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Weekly Hashkafa Shiur #114 - The End of the Dominion of the Erev Rav

Given 11/7/2022

Before I begin, this shiur should be a merit for the health and success of the families of Regina bas Yosef Reuven, and Yeshaya ben Israel, and Benyamin Wolf ben Zvi Hersch and Baruch ben Benyamin Wolf.

Last week, I had mentioned the concept of the month of Cheshvan being a messianic month. That's what I said last week. I also mentioned that, on Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan, which means the first day of that month, there was a solar eclipse which is a very good sign, especially when it comes in a messianic month. So, I concluded that it looks very good for the Jewish people.

What happened too was something very significant, the Israeli elections. For those who don't know what the results are, basically, the Likud, under Bibi Netanyahu, won 32 seats. They need 61 to form a government, a coalition. Itamar ben-Gvir and Smotrich, who constitute the religious Right, won 14. I think Shas won 11, and United Torah Judaism, I think, won 7 or 8. What that means is that Likud and the religious parties can now form a government of approximately 64 seats.

That is an incredibly significant outcome. In fact, it's almost messianic. Why? It's not that Bibi Netanyahu came back, though that itself has interesting implications. It’s that they are able to make a government without the addition of any of the “progressive,” left-wing, anti-Torah parties, that is to say without the Eirev Rav, which I will talk about. They have a government that will not pose any opposition to Torah. What's important is that Netanyahu will follow the religious right because Likud has only 32 seats and the other parties, combined, have, I think, also 32. So, their parties together equal that of Likud giving them enormous power because, without them, there's no coalition and Netanyahu does not become the prime minister.

You have to remember one thing: Netanyahu, really, has been resurrected from the dead. Had he not won, I believe the former coalition, the Likud, would dump him, get rid of him because this would be the fifth time in four years that he failed to put together a government. They would choose somebody else. The reason why he’s had such a hard time putting a coalition together is because there are many people that hate him, therefore there’s the impetus to get rid of him; he's already failed five times.

But he won and he’s putting together a coalition. He’s been resurrected from the dead. This is his chance to, again, be prime minister. He is, in many ways, completely beholden to the religious right. There's no question that he will accede to its demands, a development which is very positive for Torah in Israel. They will get rid of all the decrees that have been upheld under Lapid and a government that was a configuration of parties which were progressive-Left and anti-Torah. Now that the religious right and Netanyahu can form a government without them, without the Eirev Rav, it’s remarkable news. In fact, I think it's the first time in Israel’s history that there’s been a government that will accede to the requirements of the religious Right. As I mentioned, Netanyahu will do what the religious Right wants and, therefore, it will be a time when Torah will be a pillar to strengthen Eretz Yisrael. It’s the first time, as far as I know, and that is messianic. I believe it's because the month of Cheshvan is a messianic month and there was a solar eclipse. It's a very important concept and tremendous news.

Besides that, there's something else that happened recently, that Twitter was bought by Elon Musk. Twitter will now break the conspiracy that’s existed in social media because the power behind the Democratic Party to do its evil has been due to the mainstream media and the social media supporting it. The combined media conceal everything that these people do. It’s terrible that they don’t report on any of it and silence those who attempt to. In fact, journalism is, basically, dead in America. It's all just a propaganda machine for the Democratic Party. Musk’s purchase of Twitter is accompanied by the expectation that he will open up Twitter to all expression, to remove the censorship. That is the beginning of the end of the ability of social media, like Facebook and others, to conceal the emes—truth. That's a second major event that will contribute to destroying the authoritarianism of the Left.

This shiur is being given on November 7th. Tomorrow, November 8th, is election day in America. Hopefully, what will happen is the third hoped-for event, one which will see the Democratic Party destroyed or severely weakened, and the Congress, which is the Senate and the House, become Republican and begin to restore America to a land that makes sense, is morally righteous. That could be the third thing that happens in Cheshvan.

These ideas: Musk buying Twiitter, the religious Right together with Netanyahu governing Israel, American elections, are three very significant events all happening in Cheshvan.

What we're witnessing is the end of the dominion, the domination, of the Eirev Rav. If you recall, I said that a lot of this is because G-D has given permission for justice to be satisfied, for evil to dominate; it's been dominating all over the world. The fact that the Eirev Rav in Israel has lost its dominion, no need of Lieberman—a very evil person—no need of Meretz. Meretz, I hear, is not even in the opposition; they fell short of the threshold to qualify for any seats. We have witnessed the end of the dominion of the Eirev Rav and that, basically, is messianic.

And I also believe it's very possible that one of the reasons why Netanyahu won is because Iran is afraid of Netanyahu. Iran assumes they can fool around with Lapid because he’s, fundamentally, a moron, but they know they cannot fool around with Netanyahu. He's very strict which may mean that, this year, there could be a military confrontation between Iran and Israel. Therefore, what the Ribono Shel Olam has done is place in power an individual who would be able to confront and destroy Iran. It's very possible.

In any case, this is what we see happening, favorable developments which will, on Tuesday November 8th, be furthered with the utter defeat of the Democratic Party, for the evil of Esav, because that's what America is. The Democratic Party, the liberals, the “progressives,” Biden and company could be neutralized. Let's see what happens tomorrow.

The outcome of the Israeli elections is very good news because it's the end of the dominion of the Eirev Rav who are, as I want to show you, the last klippah, the last vestige of evil. I want to explain that.

The Eirev Rav—Mixed Multitude

The Eirev Rav, which means a “mixed multitude,” are those people who left Egypt with the Jews. They were Egyptians who converted and left with the Jews and were the predominant group that sinned with the Golden Calf. They're the ones who did it. Who are they now?

What is important to know is that the Satan is always trying to get the Jews punished and has various means of doing that. The origin of the Eirev Rav lies in their loyalty to the Satan as his soldiers to do his bidding. The Eirev Rav today is basically, who?—Jews that attack Judaism, trying to negate the agreement between G-D and the Jewish people. That's the essence of the Eirev Rav. As it says in Tanakh, “Your enemy will come from within.” “Your enemy” is the Eirev Rav who come from within the Jewish people.

The essential battle that the Eirev Rav conducts is one in which, as Jews, they try to negate, as I said, the agreement between G-D and the Jewish people, negate the covenant, the contract, to observe the mitzvos and do the tikkun, the rectification of Creation. The contract stipulates that they fulfill this and then G-D will give them Eretz Yisrael, which really means He will give them Olam Ha’ba—Future World for eternity. That is the agreement which G-D made with Avraham Avinu. That agreement is not a simple agreement. It provides for the Jews to be able to do the tikkun. to rectify Creation—very important. That is the entire purpose of Creation. With that, the Jews can inherit the Future World. This is an existential reward for the observance of Torah, the observance of the taryag mitzvos—613 commandments, thereby repairing, rectifying Creation. The critical nature of this task is what allows the Jews to survive because we are the ones that do the tikkun.

However, there are ways that the Satan, somehow, convinces the Jews to sin. One of the most grievous ways is his fulfillment of his role called the “yetzer hara”—evil inclination, right? The yetzer hara is the tempter who enters the psyche and compels one to sin.

But a much greater enemy is the Eirev Rav. The Jew does mitzvos but he can sin too, can be tempted to commit a sin; we understand that, but it's another thing when the Jew not only sins but tries to destroy the agreement between G-D and the Jewish people. That's an entirely different level of betrayal and sin. That's what an Eirev Rav is. It's beyond the attempt to compel sin. It’s the intent to destroy the very fabric of the agreement between the Jew and G-D. It's a different type of enemy. It's an existential enemy seeking to destroy the rationale behind the existence of the Jew. That's important to remember. It's one thing when Jews sin which happens, obviously, all the time, but at least they are in conformity to the basic agreement, the covenant. It's another thing to instigate, support the negation of the entire covenant with G-D. Such is an attack on the fundamental structure of the whole Jewish experience and the Jewish mission. It's a whole different type of enemy. That's the Eirev Rav and what it intends.

Therefore, the Eirev Rav is the most dangerous enemy of G-D, the most dangerous enemy of the Jewish people. You have to have an appreciation for the subtleties that characterize the enemies of the Jew.

In the chumash—five books of Moses, in “Bereishis,” it tells of when Yaakov leaves the house of Lavan, his brother-in-law, to go to Eretz Yisrael. Esav is coming to meet up with him accompanied by four hundred others. The presumption is that Esav intends to kill him because he stole the blessings. Yaakov Avinu says something very interesting: “hatzileni-na”—please save me, “miyad achi”—from the hands of my brother, “miyad Esav”—from the hands of Esav.

This seems redundant. We can ask: wait a minute! Obviously, we know that Esav is Yaakov’s brother so why does Yaakov say “from the hands of my brother” and adds “from the hands of Esav”?

Yaakov was hinting at a critical lesson in understanding who the enemy of the Jew is. It’s as if he were saying: save me when Esav comes to me as my brother in order to convince me to do what? –not just to sin but to abandon the covenant between myself and G-D when he comes as my brother. That means he comes disguised as “my brother.” A “brother” implies solidarity, lack of intent to harm.

Therefore, the evil of Esav is about being a brother in disguise; it's a masquerade. The problem is that, when Esav comes as a brother, the way he appears to Yaakov is: well, I'm your brother and I love you so follow me. A brother has what's called “credibility,” right? A brother is not seen as an enemy even if the advice he's offering is destructive. That’s the nature of the danger when Esav appears as a Jew, as somebody who loves his fellow, his brother, but his advice, of course, is meant to cause the abandonment of the agreement. He has credibility and that's what makes him so dangerous.

When you think about that, such is the worst type of enemy, somebody that disguises his evil and pretends to love his brother thereby disguising the malevolent nature of his advice. He comes as a fellow Jew, as a “brother,” to ensnare you to take steps to abandon the covenant.

What disease is like that?--cancer, a tumor, right? One of the reasons why a cancerous tumor is so harmful is because the body does not recognize it as an enemy because, basically, a tumor is cells that have gone wild, keep proliferating, but the body does not recognize this coagulation of harmful cells as an enemy. Meanwhile, the tumor is usurping all the nutrients of the body. That's how cancer kills. The body doesn't recognize it as an enemy therefore it does nothing. It sees this intrusion as what?—as “self,” so does nothing to protect itself. Meanwhile, the cancer grows, becomes malignant as the body starves for nutrients. In other words, a cancerous tumor has credibility. It’s as if the tumor says: see? I'm really you. I mean no harm. The body is fooled into thinking that the tumor is a friendly growth.

That's what the Eirev Rav really is. It’s a tumor on the collective “body” of the Jews. The problem is that, since he appears as a brother, the Jews don't recognize him as an enemy, that his advice is designed to destroy them. A cancerous tumor is the analog of the Eirev Rav. The Eirev Rav’s considerable credibility poses a unique threat. If the Jews perform the taryagmitzvos, if we do His will, He will give us Olam Ha’ba. That's the agreement, the getting of eternal existence in a blessed state. This is what the Eirev Rav threatens to destroy.

What are some of the strategies of the Eirev Rav? How do they go about doing this? How do they go about separating the Jew from his covenant? There are different ways and I'll point out some of them and they're all Eirev Rav no matter what strategy they employ.

The first one that we might recongnize is their negation which explicit. They say something like: we don't believe that there is an agreement. We don't believe at all that G-D made an agreement with Avraham Avinu or that there is an agreement with the Jewish people. They simply deny it.

A second strategy is to say: well, it's true that the Jewish people are one people, that there’s commonality, but it has nothing to do with Torah or some agreement with G-D.

They’ll admit that there’s common heritage, that Jews are all descended from Avraham, Yitzhak, and Yaakov. They agree that we are a nation, have a common history and lineage, are descended from common avos—patriarchs and the matriarchs; they agree to that. For them, that's what defines us. The essence of the Jew his his cultural and national identity. The nation of Israel is like all other nations. What is unique about the Jew lies not in the agreement he made with G-D.

A second idea about commonality is that of culture, common ideas, common laws, a culture that defines the identity of the Jewish people, not the covenant with G-D. All Jews appreciate falafel and kugel.

Another strategy of the Eirev Rav is to harp on the idea of “Israeli.” The Zionist movement was to replace the Torah with the land of Israel. They pronounce: We are Israelis and that's what makes us a nation, not the Torah. That was a common and popular concept. That's really what Zionism was when it was founded by Herzl. That’s what unites us. We now have a land like other nations, and that's what defines us as the Jewish nation. In fact, Shimon Peres brought this heresy even further. He said that what makes us a nation is that we are “middle-east citizens.” We live in a common region of the world and so that's what we are. He didn't even say that we're all Israelis. Again, they replace the covenant with the fact that we have the land of Israel.

Another way to identify the Jewish people is by a common history. It emphasizes nationhood and ignores G-D, ignores spirituality.

Another strategy is the one employed by Korach. Korach said to Moshe Rabbeinu that: yes, of course G-D gave the Torah, but there are certain aspects of the Torah, Korach said, that I believe G-D did not say but, instead, come from your own heart. He accused Moshe of making up some of the Torah. He expressed the idea that it's not all from G-D because you added ideas of your own. Korach sought to destroy the authority of the Torah by saying that some of the ideas, the mitzvos of the Torah, are really Moshe Rabbeinu’s and not G-D’s. As such, he tried to cast doubt on the fundamental authority, authenticity of the Torah. That’s another Eirev Rav ploy to eradicate the covenant. The Torah is not from G-D; it's from Moshe Rabbeinu.

Throughout history there have been many forms of Eirev Rav. The Karaites said: well, we have to observe the Torah, right? But we don't have to observe any of the rabbinical enactments or decrees, the gezeros or the takkanos, of the rabbanim. No! What does that have to do with the Torah? They tried to negate, to defame the value of the rabbinical expansions which the Torah clearly says G-D wants. He wants the rabbis to uphold His laws and to issue decrees to protect the proper observance of His laws. The Karaites held: no, you don't need any of the rabbinical expansions, decrees or enactments. You just have to observe the Torah. You'd think that they were trying to negate the Torah, which didn't do. Instead, they negated all the chazal—sages who issued rabbinical enactments and decrees. That was another attempt to drive a wedge into the edifice of the agreement between G-D and Jew.

Beginning with the 20th century, there have been groups that hold that the Torah is flexible, that the Torah can be “modernized.” For instance, if you live far from shul, it’s permissible to drive to it on Shabbos. They believe that the Torah has built-in flexibility and can be modified, especially when modern day necessities impinge on a Jew's life. That's the Reform and Conservative movements. They believe that the covenant of G-D allows for flexibility. This is another of the subtle ways that you can introduce change and subdue the authority of Torah as the agreement between the Jew and G-D. It's all Eirev Rav.

Important Distinction

What's important to understand is that an Eirev Rav is not a sinner, merely. They are leaders, Jews of influence. That's the first distinguishing factor that identifies an Eirev Rav.

The second distinguishing factor to watch for is the attack on the Torah, to diminish its sanctity, its authenticity, its authority, negating the fact that G-D made a covenant with the Jews. A Jew who sins is not, necessarily, an Eirev Rav; that's merely a person who sinned. It’s a very important distinction.

The Eirev Rav’s Value to the Satan

Why are the Eirev Rav such a favorite for the Satan?

The first advantage they have is that the Eirev Rav are Jews, not goyim. Like I said, they have that great advantage of credibility so it's very easy for them to infiltrate the Jewish environment to get Jews to reject the Torah.

The second reason why the Eirev Rav is so useful to the Satan is because, as Jews, they do have merits, zechutim. Everybody has done something which is good, even the Eirev Rav. The fact that they have merits allows them to remain in power. We see that it's true.

For instance, why was Yaakov so afraid to meet up with Esav? Even though Esav was evil, he was a paragon of what it means to be kibbud av va-em, one who honors one’s father and mother. In fact, the chazal say that, in all the generations, he was the greatest. In fact, Rabban Shimon ben Gamliel said, “In my generation, I was the greatest person who honored my father but I find that Esav was greater than I.” Esav, before he would go on to see his father, Yitzhak, he would change his garments into those of “yom tov”—holy day, garments traditionally donned on Shabbos or holy days to commemorate festivity or mark the ceremonies that accompany such days. He would actually don such clothing before entering to see his father. That's incredible!

So, that's the problem, merit. What Yaakov was afraid of was that Esav’s great merit earned from honoring their parents would give him huge advantage, so much so that Esav could subdue, even kill, Yaakov. Another disadvantage for Yaakov was that he’d been gone for twenty-two years, gone from his parents’ house when he was in the house of Lavan and, therefore, unable to honor his father, to serve him, whilst Esav did. Yaakov was afraid that the merit of Esav would enable Esav to destroy him. Isn't that absolutely amazing?

That's the Eirev Rav. They have zechusim, have merits, because nobody is totally sinful. A Jew has to be afraid of his lack of merits, merits which can protect him from the harm of other Jews. The Eirev Rav are a unique type of enemy and that's why the Satan loves to employ them for his benefit, to persuade the Jews to abandon their Torah.

Another important idea is that whenever a Jew does a mitzvah, he brings down nitzutzei kidusha—sparks of holiness, because that's the power of a Jew. The Satan can nourish from the sparks that go to the Eirev Rav when Jews sin; that's why they're so very valuable. In fact, that's one of the reasons why, now that the Satan is dying as we get closer to Redemption and he doesn't have enough holy sparks to sustain himself, the Eirev Rav are more precious to him than ever. Because the Jews have suffered in the exile, earned kapporah—atonement, done teshuva, the holy sparks have come back to them from the satanic “side.” That being the case, from where will the Satan derive new sparks of holiness?—the Eirev Rav. The Satan is able to take sparks from the sins they fomented and yonek—nourish from it. The Eirev Rav get Jews to sin and from such sparks the Satan can derive succor. As such, they become the favored tool of the Satan, his soldiers, especially before the Redemption. That's when he really needs them because he's running out of sparks of holiness. At the End of Time, he becomes severely depleted of these sparks and must rely on the Eirev Rav to secure more.

The End of Time’s Mania

I once gave a shiur in which I said that the Satan is really dying. That’s why you find such incredible opposition to Trump. It's almost psychotic. This opposition to Trump, which I've said is messianic because he’s a messianic figure, a mashiach of Edom, is something I’ve talked about many times, that Edom does teshuva, repents at the End of Time. As a result of that, Trump is one of the most dangerous people to the Satan because, if he does teshuva on behalf of Edom, he will help the Jewish people in terms of fortifying and keeping Eretz Yisrael. Therefore, what the Satan has done is rev up a psychotic rage within the American populace. That's why this hatred of Trump feels abnormal. It's called “Trump psychosis” or “Trump mania” and it’s satanic. Trump is the one of the most dangerous people to the Satan because, if he does teshuva, he will assist the Jews to do teshuva and to get back Eretz Yisrael totally and protect the Jews and so on, as I’ve said he will. That's why they rage against him, in service to the Satan.

That's why the Eirev Rav is seen as a critical agent to aid and abet the Satan. They have credibility. What is so important about the Eirev Rav is their ability to dissuade Jews from authentic Judaism and get them to reject the Torah itself, not merely to sin. To sin is one thing but to talk them out of their Torah is a different level of betrayal. That's why the Eirev Rav is so dangerous; they can more successfully enact their strategies because of their enhanced credibility.

Particularly at the End of Time, the Satan needs the Eirev Rav to retrieve the sparks that were his by having them influence Jews to abandon their Torah. We have seen, in the last couple of years, that the Eirev Rav has been presiding over the Israeli government. It’s been Lapid, Lieberman, Meretz, and Labor, all these opportunists working to destroy the Torah and the Jewish character of the state because, like I said, G-D wants, in the End of Time, to satisfy justice. In order to bring the mashiach to rescue the world from its self-destructive status at the 49th level of tumah—impurity, depravity, G-D has given permission for the Eirev Rav to rule, just like he has given permission for the the evil of Esav, the Democratic Party, to rule. Evil must be given its due.

In this propitious month of Cheshvan we see that the Israeli elections are removing the power and influence of the Eirev Rav. Their power has been mitigated or disabled because they’re not needed for a coalition. It would appear that this is messianic. As such, it's a tremendous sign that the religious Right-oriented forces are now, by themselves, a government able to issue many laws to enormously benefit the Torah world, the kolels, the draft, as a few examples. They’ll be able to be protective. There will no longer be legislative threats to allow for the desecration of Shabbos. Marriage, conversion, divorce, kashrus--kosher will be in accordance with Torah law, will be legitimate, particularly education.

Education in the public schools has long been a critical issue. The 1.5 million kids in the public school system in Israel have been under the tutelage at the hands of the Reform Movement. Could you imagine that 1.5 million kids hardly have any type of authentic Jewish education? What an incredible tragedy! Now that the curriculum is going to be given over to the religious right, this can finally change. It’s a monumental step forward. Jewish youth can now be instructed as per the principles, doctrine, and practices befitting Jewish education.

The Eirev Rav no longer has the power it had. It would appear as if the Eirev Rav’s power to cause so much heartache, agony, and destruction to the Torah is ending. That is messianic. This could be the turnaround where we begin to truly see the beginning of the reversal of the domination of all the evil. Hopefully, America will experience the same. We’ll know shortly.

Hopefully, we’re at the beginning of the turnaround to bring the Redemption, bring the end of the galus—exile, bring the Beis Ha’Mikdash and the revelation of the mashiach himself.

Any questions?

Participant: Do you remember, Rabbi, what you said previously, about the four R's—I forget what they were, something like “rehabilitation”—when the mashiach comes. You said there was four R's indicating the stages of mashiach

R’Kessin: I don't recall exactly. You'd have to remind me. “Rehabilitation” is certainly one of them. Did I say “redemption” or perhaps “reversal” of the galus? I don't recall what they were, but rehabilitation is certainly one of the signs because the Gemara says that, before the mashiach comes, there will be terrible decrees in the world against the Jews. The fact that we see a reversal is very important. We may actually begin to see the the rehabilitation of the Jewish people, especially if they could change the educational system in Israel and it doesn't take that much, really. That's a very important idea.

Participant: When we say “rehabilitation,” it means to bring us back to Torah?

R’Kessin: Yes.

Participant: They don't even know the “Shema” in Israel.

R’Kessin: Yes, true. If you say “Shema Yisrael,” most kids in Israel cannot complete the sentence. That's how ignorant the system of education has made them. It's incredible! How many times in the Torah do we read Moshe Rabbeinu saying, “And you will observe the mitzvos,” the laws, everything. He probably said that a thousand times. Every other pasuk--verse in the Torah says “And you will observe the commandments of G-D,” saying that over and over and over again. We know that the essential idea of that doesn’t apply only to the adults. The youth, too must be educated to appreciate and understand the practices, so imagine the outrageous and tragic nature of 1.5 million kids not knowing anything, or hardly anything, Moshe Rabbeinu must be turning over in his grave. That's the extent of the ignorance.

There are millions of American Jews that know nothing about Torah, yet the knowledge of Torah is critical to becoming an observant Jew. A critical part of the Redemption is G-D’s rehabilitation of the Jews. This necessity points to the critical nature of Torah education. The rehabilitation will be supernatural although there are ways to do it naturally. I’ve given many lectures about the concept of learning mishnayos in depth for which a “mishnaic map” can be developed to revolutionize the process. It would teach a person the entire Oral Law in one year, naturally. It could be done by structuring the entirety of the Oral Law in such a manner that it considerably advances and expedites learning.

How G-D will bring this about is unknown, but He does say that “Even if your outcasts be at the ends of Heaven, from there I will gather you.” The word used is “yikabetzcha'”—will gather you. This means that G-D will separate the Jews from the goyim. Then it says “yikakecha”—I will take you and that means the rehabilitation of the Jews through Torah. Then, it says, “v' yeheviacha”--I will bring you to Eretz Yisrael. We can discern from this that all of these phenomena are to occur before the Jews go to Eretz Yisrael, while the Jews are still in exile. G-D will do it. We don't know how but, hopefully, with the end of the ability of the Eirev Rav to have any influence against the Torah, we'll continue to observe what we’re witnessing now in the month of Cheshvan. It's what I've tried to demonstrate.

Participant: Rabbi, what do you think about this lunar eclipse tomorrow?

Rabbi: Well, a lunar eclipse is usually a bad sign for the Jews. I had certain thoughts about it. First of all, since a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse happened in the same month, I believe that the solar will overshadow the lunar—that’s the first idea. The second idea is that, maybe, the lunar eclipse, which is bad for the Jews, does not refer to the Jewish people as a whole but refers, instead, to the Eirev Rav. They are Jews so, maybe, that lunar eclipse means bad news for a segment of the Jewish people, namely the Eirev Rav. That's also possible. I'm not too worried about it.

Participant: G-D-willing, let the mashiach come already.

R’Kessin: Oh, yes. I guarantee that he wants to come more than you want him to come. He really wants to come because the world is deteriorating rapidly. It's hard to believe how rapidly. It's very hard to believe and process the abnormality, the insanity. When you look at America, it’s gone insane with the madness about transgenderism, the policing of pronoun usage, etcetera. What’s going on? Unfortunately, Israel, under the Eirev Rav, has become, likewise, favorable toward LGBTQ ideology. Israel has been following America. Whenever Israel tries to replicate the style and ethics of the goyishe world, be like the other nations, it means that they want to become like the other nations. They want to duplicate, imitate American institutions and customs because that's who they really want to become. They want to become a mini-America and that's what it means to overthrow or reject the Torah. They aspire to becoming a carbon copy of America. That's the ideology of the Eirev Rav but, thank G-D, hopefully, that's going to end very shortly.

Participant: Rabbi, what happens to gay and the lesbian Jews once the mashiach comes?

R’Kessin: Hopefully, they will realize… Look, mashiach will have incredible abilities, be much greater than even Yosef H’aTzaddik. Mashiach ben Yosef will have breathtaking abilities, many of them supernatural. He will be able to convince the world, correct the world. It is an era that’s not only the end of the exile; it also means that the Beis Ha’Mikdash “comes down,” which is what I’ve spoken about. Once you have the Beis Ha’Mikdash, you have awesome perception of the Divine Presence, the shechina itself.

The whole world will be different. We cannot even imagine the type of era it will be. Also, as I mentioned previously, if you want to understand what a king and queen are, what “royalty” is, think back to Queen Elizabeth II, her life and her funeral. It was just beyond belief, the honor, the glory, the type of lifestyle that she had. With that as an example, imagine the kingship of the messiah and how British royalty is nothing compared to the grandeur, the majesty of mashiach. Based on that pomp will be the far-greater grandeur of the Jewish people, a majesty that will continue for hundreds of years, until the End, until the year 6000.

All of this takes time to develop so I believe that the beginning of the messianic era will be, perhaps, 200 years before the End. It's now 5783. The year 6000 is only 217 years to from now so we are really very close. It’s a process and the messianic era will, certainly, be extant for over 200 years. It will be an era of incredible glory, exponentially greater than that of British royalty.

Participant: Rabbi, when Yaakov Avinu told his sons to go down to Egypt, it was for 210 years. They say the same will happen, that we are going to be redeemed earlier also.

R’Kessin: Yes, I believe that also. I believe that the Redemption is imminent because the process takes time. The Ribono Shel Olam does not want to thrust the Redemption on the nations of the world in a blitz; it'll be too shocking. He's going to transform things gradually so they can get used to it and begin to live that way. I hope that it's really starting now, especially with the outcome of the Israeli elections.

Participant: Whatever happens, it’s as if Israel is usually at the forefront for what will trickle down to the other parts of the world. We usually look at Israel first to see what's going on?

R’Kessin: Right, because, remember, the spiritual always comes first. The decree that permits the evil to dominate has to end first. Then, the resulting order can carry onward to the nations of the world. There must be a gezera--decree that stops the goyim and the Eirev Rav from dominating so, therefore, the Jews go first.


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