. But, G-d can do it. G-d isn’t going to hit you over the head with a sledgehammer. Once mashiach is here, what will G-d tell you that will have you jumping up and down like Jagger’s audience? What is freedom, really?

The philosopher George Santanyana defines freedom with this analogy: Imagine that you remove all the strings from a violin. Would you say that the violin is free? What kind of freedom is that? The purpose of the strings is to be bound to the violin for the purpose of making music. Not bound?—no music. Freedom is not the relinquishing of everything--meaning, purpose. Freedom is the ability to fulfill your purpose. One can say, I don’t have to listen to you. I’m free. but what if, in that listening, you achieve an unparalleled experience in another dimension? Why would you want to be free? This is what G-d shows you. By doing the commandments, you achieve what anyone would want—infinite bliss eternally. We don’t know why G-d wants this; He doesn’t tell us. Part of the fulfillment of the mitzvos is trust. You have to trust that G-d wants this for good—not simply to demonstrate His power. That’s what the U.S. government does! The only reason G-d wants you to do it is to make you the beneficiary. G-d doesn’t need you. For some reason He decided to create beings who would inherit the greatest gift of all—attachment to Him. We cannot begin to imagine what that means. It will be so intoxicating, like a drug addiction. The pleasure will be beyond belief.

They once did a test using a monkey connecting electrodes to the monkey’s brain at its pleasure point. They caged him and gave him a lever he could depress to stimulate that pleasure point where the electrodes were connected. At first, he was wandering about the cage but, once he depressed the lever, he was hooked. Eventually, he renounced eating and indulged in the pleasure until he died in the cage. The pleasure killed him. This is not unlike what will happen in the messianic era but in a good way. The pleasure will be so intense as to disincline you from carrying on with the mundanity of life.

Imagine G-d going to all the people gathered in the stadium and connecting all the people to Him. They will jump with frenzied joy. Therefore, in the End of Time, the key to the climate is the inclination toward prikat ohl. It is the opposite to the climate in the messianic era, ein od milvado—besides G-d there is nothing. Therefore, the last test is a climate the exact opposite to that. Mankind can throw off all the bounds of civilized behavior and believe it is free. Today, liberality has corrupted civilization. Man isn’t interested in G-d. Why do goyim hate Jews? It isn’t really Jews they hate—it’s G-d. Jews are simply thought of as His ambassadors. When a goy looks at a Jew—even when another Jew looks at a Jew—he sees the bible. No, too many restrictions, he thinks.This too causes anti-Semitism in a climate of I can do whatever I want.

A boy can decide he wants a sex-change operation without his parents being consulted. It doesn’t matter that he cannot understand the ramifications of his actions. This is prikas ohl. The world is obsessed with materialism. What societal construct represents social boundaries?—cops, right? Defunding the police is about getting rid of all restrictions, limitations. If your house is being robbed, who you gonna call, a social worker? A psychiatrist? It’s not rational. Is BLM rational? If they really cared about black people, would they tolerate the black-on-black murder rate in, for example, Chicago? No one cares that it is hypocritical. So, turn on the Jewish cup—mind and ask yourself what really lies behind defunding the police.—freedom! It is like San Francisco where a guy comes into a store with a bag and proceeds to take what he wants. As long as he takes items totaling less than $1,000, he’s ok. This guy is demonstrating prikas ohl! He can visit ten stores and make off with $9,999 worth of goods! He wants to be free so we have to get rid of the cops and we can’t prosecute anybody. The no-bail law means you’re not held in custody and there is no prosecution. All of this is to destroy boundaries.

This is the climate before mashiach. This is it and this is how I know the tikkun has been achieved. The planet is being piece-meal punished, slowly. All this is a warning. I’m always worried about California and the San Andreas Fault which, were it to break with a 9-point quake, Los Angeles would detach from the rest of America. I don’t think G-d would do that out of regard for all the Jews who learn Torah in California. The destruction to America would be incalculable, but I wonder sometimes. No one believed G-d would destroy the world with the Flood even when Noach warned them by building the ark for 120 years.

The real thing isn’t to destroy the world. In the Torah portion “Netzaim” it says: “Even if you are outcasts at the ends of heaven, from there I will gather you and will take you to Me.” G-d will go into the klippa, into those nations that are incredibly evil, and shlep you away, separating you from the goyim and bringing you to Him. This is the oath that G-d took. He isn’t going to destroy the ends of heaven, but go in and remove every last Jew from there. That is an incredible consolation. Ever wonder how dispersed the Jews are, a people of about fourteen or fifteen million, spread all over the planet? No matter where you go in the world, some island in the South Pacific, you’ll find a Jew. What’s he doing there? That tells you something. G-d sent out the Jews to do the tikkun and imagine saying that no matter where they are, He is going to shlep them back. How? So many have lost their Jewish identity, have intermarried and have children. How can they be retrieved? We don’t know. The Egyptian rescue was nothing compared to one that is coming. Egypt was one country, one Pharoah, and G-d blows them away. There are 193 countries in the U.N. alone! Egypt is a creme-puff, kindergarten. We’re talking about the entire planet.

G-d is winding up, slowly, warning everybody with these crazy disasters and allowing climate change to be a pretext, an excuse to fool everybody, preserving mankind’s free-will. G-d won’t take away free-will because, without it, they would be compelled to do teshuva--repentance and they must do it voluntarily.

Participant: The climate of mashiach now is to overthrow boundaries. Yes, they are doing this but, at the same time, paradoxically, they are putting many restrictions on us, especially about wearing masks, needing vaccination cards to get into places. There is so much authority and control on us. So, it is a juxtaposition.

R’Kessin: Not really. Freedom is: I wanna do what I wanna do. Don’t tell me what to do. It is the fulfillment of desire, unbounded. There are two types of desire. There’s material wealth: the nicest house, a Gucci bag, material comfort, security, a million dollars in the bank. The other desire is for power. It is the ultimate aphrodisiac. Most governments are dictatorships. It is the ultimate power grab. It is the manifestation of freedom for those seeking a different kind of security, the power to control others. Back in the days of ancient Rome, an empire wanted conquest to secure tribute, tax. Today it is more about raw power.

Participant: If they are overthrowing boundaries to get their power from us, how can we reclaim our power?

R’Kessin: As good as democracy sounds, it is really a poor form of government. Why? There are different forms of it. Originally, as in Greece, everyone voted. There was no such thing as representational democracy where you had a congressman. You vote for a guy hoping that he will use your vote to uphold what you agree with. More often, he doesn’t because he uses his position to advance his own. That is called “bribery” like what Biden and all those guys are doing. You, yourself, don’t have time to sit in Congress, that crazy house, and govern on your own behalf. You have to make a living, make dinner for your family. You haven’t time for this nahrishkeit—nonsense. Instead, you vote for a guy hoping that he votes for what you want but mostly he votes for himself and, once in a while, he remembers you. Democracy is over-rated.

The best form of government is what the Torah says, rule by a benevolent king. He loves his people and wants only good and he has absolute authority. He doesn’t have these absurd committees sitting there for years coming up with mickey-mouse stuff. He himself can issue an edict. A tzaddik—righteous person as a king is the greatest form of government.

Participant: Trump, despite the fact that he had to work with the senate, loved the people and worked for the people.

R’Kessin: You are partially correct. Trump is an unusual person and G-d made him that way. He didn’t have the temptation others do for money or fame. It is hard to bribe him. G-d put a guy in who can’t be bribed. The only thing you an offer him is what G-d offered him, the chance to do good, to end his life with an incredible legacy. What he wants to do is incredible chesed—acts of compassion. He has done much chesed already but he wants to do it on a grand scale. The Satan got in his way, even as he’s dying. In any case, Trump is Esav doing teshuva. I said this as long ago as 2015 when Trump came down the escalator and everyone laughed at the prospect of him being president. He was the greatest president for the Jews and would have continued to be that.

The only way America can take back power is to unite but most people don’t have the time to investigate what is going on. You have a life to lead and obligations to fulfill. One of the greatest tragedies is the media, the extent to which it misleads the public. They are complicit in crime. They have no idea what G-d is going to do to them. The damage they’ve done! They don’t care.

Why is Trump out? The Satan won in the heavenly court. One of the main reason the Satan won was sinas chinam—baseless hatred among the Jews and too many sins from which he gained power. And there is an anti-religious movement underway in the U.S.

Participant: You were talking about the separation during the time of the Tower of Babel and today’s aim for a one-world nation.

R’Kessin: Yes, the UN is the expression of that reunification.

Participant: Does this mean that the nations of the world will unite and….

R’Kessin: They already are united. The UN is the device. This automatically means there will be a tremendous rise in anti-Semitism. That is what happens when the world unites. So, guess what? G-d is countering that with disunity. In America we see how the blacks hate the whites, everybody hates each other. G-d is distracting them so they don’t come out with a full-blown anti-Semitic program.

Participant: Right now, as New Yorkers and in California, we’re going through a siege, will have to put our masks back on, will have to be vaccinated in order to go into restaurants, hotels, entertainment, gyms, you name it; you need a vaccination document. They are separating the vaccinated from the unvaccinated. It is like what you said about going against each other in order to distract from turning on the Jews. Is this the hashkafa—Jewish existential outlook for the Delta phenomenon, Ha’Shem’s ploy to distract?

R’Kessin: There’s a midrash that says that, at the End of Time, G-d will bring a terrible dever--plague on the world. Why? The problem is that the world doesn’t deserve Redemption so G-d has to “mop up” the sins. One way he does it is Covid. This is not just the Jews. It is for the goyim because they too benefit from mashiach. They too have to deserve it. It’s a cleaning-up process for everybody. Covid has many purposes. Another was G-d’s purpose to destroy Trump’s ability to be president.

Covid is brilliant. Let me dramatize this. Imagine you’re in heaven and there’s G-d around a table with all the angels: Rafael, Michael, Gavriel…..right? I want to dramatize this so you shouldn’t be able to say you should have been watching television …..(laughter)…..we’re watching this:

G-d: I gotta stop Trump.

Angels: Why?

G-d: The Jews don’t deserve Redemption. I gotta clean them up before mashiach comes. Trump is too busy giving good stuff to the Jews--no good!

It’s just like in Egypt, when Moshe came and it got worse. The Jews didn’t deserve Redemption and G-d had to clean them up.

G-d: See that guy down there, Joe Biden? I’m gonna put him in as president.

Angel: Impossible. Biden is senile, a moron. They won’t vote for him. And he’s a crook. He took money from China, from Ukraine. And after 47 years in public office, he doesn’t have a thing to his credit. Trump did great things while in office. It is impossible for Biden to be president.

G-d: Excuse me! I’m G-d. Watch what I do!

Covid enabled Biden to campaign from his basement. Many people never really grasped

that he is senile. The media buried the fact that he stole, were silent about the bribes he took. What Covid also did was to give Biden an excuse to blame Trump for Covid. Hey, Trump is killing everybody with Covid!—which is absurd. Since Covid hurt the economy, it gave Biden another excuse to blame Trump. Prior to Covid, the economy was one of Trump’s signature achievements. But the worst thing was that Covid enabled the mail-in ballots.

Participant interjects about how someone she knew didn’t get a stimulus check but did get a mail-in ballot.

Biden has a specific purpose, to stop Trump so as to clean up the world in a very “bad” way. Biden is an empty suit, a puppet. He can easily be manipulated. Ever see his daily schedule? Maybe he has one meeting at one o’clock which is over at 1:20. The rest of the time he walks around in his pajamas. He doesn’t work. Trump worked 24/7. Biden’s handlers pull his strings and tell him to sign something and he signs it. From their point of view, what better president can we have?

It is all from shamayim, heavenly ordained, that the progressives, the BLM, liberals should win. That is the punishment for America because it has corrupted itself. It is as if G-d says, you want to corrupt my world? I will corrupt you in an unnatural way. There are those who actually believe Biden is doing a good job. There are reports that he has a 49% approval rating but who knows if that is true.

These people are running America? This is a nes nigla—open miracle (as opposed to a concealed miracle). Not only has G-d pulled this off, He gave them the House too. Thank G-d He didn’t give them the Senate as well. They have their regulations, the media, academia. How will G-d undo this?

G-d will not allow America to “die.” Why not? It is like Abraham Lincoln said when he referred to America as “the last best hope on Earth.” G-d has always protected America except he is not doing it now because America has corrupted the world. G-d will put America through the ringer and then bring Trump back.

Trump made a terrific mistake. He did not appreciate the destructive force of the Deep State. All those people were working for Obama and he didn’t take them out. He took some of them out but….I’m hoping that he has woken up. They crucified him because he allowed many who hated him to stay in power. I’m hoping that, when he comes back, he’ll take them out—finally.

He said to Ivanka, “I want to become Jewish.” Ivanka said he couldn’t because, if he becomes Jewish, who could she sell her chametz to? (laughter)

G-d earmarked Trump for this job because he was a real-estate mogul in New York. Who comprises that world?—Jews. Then his daughter converts and she’s frum. And his grandson will be bar-mitzvahed. G-d made him a billionaire so he can’t be bribed and made him world-famous so he is doesn’t want fame. He was earmarked because he is the tov she’b’Esav—the good part of Esav doing teshuva—penitence. At the End of Time, Esav helps the Jews bring mashiach.

Participant: You said that during the messianic era, everyone will feel intoxicated with their closeness to Ha’Shem. When is that point when we’ll all be intoxicated?

R’Kessin: That is when Mashiach ben David is here. Mashiach ben Yosef is too busy fighting.

I want to end with this: good news! Ravah says that the mashiach will come at the end of shmita—Sabbatical year which is this year. Shmita, literally, “release,” is the year of the revelation of G-d because we can eat during the 7th, 8th, 9th years without planting and harvesting. G-d shows us what He can do. The land rests; it is Sabbath. There is another cycle with “7” when 7 cycles of 7 years culminate in the 50h year, the yovel—Jubilee. It says of the Jubilee year: “You will proclaim freedom throughout the land.” Everything goes back; everyone returns to what he had. It is redemptive. It is a release of all commitments. We know when shmita is, but not exactly which cycle culminates in yovel. If the count is correct, this shmita is the 49th year and next year is yovel, that time affiliated with the onset of the messianic era. The “pekida,” a code word for “messianic ignition,” doesn’t start when the era is already underway. Mashiach ben Yosef is already released from whatever has held him back from being mashiach. So, this shmita year could very well be the year of the pekida when he is released. However, you need a hachana—preparation, a rehabilitation period. Since this Sunday is rosh chodesh—the new month of Elul, it is like an erev Rosh Ha’Shana, a prelude to the new (Sabbatical) year. This means that the hachana, and the related pekida, is ushered in Sunday and/or Monday (It is a 2-day rosh chodesh).

Participant: Will we notice that?

R’Kessin: It doesn’t matter if you notice. The critical thing is that the time begins. Remember, the curve goes down and down and things get worse and worse and then it stops. We see prikas ohl and then it stops. Then, in a nanosecond, it begins to go up. We await the upward swing of that curve because, once it begins to go up, it is unstoppable and irreversible. That is the key. Klal Yisroel –the Jewish nation will be privy to incredible news every day. Do you want to know what a “force” is, what a “supernova” is? It is the force that blows a star up with a power greater than the light in the entire galaxy. It is an unimaginable explosion. And the geula--Redemption is much greater because it is the absolute END.

I once was parked outside a bank in Lakewood, about to go in, when I heard on the car radio a ballgame in which they were paying tribute to a legendary pitcher who was retiring. I think his name was Mario Rodriguez, a relief pitcher. The crowd went wild. As I was listening to this, I thought: Imagine all this frenzy for a relief pitcher? OK it’s nice.

Can you imagine what will happen when that downward curve stops? Every living entity in the universe, the billions of malachim--angels will cry out because the nightmare, the hester—concealment of G-d is over. Talk about Mick Jagger! That will be like a little birthday party. Every entity which has a malach--angel behind it will scream excitedly, “They did it! The Jews did the tikkun!” G-d can now re-enter His Creation. The recognition that the Jews did it will be universal. As it says, kings and queens will bow down to you (the Jews). I want to give a bracha--blessing to all of you here, that you should all see it!


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